The Law Offices of Kathleen Cahill, LLC

The Law Offices of Kathleen Cahill, LLC

I work relentlessly for my clients as a Maryland employment attorney with one goal: to make employment secure and fair, to preserve employment in sensitive times or when under attack.

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As one of the most respected Baltimore employment lawyers, I promise you a full and realistic analysis of your options, rights and remedies, and a plan that fits your individual circumstances. From a strong employment contract to a fair severance agreement, or coaching to help resolve controversy or avoid job loss; or if you face wrongful termination, sexual harassment, or discrimination in your Maryland workplace, and need to fight a battle in the courts. Contact Kathleen Cahill, Maryland sexual harassment and wrongful termination attorney. Let's discuss what you need and let's get it done.

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You are entitled to work for full and fair pay in a decent workplace, where your value is based squarely on the quality of your performance.

You also are entitled to be in a workplace free from discrimination, harassment, illegal treatment or wrongful discharge . As a Maryland employment attorney, I can assist you in dealing with workplace problems or wrongdoing. I can help you to stop the wrongdoing, hold the employer accountable, and get compensation for what you have endured. The fear of retaliation or worsening conditions may be a concern, but together, we can work to manage that as well. So whatever you are facing, I can help to ensure you are treated fairly in the workplace.