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Urba Law has operated law offices for almost 20 years. Jonas Urba has more than 20 years experience in employment law. The practice is limited to employment law. The employment matter must be governed by or concern employment in New York.

Firm Overview

Several years ago, the Tarrytown based, Hudson River town firm began representing clients who Jonas Urba never personally met. Representation has been limited to employment law matters since 2011. Race, gender or sex, and disability discrimination claims seem to be very common. Wage and hour claims are also not unusual. The firm also handles transactional matters which include severance agreements, non-competes, non-solicitations, and trade secret issues.

Jonas Urba is admitted to the SDNY, NDNY, EDNY, and WDNY federal courts. He represents clients statewide before the New York State Division of Human Rights and handles mediations and arbitrations.

Zoom and Skype conferences became very common in March of 2020. Almost concurrently, representing clients who Jonas will never meet in person became the norm shortly thereafter.

Please call many employment lawyers and choose one who fits your needs best.

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Always by telephone.

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Severance agreements. Employment agreements. Non-compete covenants. Non-solicitation agreements. Trade secret provision evaluations. Employer handbooks.

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300 out of court. 400 in court.

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Admitted to all federal district courts across New York State. Handling NYS DHR complaints across New York State. Representing clients at Zoom mediations and negotiations statewide. Conducting reviews and negotiations of severance and other contracts

Practice limited exclusively to employment law matters. Race, gender or sex, and disability discrimination claims continue to be prevalent statewide. Wage and hour claims handled in federal courts. Severance agreements and non-competes along with employer handbooks drafted and reviewed remotely. The firm was representing clients remotely before COVID-19 and recognizes that this manner of law practice is here to stay. There is absolutely no need to meet clients face to face. None. Remote screening and selection of each other is a tremendous benefit for both lawyers and clients.

Sexual Harassment

Hostile workplaces, which include sexual harassment, are unfortunately, here to stay. We dig deep into the material facts of a claim from the start. Strong facts make good cases. More time invested up front produces a shorter, stronger claim.

The firm has operated as Urba Law in one form or another for about 20 years. The firm's focus has been employment law for a little longer. It's what the firm enjoys doing and what it does best. The emotional trauma inflicted on victims of sexual harassment, and hostile workplaces in general, is hard to describe. But we invest the time to develop the material facts to present a plausible and compelling claim in the cases the firm chooses to accept. Every claim which is pursued begins with good, strong facts.

How frequently does your firm use mediation, arbitration, or collaborative law to resolve cases?

The firm welcomes mediation and even arbitration. Unfortunately, not all employers feel the same. Many employees misunderstand that no matter which lawyer they choose for representation, no lawyer can force any employer to mediate or to resolve a claim. The firm has recently begun doing federal mediations via Zoom conference and believes such alternatives are here to stay. They work. But again, no employer can be forced to participate unless a lawsuit is filed. Although the firm will often prepare a demand letter before filing a lawsuit, there are instances where doing so may produce no result. Each case is unique. And each matter has it's own facts. The most important thing which every employment lawyer must do is invest substantial amounts of time to gather all the material and relevant facts. And then to invest even more time drafting a compelling, plausible theory initial document. And then spend the most time whittling and revising that document to the shortest possible length with the most compelling argument for winning. Time. In plain terms if any employment lawyer fails to invest time in every matter undertaken then the results are likely to be mediocre every time.

V. Jonas Urba

Urba Law PLLC

Why did I become an employment lawyer? Because I enjoy studying human behavior and what motivates individuals. Employment law is the perfect laboratory for engaging in my lifelong pursuit of people and what makes them tick.

My pre-law and pre-graduate school studies support the above. I worked in health care, higher education, manufacturing, sales, retail, and other industries. It was always about the study of human behavior.

After law school I was fortunate to quickly become the chief legal counsel for a 2,000 employee human resources department. Years later I became the director of human resources for a private enterprise.

All of these positions gave me the both sides view of human resources and personnel. I look at every situation from the eyes of each party. What is the employee thinking and what is their employer or former employer thinking? It's critical to do so in every employment law issue.

It's why I earned credentials as a certified fraud examiner and a court certified mediator.

It's also why I was sworn into all federal district courts across New York State.

Some of my favorite clients are ones who I will never meet in person. I find that screening and selecting clients remotely provides both sides with better partners during what sometimes become very adversarial stances.


Bar Number: 4974333
New York, 2011


Indiana University
B.S., 1980

Valparaiso University School of Law
J.D., 1988

University of South Florida
M.B.A., 1983

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