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Our firm adopts a "client-first" approach toward helping individuals and small businesses resolve their tax and legal issues. As such, we provide maximum flexibility and an unparalleled level of service for clients across the state of California.

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We believe you can achieve great things when freed from the burdens of your tax problems. Our clients help and heal others, build and design, run businesses and households, and seemingly move mountains on an almost daily basis. They excel at being great parents, sons, daughters, spouses, and friends. They dream big and swing for the fences, even if it means that they sometimes stumble. Our clients inspire us, we admire them as people, and that is why we advocate tirelessly on their behalf. At its core, our tax attorney/client relationship is a partnership between you and us. You give us your trust and your commitment to the process and we give you our commitment to achieving your objectives and protecting your rights. You deserve to live your life, take care of your family, enjoy your prosperity, and have privacy free from the interference of the IRS and the state. You deserve to have the fear, anxiety, and misinformation that surrounds tax matters removed in order to see things clearly. You deserve to not have your life consumed by the IRS and/or the state. Tax problems are best solved on your own terms and should not hinder the things that matter most to you. Our clients understand and embrace that line of thinking. In speaking with us, we hope you will too. This is the start of a conversation between you and us. As you get to know us, you will find that we do things a little differently than most law firms. Our focus is on the person rather than the problem and in crafting solutions that do not just address your tax situation, but bring you closer to your own personal, professional, and financial goals. Tax attorneys are meant to advise, strategize, and provide counsel. Brotman Law takes our role seriously, treats our clients as people, and strives to offer the very best client experience that we can. We know you will appreciate being on a first name basis with your tax attorney and that you will utilize the candid advice that we provide to put your tax problems behind you for good. We pride ourselves in having many friends and few repeat clients. Together, in a world full of compromise, we will both stand committed to a single principle embodied by four simple words. Don't settle for less.because you deserve more. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Various. Brotman Law provides both all inclusive and unbundled individual legal services for our clients. We strive to make your representation as cost effective as possible. Please contact us for more information on how we can assist you.

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Brotman Law has been lauded by clients and by the government for outstanding work on behalf of those who choose to retain us.

In their collections divisions, the ultimate goal of the state of California and the IRS is to collect revenue. It should therefore be intuitive that they focus most of their efforts and take the strongest action against those with high balances. High balance does not always mean high net worth. Often times, individuals can be assessed high liabilities for a variety of reasons. Shockingly, the taxing authorities' definition of high income earning (approximately $75,000) is not all that high. However, the higher above this income number you earn and the higher your liability, the bigger a target you are perceived to be. Some of our firm's biggest success stories and many of our most challenging cases fall into this category. We are seasoned in high dollar/high stakes collections issues and use our wealth of experience to the benefit of our clients. We have a long history of representing those with multi-million dollar liabilities and those in danger of being placed on the state's 500 most wanted lists (, . Understanding that the state and the IRS have little sympathy toward perceived high income earning taxpayers, we place the utmost importance into devising a game plan and protecting our client's prosperity. We work to shield assets and the ability to earn income from the tax agencies and come up with the plan that is going to best meet our client's goals. Whether we reinitiate the fight with the examination division (through a reaudit) or engage directly with large dollar collections and/or Complex Account Recovery (CART), you can be rest assured that we will provide you with the strongest possible defense. Despite recent cuts in IRS resources, criminal tax prosecutions and criminal tax investigations are on the rise. Those who face the scrutiny of the IRS Criminal Investigations Division, the Department of Justice Tax Division, or the California Attorney General's Office need effective counsel who can help them navigate through the criminal investigations process and through the court system. Brotman Law understands that the most effective way to solve a potential criminal matter is to resolve it as early in the process as possible. When diplomacy fails, we have an excellent track record of negotiating plea deals and in obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients in court. Brotman Law has been lauded by clients and by the government for outstanding work on behalf of those who choose to retain us. We maintain an excellent working relationship with many government offices and are known for our tough, steadfast advocacy on behalf of our clients. Our criminal practice dedicates itself to protecting our clients so that they receive the full presumption of innocence and that their rights are properly respected. We leverage our expertise to develop a strategic approach to solving your issue and to ensure that you get the strongest defense possible.

Samuel Brotman

Brotman Law

Sam entered the practice of law and a tax attorney because of his desire to help people achieve their personal, professional and financial goals. He is a:

Skilled negotiator
Tax procedure nerd
Sharp business person
Respected leader
and keen on delivering results for his clients.

Sam's clients say his best attributes are his compassion, his patience, and his ability to instill calm into the most difficult situations. Sam believes his track record of success as a tax attorney is due principally to his ability to keep his composure when the chips are down and the fact that he does not like to take "no" for an answer.

Sam is a firm believer in the value of education: always reading, learning, challenging ideas, and expanding his knowledge base. Outside of the firm, Sam is a die-hard football fan, travels extensively, and loves great food, good jokes, and blues music.


Bar Number: 274966
California, 2010


San Diego State University
Masters of Business Administration - Entrepreneurship & Finance (M.B.A.), 2014

University of San Diego - School of Law
Masters of Law in Taxation (LL.M.), 2011

University of San Diego - School of Law
Juris Doctorate (J.D.), 2010

Wabash College
Bachelor of Arts - English and Religion, 2005

Corine Rogers

Brotman Law


With a talent for fostering relationships and delivering top notch client support, Corine serves as our firm's administrator and is an integral piece of Brotman Law. Corine is often the first line of communication here and facilitates the necessary support that our clients need and to enable our firm to run more efficiently to meet their needs. She is incredibly personable and extremely effective in her management role in the firm.

Outside of the office, Corine can often be found in the pool, on her bike, or on runs in and around San Diego. Corine is a dedicated athlete and uses her athletic ability to raise money for charities, such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Smile Train. Most recently, she finished the 2014 Ironman Arizona and raised thousands for charity in the process. Corine was also previously a board member for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and was on the campaign team for the 2012 Man of the Year.

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