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Consumers are the primary focus of The Williston Law Firm, LLC. Whether you are shopping for a new car, new house or trying to get the hospital to explain that bill to you, we are here for you. Most consumer issues are regulated under state and federal laws that make "them" pay your legal bills if you win. That means that we almost never charge our consumer clients anything for the work we do.

Most of us are not sure how or even what laws apply to our disputes with business, banks and debt collectors. How much do I owe them? Do I actually owe them anything? Is there a way out?

We have successfully defended people just like you who thought they had no choice but to pay up. We fight against this kind of legalized extortion for you.

We have seen clients ready to pay thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars because a big company and its lawyers had convinced them there was no other option, even though our client did not actually owe anyone anything. Don't pay them to make them go away without calling and finding out if you really have to.

No situation is too big or small. We are here to help whether it's us taking your case personally or finding the resource for your needs.

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Consumer Protection

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Consumer Rights
Most of the legal issues people face these days are "consumer issues." Buying a car? Consumer law applies. Buying a house? Consumer law. Pretty much anything you buy for your personal use qualifies. In some cases, just using a personal credit card might affect your legal rights.
For most of us, we act like we have no real control over these transactions. People don't read their cell phone contracts, the text on the back of those receipts or even those long contracts for your dream home. We feel like we just have to agree to whatever "they" put in front of us.

But did you know that there are specific state and federal laws that you can use to get a fair deal? There are laws controlling many specific transactions from buying homes to credit card bills. We can't list them all here, but we can help you identify which laws can help you fix an unfair or dishonest deal.

Credit Reporting Errors
Your credit score and credit report impact everything from your credit card interest rates, where you can live and even whether or not you get that dream job.
But one out of every five Americans has an error on their credit report. That means that the banks, landlords or employers may be getting inaccurate information from the credit bureaus. Are you paying too much in interest? Did you have to get a co-signer or not get that apartment? Or did that dream job not hire you? If so, there may be something you can do about it, and we can help.

Abusive Collection Practices
If you are reading this, you probably already know that debt collectors are a pain in the neck. But you can use the specific laws controlling what debt collectors can and cannot do to protect yourself. Is a debt collector trying to collect a debt you don't owe? Are you frustrated because you thought your insurance paid that hospital bill?
Even if you think you actually owe the debt the collector is trying to get you to pay, you may not. More importantly, that debt collector may not have a legal right to ask you to pay. We routinely find clients who would have said they owe a debt, but it turns out that they do not. Don't get tricked into handing over your money to someone who has no legal claim to it.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

You shouldn't have to pay a lawyer to get justice. As a consumer, the law makes the bad guys pay us if we have to take them to court or threaten to take them to court.

We won't ask you to put money up front when we can make them pay in the end. We are confident in our ability to win, so we are confident in our ability to make them pay your legal bills.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

We are already working for you, even if you never hire us. Every time a consumer stands up for his or her rights, they are standing up for all of our rights. We know that every time we go to court, we are not just representing one client, we are working for you.

Keith Williston

Williston Law Firm

I have the best career in the world! Every day I get to help consumers fight against creditors and collection agencies who violate their rights. I would love to hear how I can help you.

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