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Urba Law PLLC

COVID-19 is changing how we practice law. 16 years ago I served clients across a 60 mile radius with 7 virtual offices. Today I serve the entire state of New York with about the same number of virtual offices, focusing exclusively on employment law.

Firm Overview

Practice limited to race, sex, and disability discrimination, including unpaid overtime, wage and hour issues, and severance agreements and non-compete clauses.

Represent primarily employees with some small employers. This approach maintains a dual perspective and balance with arguably better results for all clients.

Initial phone conferences are always free. Document reviews such as severance agreements and non-competes are charged flat fees and paid by on-line, credit card.

More and more clients are ones who will never personally meet Jonas Urba or anyone else associated with the practice. That model will likely be adopted by many law firms in short order.

The firm upholds the highest ethical standards and has found that its telephone screening of clients best achieves such goal. Legal claims are always about the truth and telephone screenings appear to minimize manipulative effects of both sides. It's a win-win for lawyers and their clients.

Main Office

Main Office
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Tarrytown NY 10591


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Free Initial Consultation?

Always by telephone.

Services Offered For Fixed Fees?

Reviews of severance agreements, employment contracts, and non-compete or non-solicitation agreements. Drafting employee handbooks. Helping employees draft responses to performance evaluations or performance improvement plans.

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Office Hours

9 to 5

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Admitted to the SDNY, EDNY, and NDNY handling FLSA claims. Prosecuting and defending race, sex, and disability discrimination claims before NYS Division of Human Rights statewide. Severance agreement reviews and ER handbooks drafted for flat fees.

COVID-19 is changing how lawyers practice. In 2004 the firm utilized 7 virtual offices and served clients primarily within a 60 mile radius. In 2020 Urba Law PLLC serves all of New York State, limits its practice exclusively to employment law matters, primarily through telelawyering, but also with virtual offices across the state when necessary. About 4 years ago Jonas Urba realized that even litigation clients can be more genuine and authentic telephonically than some clients are in person. With PDF files accessible to all and instant credit card transactions, there is little reason to maintain a traditional law office.

Sexual Harassment

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

I was telelawyering before COVID-19. Please watch the YouTube video I posted in February 2020.

Back in 2004 I served clients across a 60-mile radius with 7 virtual offices. Today I serve the entire state of New York primarily telephonically. Of course, I have access to hundreds of virtual offices statewide when needed. But I find that clients are much more genuine and sincere over the phone. Sometimes in person meetings become emotional and both lawyers and clients exaggerate because they don't want to let each other down.

I have had potential clients admit mind-blowing facts to me over the phone. I doubt that would have happened with an in-person conference although veteran lawyers may beg to disagree. I find that the "non-verbal" communication which appears held in high esteem is grossly overrated.

I choose the clients I represent very carefully. Doing so telephonically enables me to do so. I would like to think that the majority of my clients did the same, since their reviews of my services often shock even me. They tend to be exceptionally complimentary.

Employment law and employment lawyering has always been my calling if there is such a thing. Telelaw and telelawyering with virtual offices is simply unparalleled for efficient and effective legal services. If big law tried it, with disciplined lawyers of course, they would never go back.

Hopefully I have decades of practice left because I can't imagine doing anything else.

V. Jonas Urba

Urba Law PLLC

COVID-19 may alter many of our biographies. My most relevant and substantive practice of law began in 2004. It was then that I realized I could serve clients across a 60 mile radius with 7 virtual offices. It simply grew from there.

Today, my practice is limited exclusively to employment law. Mostly wage and hour, race, sex, and disability claims. On the transactional side I review and draft severance agreements, non-competes, and employee handbooks for flat fees.

Initial telephone conferences are always free. And strong fact discrimination claims may be handled on a contingent fee basis. I prefer thorough telephone interviews to determine viability of claims.

I wrote about my first telephone hearing about 4 years ago which taught me that we can get more truth even from our own clients over the phone than we sometimes achieve with in-person meetings. Traditional lawyers may recognize the same.

If there is a positive to COVID-19 it's that when more lawyers are forced to handle client matters over the phone, the faith in our entire legal system will rise. It's harder to not tell the truth telephonically than in person.


Bar Number: 4974333
New York, 2011

Bar Number: 672217
Massachusetts, 2008


Indiana University
B.S., 1980

University of South Florida
M.B.A., 1983

Valparaiso University School of Law
J.D., 1988

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