Willwright Estate Plans

Willwright Estate Plans

Willwright is the streamlined way to plan for the future. We provide personal advice and custom documents from a licensed attorney for a flat fee.

Firm Overview

Willwright is a single-practitioner law firm located in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. Willwright provides comprehensive estate planning services for ordinary Minnesotans.

Estate plans allow people to know what will happen to them, their children, and their assets in the event they die or become seriously ill. An estate plan consists of legal documents that are selected and customized according to the needs of an individual. Willwright helps you decide what bundle of estate planning documents you need and customizes each document for you.

Many estate planning attorneys charge by the hour. Willwright charges a flat fee. Our service costs $625 per person and includes any and all of the following documents: will, trust, power of attorney, and/or health care directive.

Many estate planning attorneys do other things besides estate planning, like probate or family law. At Willwright, we specialize in only one thing so that we can deliver consistently excellent results at an affordable price.

Many estate planning attorneys make their clients come to them. At Willwright, we give you the choice to meet at our office in downtown Minneapolis or we will come to you wherever you are.


1. You complete a questionnaire through our website.

2. Once Willwright receives your questionnaire, we contact you to schedule a follow up phone call or in-person meeting to develop your estate plan.

3. After we've selected an estate plan that fits your needs, you pay a fully-refundable $100 deposit. Willwright drafts your documents and we schedule a meeting to sign them.

4. You pay the remaining fee and receive signed, notarized copies of your documents, wherever we sign them.

Main Office

Willwright Estate Plans
222 South Ninth Street
Suite 1600
Minneapolis MN 55402


(612) 234-7213

Estate Planning

Willwright provides estate planning advice and documents for ordinary Minnesotans. We especially love helping new parents create peace of mind.

Willwright services are available in the Twin Cities metro area.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Willwright was developed after I worked in a legal aid office in central Minnesota providing estate planning services to low-to-medium net worth individuals. During this time, I learned that estate planning is much simpler when you do not need to consider estate taxes, which only apply to estates larger than $1.5 million (that's for Minnesota's estate tax, federal estate taxes only apply to estates larger than $5 million). If, like most Minnesotans, you own a home, a few cars, and have some modest investment and retirement accounts, you generally don't need to worry about estate taxes. Your estate planning can focus on naming the people you trust to (1) manage your affairs; (2) receive your property; and (3) take care of your children. This can be accomplished quickly with straightforward paperwork. That's why Willwright doesn't charge a large hourly rate or make you come to our office downtown. At Willwright, we focus on helping ordinary Minnesotans carry out their estate planning in an efficient and affordable way by providing estate plans for a flat fee and coming to our clients wherever they are.

Ron Walters

Willwright Estate Plans

Ron Walters is a 2010 graduate of the University of St. Thomas School of Law. Before starting Willwright, Ron worked in legal aid for five years and assisted dozens of clients with their estate planning needs. Ron started Willwright because he recognized a need for estate planning services that were easy to access, smartly priced, and delivered to the client wherever they are.

Ron is a married father of one boisterous toddler. He enjoys bicycling, soccer, cross country skiing and cooking.


Bar Number: 0391694