Stephen Levesque

Stephen Levesque

Representing clients in the field of debt settlement, debt consolidation, foreclosure defense, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

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The Law Offices of Stephen P. Levesque is a Rhode Island (RI) law firm concentrating in Bankruptcy matters. We also handle other legal matters including; Real Estate, Wills and Estate Planning, Probate, Divorce and Family Law, Personal Injury Claims, and Business Planning. We understand that the circumstances we face in our daily lives often times lead us to need immediate, accurate and sensible legal advise. At the Law Offices of Stephen Levesque we pride ourselves in providing legal solutions to meet your needs based upon knowledge, experience and common sense.

At the Law Offices of Stephen P. Levesque we understand that the circumstances we face in our daily lives often times lead us to need immediate, accurate and sensible legal advise. We pride ourselves in providing legal solutions to meet your needs based upon knowledge, experience and common sense. Our professional staff is always accessible by telephone or appointment. Our commitment is to the successful, stress free resolution of your case and your complete customer satisfaction. That is why our office does not believe in voicemail programs or telephone routing systems you will always receive a live person when you call. We make sure that our clients are informed of the progress being made on their case and we encourage them to call whenever a question arises. Our motto is 'It's The Extras That Make the Difference' and we stand by it.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Lawsuit Defense, Home Loan Modification

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How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

I admit, I am very thankful to all of my clients who have chosen me to be their lawyer. Each thank you I receive reaffirms to me that the hard work I do for my clients is not just good but exceptional. The practical knowledge, trial experience and legal expertise that I draw from allows me to bring the complex and overwhelming down to earth. Big problems become manageable. Leaving my office, my client's are confident that they have made the right choice. Their stress and sleepless nights can be left at my door. I strive to give each and every one of my clients peace of mind. I have successfully practiced law in the following areas: Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Divorce, Real Estate, Personal Injury, and, Criminal Misdemeanor Defense. If you are facing a legal problem call my office at 401-490-4900 today.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

So, why does Attorney Stephen P. Levesque stand out? Knowledge, compassion, and experience. Since 1997, his years of courtroom experience means you will know all your options and you will have a lawyer with the experience to represent you no matter how complicated your case may be. He will fight for you and fight for your best interests. This results in exceptional representation. Stephen is that lawyer you know you can count on to stand by you. Whether at court, during negotiations, or through every legal document, motion, or pleading he prepares, Stephen is aggressively advocating for you. Call our Cranston office if you are looking for a lawyer in Rhode Island like Stephen. Call us at 401-490-4900 for your free office consultation.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Look I get it, before you dial that phone, hiring a lawyer is a big decision. You are the only one who knows what it feels like to be in your shoes. But, what your attorney does, or doesn't do, can impact the rest of your life. We know that it's scary to hand the reins over to someone else and that getting involved with the "legal system" can seem like a very big step to take. We completely understand that if you hire us, you trust us to take care of something that is one of the most important things in your life right now. Stephen doesn't take that responsibility lightly. It's a given that his goal is to win your case, but he believes that there's more to it than that: Stephen wants you to understand what he is doing throughout the process. That's the only way you'll be sure you're getting the best legal representation possible. Pick up the phone and ask questions. During the day you will always get Stephen or his staff. We want you to be able to focus on what's most important to you, your health and your family. It's our job to handle the rest. We want your financial future to be secure. It's not enough to only think about your current situation, we have to also consider what you'll need 5, 10, or 20 years down the road.

Stephen Levesque

Stephen Levesque

Attorney Stephen P. Levesque has over 20 years of experience focues his practice on Bankruptcy Law, however he has a diverse experience that allows him to provide legal counsel in areas of Divorce, Estate Planning, Personal Injury, and Real Estate. He has has helped his past clients resolve legal matters in a prompt and peaceful manner.

When you hire Attorney Stephen P. Levesque, he becomes your loyal and faithful advocate from the beginning of your case to the end. In addition to being a proven and successful attorney, he is actively involved in the legal community with memberships in the Rhode Island Bar Association and Massachusetts Bar Association. In Attorney Levesque's spare time, he hosts a podcast/radio show, on News Talk 630 AM WPRO called "Legal Tips" where he discusses all things pertaining to the field of law.

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Bar Number: 5742
Rhode Island, 1997


Western New England School of Law
JD, 1997

Stephen Levesque

Stephen Levesque