Valley Law Group, PC

Valley Law Group, PC

Valley Law Group is is dedicated to providing Central California's injured workers and accident victims the highest quality legal representation available.

Firm Overview

After more than twelve years representing insurance carriers with other law firms, Joel Campbell started Valley Law Group in 2015 with the goal of using his insider knowledge to help injured workers and accident victims.

Since that time Mr. Campbell has developed a reputation for aggressive representation, creative problem-solving, responsive client communication, and compassionate service.

Valley Law Group handles a variety of cases for its clients, discussed below.

Workers' Compensation

We represent workers in all types of injuries, from back strains and carpal tunnel syndrome to traumatic brain injuries, toxic exposure cases, and catastrophic accidents. Valley Law Group will fight to obtain the quality medical treatment you need and the disability benefits you deserve.

Personal Injury

Whether you were in an auto accident, slipped at the mall, or were injured on your neighbor's trampoline, Valley Law Group can help you deal with the insurance company and negotiate the best settlement possible. And if the insurance company won't be reasonable, we're ready to file a lawsuit and take the case to trial.

Wrongful Death

Sometimes our loved ones do not recover from major accidents, and their families are left with aching hearts and financial pressures. Valley Law Group is here for you in these difficult times. We'll offer the comfort of a listening ear and the peace of knowing that someone is watching out for your interests. If your loved ones death resulted from a work injury we can assist you in obtaining workers' compensation death benefits, and if the death was the result of negligence, we can represent you in a wrongful death action against the negligent party. For deaths resulting from medical malpractice, we can refer you to the best medical malpractice attorneys in the business.

Construction Accidents

If you're injured at work, California law doesn't allow you to sue your employer, even if they were negligent. Your only option is to pursue benefits through the workers' compensation system. However, constructions accidents often involve the negligence of other contractors and companies, enabling construction workers to bring workers' compensation claims against the employer and separate negligence claims against the other parties. If you were injured in a construction accident, you need a law firm that can handle both the workers' compensation claim and the negligence claim. Valley Law Group is your one stop shop for for representation in construction accidents.

Independent Contractors

As a hard working member of the "gig economy" you should not have to sacrifice your right to workers' compensation benefits merely because you're paid as an "independent contractor." Valley Law Group is at the forefront of this rapidly changing area of law, and we have been very successful obtaining benefits for our clients whose claims were initially denied on the basis that they were "independent contractors" and not "employees."

Uninsured Employers

Workers' compensation insurance is required in California, but some employers ignore the law and remain "illegally uninsured." This creates added difficulties for injured workers who must obtain benefits directly from the employer or through the State of California's Uninsured Employers' Benefits Trust Fund. Valley Law Group has extensive experience handling cases involving uninsured employers, and we're here to help you obtain the benefits you deserve in these very complicated cases.

Discrimination for Filing Claim

Employers are not allowed to discriminate against you in retaliation for filing a workers' compensation claim. They cannot demote you or fire you because you were injured on the job and pursued workers' compensation benefits. If they do discriminate against you, Valley Law Group can help you obtain additional benefits, penalties, and back pay from your employer, and even obtain an order for reinstatement by filing a special penalty claim under Labor Code section 132a.

Serious & Willful Violations

While you cannot sue your employer for negligence, some employer conduct is so outrageous that it will subject them to additional "serious and willful misconduct" penalties under the workers' compensation system. Valley Law Group is experienced in identifying and pursuing these claims, and if your injury resulted from an employers' serious and willful misconduct, we'll help you obtain the additional compensation you deserve.

Employment and Labor Law
(Wage & Hour Violations, Harassment & Discrimination)

Many times in the process of handling a workers' compensation matter we uncover significant employer violations such as workplace harassment, discrimination or failure to pay wages and benefits as required by law. While Valley Law Group does not litigate these matters, we are skilled in spotting violations, and we are then able to refer our clients to the best local employment law attorneys.

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Services Offered For Fixed Fees?

While we typically handle matters on contingency, for personal injury cases, we do offer a fixed rate fee-for-service option to prepare a demand letter and negotiate a settlement with the insurance carrier if no law suit is required. This can result in significant cost savings.

Workers Compensation

One of our primary focuses is to help California's injured workers obtain the treatment they need and the benefits they deserve. We provide individualized and personal service to obtain the best possible results for each of our clients.

The workers' compensation system was supposed to be a simple worker-friendly alternative to filing personal injury lawsuits, but over the past hundred years it has become a dangerous minefield of red tape where insurance companies routinely take advantage of injured workers by delaying and denying medical treatment and benefits, and attempting to settle their claim for small fractions of what they are worth.

At Valley Law Group we know the system, and we use this expertise to our clients advantage in the following ways:

1. We find the best possible doctor in the carriers' network, or when possible find loopholes that will enable you to escape the network and use your own doctor.

2. We make sure you obtain the best possible Agreed Medical Evaluator (AME) or Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) to do the final medical evaluation that will form the basis of your settlement or award.

3. We routinely depose the doctors to educate them on workers' compensation and increase the benefits you are able to obtain.

4. We monitor the provision of benefits and immediately request penalties if the carrier fails to pay you timely.

5. We utilize high quality vocational consultants to help your return to work, and sometimes to argue for a 100% award of permanent total disability, even if we can't get to 100% on the doctor's reports alone.

6. We take the worry and stress of handling your claim, so you can concentrate on getting better.

7. We aren't loved by the insurance carriers and defense attorneys, but we are feared and respected ... and that leads to higher settlements for our clients. No one wants to go to trial against us.

8. If a trial is needed, we go to bat for you and do everything possible to make sure you obtain a good result.

9. We care about our clients and handle your case with understanding, empathy and compassion.

Check out our web site for more information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Go to or call us at 559-272-8114.

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