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South Florida Legal Rescue, LLC

South Florida Legal Rescue, LLC is a family law firm. We offer flat rate pro se services and free consultations. 561-303-0400

Firm Overview

South Florida Legal Rescue, LLC is a private family law firm with a concentration on custody disputes, divorce, and parental rights. The firm's focus includes parental alienation, the attempted removal of one parent, completely or partially, from the life of a child. Parental alienation can be mild or severe. Severe cases of parental alienation involve a complete 'parentectomy' which is the total removal of one parent from the life of their child. (This is the basis for the clinical term "parental alienation syndrome" or PAS.) With parental alienation, the alienated or targeted parent is typically denied some or all access or visitation with a child. This often results with the child unjustifiably mistrusting, fearing or deeply resenting the alienated parent. The alienation may also result with the child intensely favoring the alienating parent. Parental alienation can have serious and lasting affects upon the well being of young children including depression, low self-esteem, drug dependency and other destructive behaviors. Parental alienation should not be confused with estrangement, which occurs when the estranged parent by their own actions or inactions is responsible for the rift with his or her child.

SFLR, LLC also handles other family legal matters such as divorce, child and spousal support, paternity, modification of decrees and divorce mediation. The firm is committed to providing excellent customer service. Phone calls and emails will typically be returned within 24 hours. It is the firm's goal to keep its clients as informed as possible. Payment plans are both affordable and flexible.

South Florida Legal Rescue, LLC offers special discounts for active IAFF firefighters and USLA Ocean Rescue lifeguards.


South Florida Legal Rescue, LLC Flat Rate Services

Child custody and divorce litigation can be costly and unpredictable. The average contested divorce in West Palm Beach can range between $20,000 to $100,000. Some divorces cost much more depending on the litigiousness of the splitting couple. Child custody can be equally expensive. For those who simply do not have the funds to retain an attorney, SFLR offers pro se/ self-representation flat rate
services. Such services are attractive because the litigants' costs are predictable and very affordable. Over 70% of all family law litigants are self-represented. Call
SFLR for a free consultation to find out if this is a viable option for you. SFLR offers these flat rate services to litigants across the state. Please note that listed fees do not include filing costs.

Uncontested/Simplified Pro Se Divorce $350
Includes all initial petition/answer paperwork and 1 hour of phone support.

Contested Pro Se Divorce Without Children or Property $500
Includes all initial petition/answer paperwork (including marital settlement agreement) and 1 hour of phone support.

Contested Pro Se Divorce With Children and/or Property $500
Includes all initial petition/answer paperwork (including marital settlement agreement, child support worksheet, parenting plan) and 1 hour of phone support.

Paternity Pro Se $500
Includes all initial petition/answer paperwork (child support worksheet and parenting plan) and 1 hour of phone support.

Child Support Pro Se Modification $500
Includes all initial modification paperwork and 1 hour of phone support.

Timesharing Pro Se Modification $500
Includes all initial modification paperwork and 1 hour of phone support.

Fees do not include copy costs or filing fees. Any additional motions will be $50 each. If Respondent needs a counterpetition filed in addition to an answer, the fee is $100 in addition to the above listed prices. These are the typical documents included in the above packages. Not all forms may apply to your case:

Civil Cover Sheet
Initial Petition or Modification Package Includes
Notice of Social Security Number
UCCJEA document (if children involved)
Marital Settlement Agreement
Child Support Worksheet
Notice of Related Cases
Military Affidavit
Process Service Memorandum
Financial Affidavit (this needs to be completed by client, but attorney will review and format)
Certificate of Compliance
Affidavit of Corroborating Witness

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How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Too many parents lose custody of their children simply because they cannot afford an attorney. South Florida Legal Rescue, LLC is committed to providing a very high level of customer service at an affordable price. Absent exceptional circumstances, a child deserves to have both his or her parents.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

My name is Jennifer H. Milne and I am the founder of South Florida Legal Rescue, LLC. My practice and approach with child time-sharing/custody cases have been distinctly shaped by my own personal experience. Several years ago, my husband and I fought for custody of my stepson. Like too many parents out there, he was denied access to his child for months.

I am a member of the Florida Bar Family Law Section.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

I am not a generalist. I only practice marital and family law.

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