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Tax Defense Network, LLC.

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We Provide Taxpayers Professional Representation Nationwide Here at Tax Defense Network, we're committed to helping you resolve your IRS back tax issues. Every single situation is unique, and we can help no matter where you may be located. Our professional staff is highly trained to handle any type of IRS tax issue.
What Can Tax Defense Network Help With? Our specialties include helping taxpayers or business owners with the following problems:

  • Resolving Wage Garnishments: Start taking home your full paycheck again!
  • Remove Levies on Bank Accounts: No more worries about how you'll be able to pay your bills if they come after the funds in your account.
  • Filing for a Stay of Collections: Be able to breathe easy at night knowing your money is safe while we're working with the IRS to come to terms.
  • Filing Past Years Tax Returns: Get caught up on every year you are unfiled.
  • Amending Incorrect Tax Returns: IRS thinks you owe more than you really do? We can help with that.
  • Filing for a Penalty Abatement Petition: Penalties can add up and we'll review all possibilities for reducing them.
  • Tax Lien Removal: Get back on your feet financially and improve your chances of acquiring loans or new lines of credit.
  • Filing for an Offer in Compromise: Under certain situations we can help a taxpayer reduce the amount owed to the IRS by a significant amount.
  • Settling Business Payroll Taxes: The IRS gets the most aggressive when this type of tax is owed. We can help protect the business you've built.
  • Remove IRS Levies on Accounts Receivables for Small Businesses: Have confidence that your clients will not be contacted by the IRS.
Why use Tax Defense Network? The answer is simple. We provide the highest level of service and always keep our clients' needs in the forefront of our actions. Some of the benefits of choosing Tax Defense Network include:
  • Since 2007, we've been helping individuals and business owners.
  • The highest rated brand in's history.
  • Top rating..."A+ rated"... with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with over 1000 positive reviews.
  • Over 150 people working for us on our clients' cases means you'll have points of contact throughout the whole process and even after completion if anything arises.
  • We've consulted with over 127,000 taxpayers about their tax issues with the IRS.
  • We've resolved over $1 Billion in client tax debts, which has enabled our clients to move on with their lives.
  • Flexible Financing options for qualified clients.
Before you do anything, give Tax Defense Network the opportunity to analyze your situation and present you with options to resolve your IRS problem. We have an "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau, and our promise to you is that we won't take a single dime from you until we are 100% confident we can help.
Make sure to visit our website today or call us at 888-814-3059 to request a free consultation with our tax professionals.

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Tax Defense Network specializes in negotiating fair and affordable tax debt resolutions with the IRS on taxpayers' behalf.

We have an experienced team of strong, licensed tax professionals and enrolled agents, so you can be assured you are receiving knowledgeable, experienced tax relief.
Tax Defense Network is experienced with many tax solutions, including: Installment Agreement: This solution is a contract between the taxpayer and the IRS where the taxpayer agrees to make regular monthly payments to the IRS until the tax debt is paid in full or the debt expires. Offer in Compromise: This solution is an agreement between the taxpayer and the IRS that allows the taxpayer to settle their tax debt for less than the amount owed. Penalty Abatement: This solution is an IRS program where the IRS removes some or all of the accumulated penalties from the tax debt. Innocent Spouse Relief: This solution is an IRS tax relief program through which a spouse can claim ignorance of an understatement of due taxes and achieve full or partial relief from the tax debt. Currently Not Collectible: This solution is a program offered by the IRS for taxpayers experiencing an economic hardship. IRS Appeals: This solution can help a taxpayer who disagrees with the assessed tax debt amount, or the IRS' determination of their IRS program application follow through the appeals process. Compliance: This solution may include many different factors, such as filing unfiled returns, refilling Substitute Returns filed by the IRS, educating taxpayers to help avoid filing mistakes in future years.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Our "Foxhound" legal team brings a combined 35 years of experience in the tax industry. They are always on a mission to expand their knowledge of tax laws in order to keep up with the ever-changing tax codes. They use their wide range of backgrounds to set our clients up with a tax program that fits their needs.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Tax Defense Network has operated with the highest integrity since we started our operations. We follow a strict code of ethics. This high standard of ethics produced our FIRE & ICE philosophy that has been helping achieve successful results for over a decade. FIRE
It is easy for other tax debt relief companies to make big claims, but it is difficult for them to live up to them. We do not make exaggerated claims because it can hurt our clients by wasting their time and money.
We believe that taxpayers should be Fully Informed with Realistic Expectations (FIRE) about their tax situation. This philosophy has become the basis of all consultations we provide to taxpayers. We understand the worries of our clients and help them to overcome their anxiety by communicating with them frequently, informing them about every detail of their case, and helping them understand the IRS programs and policies they qualify for. ICE
The mission of Tax Defense Network is to provide the best service to taxpayers without the hype, exaggerated claims, and restrictive company policies. We never forget who we are working for and never put profits above people. This is how we ensure we give all clients an Ideal Client Experience (ICE).
Our operations are totally transparent. From the day Tax Defense Network clients call for a confidential consultation, to the day their tax troubles are resolved, everything is open & transparent so that the client can make an informed decision.
In order to provide clients with an ideal client experience, Tax Defense Network operates under these ethical policies: 1) No Retainer Fees: We believe in a fair, flat price that never changes. 2) Excellent Refund Policy: We are a company that stands behind our work and will work to resolve any discrepancies a client has with our services. 3) No Pressure Agreement: With Tax Defense Network, there is no pressure; you always have three days to change your mind after you have hired our tax professionals.

Jonathan Bochese

Tax Defense Network, LLC.

Juris Doctorate, Roger Williams University
Masters of Science, Roger Williams University
Member, Florida Bar
Admitted to United States Tax Court
Authorized Tax Professional under Circ 230

Eric Roffer

Tax Defense Network, LLC.

Juris Doctorate, FL Coastal School of Law
Bachelor of Arts, Florida State University
Member, Florida Bar
Charter Member, Rotaract Jacksonville
Past Member, Jacksonville Bar Association

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Tax Defense Network, LLC.

Juris Doctorate, Barry Univ. School of Law
Bachelor of Arts, University of North Florida

Daniel Petri

Tax Defense Network, LLC.

Juris Doctorate, FL Coastal School of Law
Sports Law Cert., FL Coastal School of Law
Bachelor of Science, Univ. of South Carolina
Member, Florida Bar
Member, Jacksonville Bar

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Tax Defense Network, LLC.

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