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Michael Swaaley, Attorney at Law

Staten Island Attorney

Staten Island, NY

Staten Island Law Firm of Michael Swaaley, has over 30 years experience practicing law, specializing in Social Security Disability Law, Long Term Disability Law, Wills, Trust and Estates, Real Estate Law and Condo Management, and Personal Injury law.

Michael F. Schwartz, ESQ.

Michael F. Schwartz is a practicing attorney with more than forty years of experience. A former member of the legislative committee of the New York Real Estate Board, he is an expert in both residential and commercial real estate. Call us today!

New York, NY

Whether your issue is transnational or one that requires litigation, you need someone on your side with the experience to guide you properly. Call us with all of your commercial law or trust and estate matters, and we will be there for you. With licenses in New York, New

Susan F. Groberg

An award-winning leader in the Brooklyn community, Susan F. Groberg has maintained a busy practice for over twelve years.

Brooklyn, NY

Ms. Groberg combines a strong commitment to meeting individual client needs with an active role in the community to earn the trust of her peers, clients and neighbors. Her clients can expect courtesy, service and attention to their needs.

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