Williams Law Office, LLC

Williams Law Office, LLC

Since 2000, Williams Law Office LLC has solely focused on providing investigation and legal services involing a wide range of cases from occupational cancers to personal injury.

Firm Overview

With more than 16 years of experience, Eric Williams has handled large civil, toxic tort, environmental, and personal injury law cases. He has lived in Louisiana his entire life and is recognized as one of the top toxic tort attorneys in the state. Having built his practice from the ground up, Eric is meticulously organized and detail focused, using his excellent interpersonal and communication skills to personally handle each client's case.

Eric's primary caseload consists of benzene and asbestos mesothelioma cases. Skilled in technical chemical causation for cases including cancer, birth defects, and other diseases caused by chemical exposure and property, he actively practices in the following areas: Toxic Torts, Benzene Litigation, Mesothelioma Asbestos Cases, Environmental Litigation, Personal Injury, Occupational Diseases.

With trial experience stretching from the appellate courts to the state and federal districts, Eric's handled hundreds of Chemical Exposure Cases including, benzene, chromium, arsenic,mercury, crude oil, creosote, asbestos, and silica. Crude oil claims in the Eastern District of Louisiana as a result of the Murphy Oil spill which included property claims, personal injury, fear of cancer, mental anguish, loss of use and inconvenience. Environmental claims as a result of offsite pollution at three different wood treating facilities that included property claims, cancer, birth defects and other diseases.

Successfully handled the prosecution and defense in Daubert challenges in state and federal court involving experts in the fields of chemical fate and transportation, ground water contamination, contaminated water bodies, air modeling, industrial hygiene, warnings, regulatory matters, toxicology, epidemiology, oncology, hematology,hematopathology, occupational medicine, environmental statistics and psychology that involve environmental and toxic tort claims for property damages, cancer, birth defects and other diseases, fear of cancer, loss of use, inconvenience and mental anguish claims.

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