Sharon Berg Co., LPA

Sharon Berg Co., LPA

Divorce Attorney

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Choose a path that conserves your emotional and financial resources so that you can better prepare for your family's new life.

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Child Custody and Visitation
Father's Rights / Grandparents Visitation
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Domestic Violence

Sharon Berg

Sharon Berg Co., LPA

Sharon has practiced Family Law in Akron, OH for over 34 years.

Cost Effective

With 2 Children and 4 Grandchildren and an extended family of friends and neighbors in Akron, OH Attorney Sharon Berg understands the value of family.
Past Positions

Former Ohio Assistant Attorney General for Mental Health
Former Summit County Domestic Relations Referee
Former Chair, Akron Bar Association Family Law Committee
Juris Doctorate, University of Akron School of Law, 1976
Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Education, University of Akron, 1971
Community Service
Presently organizing "The Wise and Loving Divorce", consisting of free or low cost workshops to educate individuals considering (or in the process of) Divorce (or Dissolution) about community resources to preserve the marriage, the divorce process (legal, emotional and financial), choosing and working with a Divorce Lawyer and the alternatives to the traditional litigation process (such as mediation and the collaborative divorce process)
Organizing Attorney (Summit County) and Attorney Moderator (4 years) of the Peoples Law School, a joint venture of the Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers and the educational community to provide adults with a basic understanding of the various areas of law which impact their daily lives.
Charter Member, Woman's Board of Akron Child Guidance
Former advisor, University of Akron Clinic for Child Studies and Family Therapy
Professional and Personal Experience
Guest Lecturer in Family Law for the Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers, the Akron Bar Association, the University of Akron, and local high schools)
Author of "Where Are All the Standard Children", a survey of the standard visitation orders in Ohio's 88 counties
Co-founder, with John Guidubaldi, Ph.D. (formerly of Kent State University), of Guardian Educators, organized to provide educational workshops about child custody for court personnel dealing with issues of family law and for professionals in allied fields
Volunteer attorney, Summit County Battered Women's Shelter
Trained "Collaborative Divorce" attorney
Trained Mediator (Basic and Family Law)
Working with the Children's Rights Council to establish a "Gift Exchange" program to provide a safe, neutral location for free parenting time exchanges
Writer and Visual Artist