Other eBay Companies

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other ebay companies

Below the eBay search box you will find tabs for three additional eBay-owned selling services -- Motors, Express, and Stores.

eBay Motors. Over two million passenger cars have been sold on eBay Motors, one of the most popular eBay-owned websites. The rules for selling and buying at eBay Motors are basically the same as for regular auction items.

eBay Express. eBay Express is an auction-less retail site owned by eBay. It's similar to retail websites such as Amazon where everything is at a fixed price and buyers use a shopping cart to acquire goods from merchants. Sellers at eBay Express must satisfy some special requirements.

eBay Stores. eBay Stores are cyber-stores where you can sell inventory at fixed prices. You can learn more about them in Chapter 7, Open an eBay Store.

home page sidebar other ebay companies

Other eBay Companies. The eBay companies listed on the side menu of the home page are eBay-owned websites that offer additional services, as follows.

Half.com. Half.com is a bargain center for buyers — sort of an eBay Express with more aggressive pricing.

Kijiji. Kijiji is a local and free classifieds site where you can buy & sell new or used goods, look for a car or job, find local events, and meet local people.

MicroPlace. MicroPlace is a social investing site where your investment dollars are used to provide loans to the working poor.

PayPal. PayPal is an automated online payment system that enables anyone with an email address to make payments from across the country or around the world. We discuss the many services provided by PayPal, here.

ProStores. ProStores helps you create a web store.

Rent.com. eBay's Rent.com is a free website where you can research available rental properties and also conduct free roommate searches.

Shopping.com. Shopping.com provides comparison shopping from a variety of online stores.

Skype. With Skype's services, you can -- using your computer's Internet connection -- other Skype members anywhere at low rates. Some eBay services have been integrated into Skype as well.

StubHub. At StubHub, you can buy and sell tickets for sports, music and other events.

StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is a unique free service. It helps you locate unusual or interesting websites based on your personal preferences.

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