Finding the Right Person for the Job

Unless you are lucky enough to meet a qualified candidate through someone you trust, you will have to write a help-wanted ad and place it. Your success will depend not only on what is in the ad, but also where you post it. Once you figure out what kind of people you want to attract, think about what they read, where they hang out, and where they look for work. Then you’ll know where to post your job. Here are some examples.

Colleges and universities. If you’re looking for some basic help with graphic design, marketing, research, or anything else someone might learn in a degree-granting program, post your job at a local college or university. Students are eager to do a good job — after all, they want experience and solid job references for the future. At their schools, they probably also have access to useful equipment, technology, and experts.

Online job listings. When we asked business owners where they look for qualified workers, many of them gave us the same answer: Craigslist. This website (or “online community,” as its founder calls it) offers local bulletin boards for about 70 U.S. communities. Here people can post jobs, items for sale, personal ads, housing listings, and input to discussion forums. To look for workers, you can either search listings by people who want work, or for $75, post your own help-wanted ad. Craigslist offers 25 categories of jobs, from accounting to writing and editing. And because it’s such a popular site, you can count on getting plenty of responses to your ad.

Temporary agencies. Depending on the type of help you need, you might find qualified people through a temp agency. These days, many agencies specialize in particular fields, such as graphics and art design and website maintenance.

Once you have some ideas about where to post your ad, put your job description in writing. The best help-wanted postings are short and sweet. Start by listing what you want the worker to do, focusing on specific tasks and duties. Include if the worker must have particular experience — for example, using a certain software program or working with specific machinery or customers. Don’t forget to tell applicants how to contact you and what to send, such as a resume, work sample, or references.

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