Santa Barbara County Workers Compensation Lawyers

Law Offices of William W. Green & Associates

Our law firm strives for dedicated, successful and personalized Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation counsel for each and every one of our clients. We are there for our injured clients every step of the way.

Anaheim, CA

Finding the right legal help after an accident or work-related injury can be challenging. Does my attorney truly understand my needs? Will he or she provide the personalized attention I was looking for after my work accident? These are valid concerns that the Law Offices of William W.

Hourigan Holzman & Sprague, LLP


Goleta, CA

Experienced attorneys dedicated to serving the people of California At Hourigan Holzman & Sprague, LLP, we take pride in helping the injured and disabled get the benefits they deserve.

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Law Office of Jamie S. Adler

We are a Workers' Compensation applicants firm representing injured workers throughout the state of California. Our goal is to make sure our clients get the medical treatment they need and the monetary compensation they deserve under the law

Los Angeles, CA

The Managing Attorney, Jamie S. Adler has represented injured workers all throughout the state of California. He is an aggressive litigator that makes the process easy for his clients so they can focus on getting healed from their work injury and then getting back to work. Mr.

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