Register as an eBay Member

The first step to buying and selling at eBay is to register as a member. You'll need to be at least 18 years of age, and you must have a valid email address. If you have already registered, skip this step.

New To eBay

To start, click the Register button on the top nav bar
Then, fill out the form on the "Register: Enter Information" page (below).


Your eBay User ID. You will have to choose a unique User ID — the name by which you're known in the eBay community — and you will need a password. There are rules for choosing a User ID — for example, you can't use the word "eBay" as part your User ID. Keep in mind that your User ID is the first piece of information that buyers receive about your business, so choose one that expresses something about your philosophy or business. It's easy to change your User ID later, but you can only do so once per 30-day period.

eBay's User Agreement. You must also agree to the terms of eBay's User Agreement and the eBay Privacy Policy. You will be happy to know that eBay does not sell or rent your personal information.

Check your email. After you complete the form, you will receive an email confirmation. Open your email and click on the link. You should then receive a final confirmation.

Maintain two accounts. It's possible for you to maintain two accounts — for example, if you are selling two distinct types of merchandise. However, both accounts must have different User IDs with different email addresses, and they cannot be used in the same listing. If you wish, you can always merge these accounts later.

Get a seller's account. In order to sell on eBay, there's one more step. You will need to establish a seller's account by providing your credit or debit card, or, if you don't have a credit card, you must establish proof of your identity using eBay's ID Verify process (there's a $5 fee for this service).

Modify your About Me page. When registering, you may also want to address the About Me page. This personalized page lets you tell your story, provides a place to list special items or link to your eBay store or related website. Like your User ID and the design of your auctions or eBay store, the About Me page gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself by providing buyers some information about your philosophy and personality. It’s easy to create one. Go to the About Me sign-in page (see below) and click “Create Your Page.” Note that eBay has guidelines for About Me pages. For example, you may not promote outside-of-eBay sales or prohibited items.

The eBay About Me sign-in page

About Me

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