What Exactly Is an eBay Store?

An eBay store is a series of Web pages at eBay. These pages showcase your inventory and cross-promote your auctions. Consolidating your eBay product offerings increases the likelihood of multiple item sales and gives customers an overall view of your business. Additionally, the About the Seller function of an eBay store enables you to describe your business in detail and to link to other websites.

Consolidate your online auction items and fixed-price items with an eBay store. Opening a store doesn't mean you should stop selling at auctions or offering fixed-price (Buy-It-Now) items. Most eBay store owners find it advantageous to continue using both methods, adding the eBay store logo (above) to each of their listings. A buyer who clicks on the store logo at one of your auction listings or fixed-price listings is transported to your eBay store. Once there, the buyer sees all of your other ongoing auctions, as well as additional fixed-price items to purchase.

Store inventory sales. This special fixed-price format is available only to eBay store owners.

  • Advantages. Store Inventory Sales offer a longer selling period (either 30 days or "Good 'Til Cancelled), and the listing fees and Final Value Fees for the sale of fixed-price eBay store items are generally lower than if they were sold at auction. The "Good 'Til Cancelled" feature is especially helpful, because you don't need to constantly re-list unsold items.
  • Disadvantages. Store Inventory Sales will not (with a few exceptions) show up in a traditional eBay search (using the search box on the eBay homepage). In order to find Store Inventory Sales items within a store, members must use the search feature on the eBay Stores homepage.

Check out some stores. The best way to get a sense of what eBay stores are like is to browse a few. Check out the eBay Stores Homepage (below). You can also see stores by clicking on the eBay Stores link on the eBay homepage. Click on any of the store links to check out the operation and appearance of various types of stores.

eBay Stores Homepage

eBay Stores

Most stores present items for sale in the style of a catalog. Take a look at the items being sold in the Wisconsin Harley Davidson Store (below).

Example: Wisconsin Harley Davidson eBay Store

eBay Harley Store

Some eBay stores feature one or more lists of auctions. For example, Distant Drums (below) consolidates all of its auctions on one page in its eBay store.

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