Siegel & Moses PC

Siegel & Moses PC

Civil Trial and Appellate Practice in state and federal courts throughout the U.S.

Firm Overview

The Firm of Siegel & Moses PC concentrates in the areas of litigation, regulatory, transactional and licensing all within the alcoholic beverage and hospitality industries. Also included therein are: advertising and marketing, administrative, antitrust, constitutional, franchise and e-commerce. The collective experience of our firm in these areas spans over 100 years.
Our clients are derived from all three "tiers" of the federal and state mandated alcoholic beverage industry. Within the supplier tier and on a national basis, we represent both domestic importers, as well as domestic and foreign, distilleries wineries and breweries. On the wholesale level, our clients include distributors of spirits, wine and beer located throughout the United States, as well as those which operate statewide and locally throughout the metropolitan Chicagoland. At the retail level, we represent regional, national and international, hotel and restaurant chains, as well as those local to the metropolitan Chicagoland area. We secure the issuance and renewal of the requisite licenses to conduct business throughout the United States, as well as provide services with regard to acquisitions, zoning matters and obtaining leasehold interests.
As to the marketing and promotion of alcoholic beverages, we provide our supplier and national retail clients, as well as their respective advertising agencies, with an analysis or assistance in the development of specific programs on a 50-State basis. These programs may generally fall into the categories of consumer sweepstakes, contests of skill, instant cents-off coupons or supplier rebates, sponsorship of various events, consumer or retailer advertising specialties, point-of-sale materials or display activities.
From a litigation standpoint, we are thoroughly versed in the applicable laws of the various states which regulate the relationships between suppliers and wholesalers of alcoholic beverages. We have effectively handled cases at all levels of state and federal court systems as well as federal, state and local administrative agencies and regulatory authorities throughout the United States. We have been directly (as lead counsel) or indirectly (as either a consultant or on behalf of amici curiae) involved in several of the key Supreme Court decisions which pertain to the interpretation of the Twenty-First Amendment and its interaction with the various other provisions of the United States Constitution. Internationally, we practice before the International Court of Commerce of The International Chamber of Commerce and the American Arbitration Association. During the 1970's, the firm legally structured the first wine auction event in the United States for Heublein, Inc. and Christie, Manson & Woods, International, and has taken the lead in developing the concept of direct marketing of wines. More recently, we have developed a compliant regulatory structure for marketing and selling alcoholic beverages through e-commerce. We have served as lead counsel in many industry cases initiated by state regulatory agencies (Florida, Georgia, Utah, Michigan and Alabama) against clients involved in direct marketing and e-commerce. We maintain a thorough involvement with the regulatory schemes in each state and with their respective regulatory authority as well as the federal scheme and with the Alcohol, Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.
Thus, the firm practices and has developed a concentration within the area of alcoholic beverages consisting of: litigation, administrative and antitrust law, constitutional law, licensing and marketing practices.

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Alcoholic Beverages; Antitrust; Constitutional Law; Commercial Law; Administrative Law; Arbitration; Corporate Law; Licensing; Real Estate.

Commercial Agreements
Preparation of commercial agreements including but not limited to those pertaining to: manufacture, importation, supply, contract production, private label, and wholesale distribution of beer, wine and spirits.

Federal and State Licensing
Licensing of breweries, wineries, distilleries, importers, wholesalers and retailers; brand registrations and label approvals; all on a federal and state basis across the U.S.

Trade Practices
Providing of guidance as to laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to marketing, promotion, advertising, and sale of alcoholic beverages, for purposes of compliance on a federal and state basis across the U.S.

Administrative Proceedings
Representation of clients in administrative proceedings such as investigations and hearings conducted by the U.S. Department of Treasury, Department Bureau of Trade & Taxation and by state liquor control authorities across the U.S.

Civil Litigation
Representation of clients in commercial litigation conducted in federal and state courts at both the trial and appellate level.

Michael A. Moses

Siegel & Moses PC

Mike is a principal of Siegel & Moses. He is admitted to the bars of Illinois, Texas, and the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, including trial bar. In addition, he is admitted to the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, and Eight Circuits and the U.S. Supreme Court. Mike graduated from the University of Michigan in 1972 and the University of Detroit Law School in 1975. He is a member of: Chicago, states of Illinois and Texas bar associations; the American Bar Association; and a member of the sections on Litigation, Administrative Law, Criminal Justice, and Business and Franchise Law. He counsels foreign and domestic producers, U.S. importers, as well as wholesaler distributors as to the distribution of alcoholic beverages within the U.S. He prepares commercial agreements between these types of parties for the manufacture, importation and distribution of their products. He also provides guidance regarding trade practices on a 50 state basis governing the marketing and promotion of alcoholic beverages. He appears on behalf of clients before various state and federal courts, regulatory agencies, as it pertains to disputes or matters regarding the alcoholic beverage industry. He appears internationally before the International Court of Commerce of The International Chamber of Commerce.

Complex Commercial Arbitration, Federal, and State Litigation; Constitutional Law; Criminal Litigation; Administrative Law; Civil Appeals; Franchise Law; Federal and State Alcoholic Beverage Regulation; Advertising, Marketing and Promotion Law; Gaming Law.


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