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The Law Office of Justice H. Campbell, PLLC

For nearly a quarter century, Justice Services has forced Defendants to pay all medical bills for victims they injured in a wreck or hurt at work AND pay compensation for the pain and suffering they caused. We ensure you get the justice you deserve.

Charlotte, NC

For nearly a quarter century, Justice Services has helped thousands of people throughout the Carolinas who have been injured or killed in an accident event. Through no fault of their own, innocent victims have their lives turned upside down because of an accident they didn't cause. As injury

Collier Law

At Collier Law, we're here to help you move forward after an accident. If you're a victim, it's important for you to not only know your rights, but to have a legal advocate who will aggressively fight to protect them. That's what we do every day.

Charlotte, NC

An accident at work can be devastating. There are often serious medical and financial obstacles to overcome, along with significant questions about the future. It's a stressful time, and trying to navigate your way through it can be overwhelming. If you hire us, it's important to know that we only

Martineau King PLLC

Premier Boutique Civil Litigation Firm

Charlotte, NC

Experienced legal advisors dedicated to your business Martindale Hubbell AV rated litigation defense firm dedicated to representing businesses throughout the southeast. Our clients range from individuals and small businesses to large international corporations and municipalities.

Lanier Law Group


Raleigh, NC

A serious accident or devastating injury drastically can change the quality of a person's life for years to come, if not forever.

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Mehta & McConnell

Charlotte , NC

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