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Litigating Civil Cases Throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C.
The attorneys at Walker, Murphy & Nelson, LLP are experienced litigators representing healthcare professionals and other litigants throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia. If you are a health care provider involved in a malpractice claim or disciplinary action, or an individual or corporation involved in some other form of litigation, our attorneys are dedicated to finding solutions for their clients' unique legal challenges. We also offer a host of related legal services so our clients can avoid, or at least minimize, the risk of litigation including risk management seminars, pre-suit investigations, and alternative dispute resolution.

Our Philosophy & Practice Areas
Founding members D. Elizabeth Walker and John J. Murphy have spent their entire careers litigating cases in Maryland and Washington, D.C. While they have focused their practice primarily on the defense of healthcare providers who render care and life-saving interventions, they are experienced with a history of impressive results in other civil litigation matters including, but not limited to, wrongful death actions, survival claims, personal injury, commercial, construction, corporate and general litigation matters. Today, the attorneys at Walker, Murphy & Nelson, LLP represent clients in a wide array of litigation matters including:
Trial advocacy
Long-Term Care Defense
Professional Liability Defense
Civil Litigation

As litigation counsel, our philosophy is to prepare cases for trial from day one, assuring that our clients are in the strongest possible posture for trial should creative attempts at resolution prove unsuccessful. And, while our role as advocates is to deliver results for our clients, we are cognizant of the challenges litigation imposes upon them. Whether it is defending you individually, your business, or your career, at Walker, Murphy & Nelson, LLP we focus on each client's individual needs to assure that they are addressed and the client receives the quality legal representation that they deserve.

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Insurance Defense in Washington, D.C., and Maryland
Walker, Murphy & Nelson, LLP, is primarily an insurance defense law firm located in Rockville, Maryland. We count among our many clients national and international insurance companies with product lines including professional liability, automobile, homeowners, and commercial lines.

Centrally located outside Washington, D.C., our office serves clients across the State of Maryland in areas such as Annapolis, Baltimore, Towson, Frederick, and the greater surrounding metropolitan Washington, D.C. area.

We work with clients facing a variety of litigation needs:
Automobile liability
Homeowner's claims
Commercial liability claims
Construction litigation
Premises liability
Product liability claims

D. Elizabeth Walker

Walker, Murphy & Nelson, LLP

Over her career, Elizabeth Walker has tried to verdict over 100 civil jury trials and has reported decisions in both Maryland and Washington, D.C. Her primary focus is defending health care providers, including physicians, nurses, dentists, therapists, and long-term care providers. Elizabeth also handles individual and corporate matters, including catastrophic personal injuries, wrongful death actions, homeowner's claims, commercial liability action, construction litigation, and general business litigation.
Admitted: Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Juris Doctor, American University Washington College of Law 1986
Maryland State Bar Association
Montgomery County Bar Association
District of Columbia Bar Association
DRI The Voice of the Defense Bar

Reported Cases:
Fry v. Carter, 375 Md. 341, 825 A.2d 1042 (2003).
I.J.G., Inc. v. Penn-America Ins. Co., 803 A.2d 430 (D.C. App. 2002).
Watts v. King, 143 Md.App. 293, 794 A.2d 723 (2002).
Maryland Bd. of Dental Exam'rs v. Fisher, 123 Md.App. 322, 718 A.2d 627 (1998).
King v. Pagliaro Bros. Stone Co., 703 A.2d 1232 (D.C. App. 1997).
Begum v. Auvongazeb, 695 A.2d 112 (D.C. App. 1997)
Harris v. Sears Robuck & Co., 695 A.2d 108 (D.C. App. 1997).
Matta v. Board of Education, 78 Md.App. 264, 552 A.2d 1340 (1989).