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Mandel, Katz & Brosnan LLP

MANDEL, KATZ & BROSNAN LLP is an international law firm dedicated to assisting clients in a wide variety of high-yield investment transactions, from secondary loan and bankruptcy to structured asset disposition transactions.

Valley Cottage, NY

The people of MK&B make the extra effort to know and understand their clients' businesses. Devotion to the success of its clients' activities is an essential part of MK&B's global mission.

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Malecki Law

New York Securities Lawyers, Malecki Law is a top, strategic and successful practice dedicated to securities law, representing investors, financial professionals, whistleblowers, witnesses and commercial clients in the US and around the world.

New York, NY

Securities Fraud Lawyers for investors, financial professionals, whistleblowers and witnesses in arbitration, mediation, regulation, enforcement, litigation and appeal.

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