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Eisenhower, Laufer & Duran, P.C.

Alexander Laufer - Medical Malpractice and Real Estate Attorney

Fairfax, VA

Eisenhower & Laufer P.C. has been actively involved in the Northern Virginia area since 1985. Alexander Laufer is an experienced attorney and has personally handled thousands of real estate transactions and hundreds of complex litigation cases over the past 25 years. Alexander Laufer Bio Alexander Laufer has been a

Busman & Busman, P.C.

Fairfax Station, VA

Legum Law LLC

Fairfax, VA

Peterson Goodman & Hawkins PLC

Thank you for visiting our web site. Peterson Goodman & Hawkins PLC is a well-established law firm located in Vienna, Virginia, near Tysons Corner.

Vienna, VA

Peterson Goodman & Hawkins PLC and its predecessor firms have been serving clients throughout the DC Metropolitan area at its Tysons Corner, Virginia, location for over 30 years.

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Tompkins Law, PLLC

I practice law to help clients handle their property in the manner that seems best to them. I can help with home ownership issues, business formation, property management during health crises, and disposal of property after death.

Reston, VA

My focus is on real estate litigation -- lawsuits involving title, boundary lines, adverse possession, easements, and breaches of contract to sell or buy real estate. In addition to real property law, I assist clients in forming their businesses and in handling their other property.

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