William M. Cusmano, P.C.

William M. Cusmano, P.C.

Arlington, VA Business, Corporate, Personal Injury Law, and Civil Litigation Attorney

Firm Overview

Finding the right attorney is not always easy. Whether he is protecting you or your business, your attorney must be prepared for all possible scenarios. As an attorney with 24 years of experience, I have built a reputation for doing just that for my clients. Whether you are in need of general legal counsel or representation in a matter involving litigation, arbitration, or mediation, I can help.

My Arlington, Virginia law firm, William M. Cusmano, P.C., represents small businesses, corporations, government contractors, and individuals in legal matters in state and federal court throughout Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., such as-

-Small business law
-Corporate law
-Civil litigation
-Personal injury

Thinking outside the box-and the courtroom I help clients anticipate, avoid, and resolve legal issues. I began my career in 1986 in a large law firm where for ten years I focused on litigation. I continue to litigate, and I have expanded my practice into business counseling and transactions, where my litigation experience enables me to spot potential problems and address them while the relationship is forming. Since 1991, I have served as a court-appointed mediator for the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, where my litigation and people experience combine to help resolve disputes for others. My experience helps me develop creative strategies and solutions to meet your needs. I work hard to build a rapport with my clients and my opponents. Often, a legal issue can be resolved by assessing risk early and eliminating it, rather than through expensive litigation. But, when litigation is necessary, I enter the courtroom prepared with all of my experience.

Representing clients throughout Northern VA and D.C. My office is located directly across the street from the Arlington Courthouse, just a short walk from the Courthouse Metro in Arlington, Virginia

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Corporate Law

Even large corporations can benefit by partnering with an attorney skilled in corporate law. At the law office of William M. Cusmano, P.C. in Arlington, Virginia, I have been working with businesses and corporations of all sizes throughout a legal career spanning nearly a quarter of a century. When I take your company on as a client-either by working with in-house counsel or on my own-I leverage my knowledge and experience in corporate law, litigation, and mediation to save your business time, money, and resources.

I have extensive experience in corporate debt collection and creditor bankruptcy, and I regularly represent companies in all matters involving corporate law, including-

-Business reorganizations
-Buy and sell agreements
-Closely held businesses
-Commercial collections
-Drafting by-laws
-Drafting corporate resolutions
-Drafting articles of incorporation
-Employment issues
-Compensation and benefits
-Lease preparation
-Non-compete agreements
-Partnership agreements
-Trade secret agreements
-All other corporate transactions

I begin by learning about your business and your specific industry. By putting in the time to understand your corporation and its place in the market, I am better able to provide legal advice that fits your needs.

Corporate debt collection

Businesses exist to make money. When your profits suffer because you are unable to collect payment for products or services rendered, your company's bottom line can take a serious hit. That is where I enter the equation. Building on an early experience helping an insurance company recoup investment losses as part of its liquidation process, I have helped many companies and individuals navigate contract claims, fraud claims, and damage claims through judgment and collection, in and out of bankruptcy.

If you have debtors who are entering Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may be required to prove your right to payment. I can assist your business by-

-Filing proof of claim
-Filing motions for relief from automatic stays
-Objecting to dischargeability
-Defending against preferential turnover actions
-Aiding the foreclosure or repossession process

I can help your business collect the money you deserve-so your company can continue to grow.

William M. Cusmano

William M. Cusmano, P.C.

Since earning my law degree in 1986, my career has been characterized by two key tools of legal resolution: litigation and negotiation. I started out as a trial lawyer in a litigation firm, handling my own cases, including trying many to conclusion before judges and juries. I represented clients of all levels in a variety of disputes, including commercial issues, intellectual property cases, personal injury matters, and medical malpractice claims-whatever the issue, I learned the issue and then I litigated it. Because most cases settle, I also settled many. Early on, I recognized the waste and expense inherent in litigation, where the litigants failed to comprehend the true stakes of their cases until very late, sometimes too late.

Mediation, by contrast, focuses on bringing people together to resolve conflict through discussion and compromise before all the money is spent. I saw the opportunity to serve the Bar and the community as a mediator and have been doing it ever since. I have served as a court-appointed mediator for the Superior Court of the District of Columbia since the earliest days of the program in 1991. I have also mediated many cases for others and counseled my clients through mediation.

My experience in litigation and mediation has enhanced my legal knowledge and given me a broad perspective on the legal and practical issues you might face. I am a better litigator because of my mediation experience, and vice versa, and both have led to counseling small businesses and conducting transactions. This diverse background enables me to size up a situation quickly, adapt to rapidly changing circumstances in the courtroom and across the negotiating table, and adjust my strategy as needed. The law is a people business, navigated with knowledge, skill, and experience.

Practice areas
-Business law
-Business formation
-Business litigation
-Business transactions
-Small business law
-Creditor bankruptcy
-Corporate law
-Personal injury
-Civil practice

-J.D., College of William & Mary, 1986
-A.B., College of William & Mary, 1981

Bar admissions
-Virginia, 1986
-District of Columbia, 1988
-U.S. Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit, 1999
-U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of Virginia, 1999
-U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Columbia, 1999

Professional memberships
-Arlington County Bar Association
-Chair, Continuing Legal Education Committee, 1996


College of William & Mary
Juris Doctorate ,