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Vecchio | Bloomenstiel PLLC

Vecchio | Bloomenstiel PLLC is an estate planning, probate, and bankruptcy firm based in Plano, Texas. Our practice is devoted to protecting the assets of individuals and their families in the present, and preserving their assets for the future.

Firm Overview

Vecchio | Bloomenstiel PLLC works one-on-one with individuals, couples, and families to protect their assets in the present and help them plan for the future. Our practice focuses on estate planning (wills, trusts & estates), business formation & financing, probate, and bankruptcy.

Unlike many estate planning and bankruptcy law firms, we avoid a "prepackaged" approach to law practice. Rather, we believe that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions in these important areas.

Instead, our goal is to treat each client as an individual, working to assess his or her goals, desired outcomes, and needs. We then custom-tailor our approach to the case and all case materials as to best achieve the client's goal.

Whether estate planning, bankruptcy, or probate, we offer our clients a rare combination of expertise and personal care.

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Bankruptcy, Probate & Probate Alternatives, Estate Planning (Wills & Trusts). Almost all of our services are flat-fee.

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Estate Planning

Vecchio | Bloomenstiel PLLC is a Plano, Texas based law firm serving clients throughout North Texas. Focusing on estate planning, bankruptcy, and probate, our goal is to help you protect your assets in the present, and to plan for the future.

Currently, only 30% of the US population has any kind of a plan in place as to what should be done with their property when they pass away. That means that, for the families of the other 70% of the population, they are facing a rocky road when their loved ones inevitably die. Estate planning is a necessary part of your financial and legal health.

We take the time to get to know our clients and to fully assess their needs and goals. After all, a well-prepared estate plan is not only a reflection of your assets, but also of your values. Once we have all the information needed, we prepare wills, medical and guardianship directives, powers of attorney, and any necessary trusts or special instruments to make certain that your estate plan reflects these values.

We use no pre-printed forms. Rather, we custom tailor our client's wills and documents to their particular and personal needs. We also consult with financial and tax planners to ensure that your assets are protected and secure.


Vecchio | Bloomenstiel PLLC is a Plano, Texas based law firm serving clients throughout North Texas. Focusing on estate planning, bankruptcy, and probate, our goal is to help you protect your assets in the present and to plan for the future.

Losing a relative is never easy, and legal issues, such as probate, are the last things the family wants to deal with. In fact, many families don't even think about probate at all until it is too late.

Probate, like death and Taxes, is inevitable. When someone passes away, the property they owned at death remains in their name until new ownership is determined under the law. Many people who lose a parent or sibling do not think about probate until it comes time to sell that parent or sibling's real estate and realize that they clear the

Texas has some of the most efficient probate laws in the United States. With the assistance of an experienced probate firm, the process can proceed easily and quickly.

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