The Sadler Law Office (A Christ Centered Legal Advocacy)

The Sadler Law Office (A Christ Centered Legal Advocacy)


Firm Overview

The Sadler Law Office is dedicated to providing compassionate, honest, and superior legal representation in a Christian-centered environment. The office provides aggressive pre-trial and trial advise to clients throughout Colorado. The experience and education of this office covers a wide variety of legal matters. Please see our practice areas overview for a complete description of our areas of experience. Our practice encompasses the Colorado front range area.

Over 38 Years of Trial Experience
The firm's principal, Derry Dale Sadler, has over 38 years of experience as a trial lawyer who vigorously represents his clients in personal injury, automobile accidents, workers' compensation, bankruptcy, family law, church law, educational law, professional licensure defense, bankruptcy and debtor protection, traffic defense, juvenile delinquency law and criminal defense matters. We also dedicate much of our time to helping parents of children with special needs by making sure your children have access to free and appropriate education opportunities. The firm also represents churches seeking organization advise and litigation. Mr. Sadler began his legal career as a Deputy District Attorney. This experience gives him a unique perspective and allows him to better represent clients accused of committing a crime, those injured in accidents, and victims of unfair treatment in marriage and the work place. Derry Dale Sadler understands the strategies of prosecutors, insurance companies, government officials and others who may misuse or misunderstand their powers.

Commitment to Compassionate Christ-Centered Representation
"We understand that our clients come to our office because they are experiencing a difficult time in their lives. By combining superior legal representation with our passion and commitment to providing each client with personal attention, hard work, and honest and ethical representation, we can assist our clients with resolving moral, legal and emotional aspects of the legal matter, and help our clients move forward with their lives."
Derry Dale Sadler

For our clients' convenience, we offer free initial consultations for all types of cases, and Mr. Sadler is available for weekend and evening meetings. To discuss your case with Derry Dale Sadler, contact The Sadler Law Office today.

Main Office

Main Office
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Personal Injury

Practice Areas

With over 30 years of experience as a trial attorney, Derry Dale Sadler vigorously represents his clients in courts throughout Colorado. His clients appreciate his honest, hard-working, and compassionate approach to the practice of law. Mr. Sadler builds long-lasting relationships with his clients and helps them through whatever difficulty they are facing. Mr. Sadler's areas of practice include representation in the following types of matters:

Personal Injury
A personal injury case arises when a person suffers an injury due to another's negligence or intentional act. A person injured in a personal injury accident may be entitled to recover a wide variety of damages, including those for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. These cases are often complex, and it is important to hire an experienced trial attorney who has the ability to take the case to trial if necessary to maximize the recovery on the case. It is important to note that insurance companies tend to evaluate personal injury cases with the plaintiff's choice of counsel in mind; Mr. Sadler has an established reputation within the Colorado legal community for his dedication to achieving successful results for his clients.

Workers' Compensation
In Colorado, an employee who suffered an injury on the job must notify his or her employer about the injury within four days. The employer's workers' compensation insurance policy might cover the injury; however, if the claim is denied, the employee must file a claim with the Division of Workers' Compensation. While it is always valuable to have an attorney during these proceedings, another benefit is that an experienced workers' compensation lawyer might uncover other potential avenues for recovery, such as third-party negligence or a defective product.

Dealing with mounting bills is difficult for anyone, and it may seem like a situation from which it is impossible to escape. Mr. Sadler is highly experienced in bankruptcy matters, and he is committed to spending the time with each client needed to determine whether bankruptcy is the best option. For clients who wish to declare bankruptcy, Mr. Sadler assists them with the filings and any necessary loan modifications.

Family Law
Mr. Sadler represents clients in a variety of family law matters, including divorce, child custody, and child support cases. Although seeking an amicable resolution in these emotionally difficult cases is always preferable, Mr. Sadler is always willing to go to court and enthusiastically represents his clients' interests and protects their rights.

Criminal Defense & Juvenile Law
Sometimes, good people make mistakes. Mr. Sadler understands this and is committed to defending those who have been charged with committing a wide variety of crimes ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. Additionally, Mr. Sadler has a thorough knowledge of the unique rules and procedures for juvenile criminal defense and can assist juveniles who have been accused of committing a crime.

Children with Disabilities Education Law
Both state and federal laws mandate that all children have the legal right to have access to free, quality education. Mr. Sadler represents parents who believe their children with special needs are not being given equal access to education. For more information on this unique area of law, please see our children with disabilities education law page.

Experienced Legal Representation
Regardless of the legal problem you are facing, The Sadler Law Office provides exceptional legal representation in a caring and compassionate manner. For a free consultation regarding your case, contact The Sadler Law Office today.

Derry Dale Sadler

The Sadler Law Office (A Christ Centered Legal Advocacy)

Attorney at Law
For over 38 years, Derry Dale Sadler has committed himself to being an exceptional trial attorney. After beginning his legal career as a Deputy District Attorney and Denver Mayor advisor regarding people with disabilities, Mr. Sadler shifted his focus. He is now committed to providing compassionate and high-quality legal representation in a Christ-centered law office. His areas of practice include personal injury, workers' compensation, automobile accidents, family law, church law, educational law, professional licensure defense, bankruptcy and debtor protection, traffic defense, juvenile delinquency law and criminal defense matters.

In addition to his commitment to excellence as an attorney, a cornerstone of Mr. Sadler's practice is his commitment to hard work, honesty and integrity in the legal profession. Outside of his legal practice, Mr. Sadler actively participates in church and community activities.

Colorado Supreme Court, 1976
U.S. District Court, District of Colorado, 1976
J.D., Santa Clara University, 1976
B.S.C., Santa Clara University, 1972
Community Involvement
Servant of the Gospel
Colorado and National School Choice Advocacy (Various Organizations)
Level II Ambassador, Promise Keepers International, 1991-1993