Best Social Security Websites

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Here are the most accessible, consumer-friendly websites that provide information on Social Security benefits. Check them out to calculate future benefits, determine when to file, and even apply for benefits online.

Nolo's Social Security Section
Comprehensive information on Social Security Benefits: when to claim them, how to file for them, and how to appeal a denial of benefits. The section discusses the pros and cons of waiting to claim your Social Security retirement benefits, how to check your Social Security earnings statement, and how a pension can affect your Social Security income.

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) -- Social Security Page
This site has articles about the latest Social Security developments and lots of helpful advice about planning for retirement. It also has a Retirement Contributions Calculator to see how additions to your employee savings plan will affect your paycheck.

disability Secrets
This site has lot's of information on the social security disability programs. These are available to you should you become disabled before you reach retirement age.

Social Security Online
The Social Security Administration's website contains a wealth of information about retirement, survivors benefits, disability benefits, Supplemental Security Income, and Medicare. You can apply for benefits online, check your Social Security earnings, estimate your retirement benefits, and much more.

Nolo's Personal Finance & Retirement Section
Here you can find personal finance tips, retirement advice, tax-saving and investments strategies, and answers to your questions about Medicare, health insurance, and long-term care.

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