Selling on eBay Motors

Selling basics. eBay Motors does a great job preparing sellers. (There's even an audio tour.) You can find everything you need to know at the How to Sell page. No special registration is required other than the typical eBay member registration described in Getting Started. You will need to complete the Sell Your Vehicle checklist, and you may also want to request a vehicle history report (for under $10).

Photos, photos, photos. One difference between listings at eBay Motors and typical eBay auction listings is the number of photographs. Expect to provide ten to 20 images. Buyers use the photographs to get a tour of the vehicle, including all views of the exterior and interior — for example, a close-up of the odometer.

You can revise the price after you get bids. If you are selling a vehicle in the Cars & Trucks, Motorcycles, Other Vehicles, or Powersports categories, you can revise your item price after bidding begins. You can remove or revise your reserve price, or you can add a Buy It Now price.

If you're selling more than one vehicle. If you are selling several vehicles on eBay Motors, you may have to be licensed as a dealer or run the risk of violating your state's laws. For example, in Florida, anyone selling three or more vehicles within a 12-month period is presumed to be a dealer. You can find rules about most states dealership laws at

Moving a car dealership online. If you are a dealership planning to move online, eBay is eager to help. It provides a special section where dealers can get started and a Dealer Center for additional information and solutions.

Fixed fees. Sellers pay an Insertion Fee ($40 for passenger vehicles) and a Transaction Services Fee ($50 for passenger vehicles, charged when the first bid is made on a listing without a reserve price or when your reserve price is met). There is no additional fee after the vehicle is sold.

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