The Elite World of PowerSellers

Power Seller

When you see the PowerSeller logo (above) in an eBay listing, you can be sure of five criteria:

  • The seller averages a minimum of $1,000 in gross monthly sales.
  • The seller has had at least 100 overall responses or feedback on its transactions, and 98% or more of those responses are positive.
  • The seller has been an active eBay member for at least 90 days.
  • The seller has an eBay account that eBay considers "in good financial standing."
  • (as of July 2008) The seller has a rating of 4.5 or more on all DSRs (based on the 12 previous months).

The PowerSeller world has its own hierarchy — from Bronze level (sellers who average $1,000 per month in gross revenue) to Titanium level (sellers who average $150,000 per month). eBay reviews its PowerSellers' accounts every month to ensure they continue to meet PowerSeller standards. eBay has posted some FAQs if you want to learn more about PowerSellers.

eBay rewards those who reach PowerSeller status with special benefits, including access to PowerSeller conferences, bulletin boards, PowerSeller letterhead and business cards, health insurance solutions, invitations to special eBay events, and, of course, the right to display the PowerSeller logo on your listings. The logo is an important marketing tool, as it communicates stability and reliability, both important factors in online buying decisions.

Besides these more concrete benefits, attaining PowerSeller status implies that you have successfully grown your eBay business. If that is your aim, your strategy will be no different from that for realizing success in any small business. To do so, you need great products or services, effective marketing, and reliable customer service.

Achieving PowerSeller status comes down to some personal soul-searching and number-crunching questions: How big do you want your business to be? How hard are you willing to work? How much inventory can you finance and manage? How big is the market, and how much sales volume can you handle in a way that will satisfy customers? In other words, PowerSeller status is really about setting personal goals and figuring out how to achieve them.

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