Shahani Law LTD

Shahani Law LTD

Your Defender at law is a criminal defense firm that believes that every detail matters when your liberty is at stake and will use those unique details to find the best defense for you.

Firm Overview

The 6th Amendment guarantees you the right to an attorney. Choose wisely: Choose Your Defender at Law.

Your Defender promises four things: Loyalty, Skill, Personal Attention, and Care.

Loyalty. Your Defender strongly advocates for your best interest. Jherna Shahani promises to be your champion in your absence while investigating the facts of your case, discussing possible negotiations with the prosecutor, or making oral arguments before the judge. She is totally committed to your defense and will aggressively represent your interests. She keeps your story and goals at heart and wants to help no matter what you have been charged with. Jherna Shahani is prepared to stand up for you and your rights because she adhere to the concept that all people are entitled to the best legal representation when charged with a crime. Your case becomes our case and she will fiercely fight to protect you.

Skill. Jherna Shahani keeps abreast of evolving laws in Nevada and regularly reviews recent court decisions. She has over 9 years of legal experience, understands the legal system, and is a persuasive oral advocate. She applies these skills by covering all of the angles of her cases through thorough investigation, research, and by critically analyzing and attacking the state's evidence. She never waits until the last minute to learn the facts! Well before trial, sentencing, and even negotiations, she has developed persuasive theories of defense so that she can achieve the best possible outcome. Your Defender at Law learns about you and your story so that she is thoroughly prepared to present mitigating circumstances at all stages of the proceedings.

Personal Attention. Every detail matters when your liberty is at stake and that is why Jherna Shahani pays attention to those details. Personal attention also encompasses keeping you actively involved in your defense and the progress of your case. Personal attention involves meeting with you, hearing your story, and being attentive to your needs. Your story is unique, and Jherna knows that. At Your Defender at Law, you will have the cell phone number of your lawyer because she strives to keep you informed. You will never have to deal with anyone else, just the attorney. Once your case becomes our case, we become a team fighting together.

Care. You and your future matter. You deserve a dedicated attorney who is readily available. Jherna cares about you and will always be honest about the pros and cons of your case. She is an empathetic criminal defense attorney who is truly concerned about you. At Your Defender at Law, you will experience compassion, support, understanding, and explanations about your options. Jherna takes the time to explain the process so that you are informed enough to make the best decision. Being charged with a crime is stressful but peace of mind is a choice.

No matter the charge, choose Your Defender at Law and a fierce attorney will protect you today.
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Main Office
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Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
Your Defender at Law also handles real estate matters, evictions, contract disputes, and cases in NYE county.

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Criminal Defense
Your Defenders at Law is a criminal defense firm that puts you first. Jherna Shahani believes that every person has the right to effective counsel and treats all of her clients with dignity and care.
A criminal defense firm that handles:
Domestic Violence
Temporary and Extended Restraining orders
Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
Sex Crimes
Open and Gross Lewdness
Indecent Exposure
Failure to Register
Child Pornography
Theft Crimes
Drug Crimes
Possession of Drugs
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Possession with Intent to Distribute
Malicious Destruction of Property
Elder Abuse
Child Abuse
Child Neglect
Driving Crimes
Suspended License
Hit and Run
Reckless Driving
Vehicular Manslaughter
Texting While Driving
Juvenile Crimes
Gun Crimes
Record Sealing
Traffic Tickets

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Shahani Law Ltd. dba Your Defender at Law is a small boutique firm that focuses on client communication. I promise to be your champion in your absence and am totally committed to your defense. I keep your story and goals at heart and want to help no matter what you have been charged with. I am prepared to stand up for you and your rights because I adhere to the concept that all people are entitled to the best legal representation when charged with a crime. Your case becomes my case and I will fiercely fight to protect you.

I take time to explain the process so that you are informed enough to make the best decision. Being charged with a crime is stressful but peace of mind is a choice. No matter the charge, choose Your Defender at Law and a fierce attorney will protect you today.

Jherna Shahani

Jherna looks at all aspects of your case from a creative perspective, not just the facts or the law. She believes that the devil is in the detail and uses those unique details to find the best defense for you. This means that she will review every piece of information in your case to ensure that she is knowledgeable, prepared to fight, and has considered all possible defenses.

Jherna has a strong passion for constitutional rights and vehemently hates oppression or unfairness on even the smallest levels. She is truly committed to protecting her clients because she understands the enormous responsibility of defending their liberty. Many of Jherna's past clients continue to provide updates on their lives because she fosters a real human connection with them. Jherna cares about people and makes herself available by providing her clients her cell phone number so that all their questions are thoroughly answered.

Jherna graduated with a Regents diploma from West Genesee high school in Syracuse, New York. During her time in school, her passion for law became apparent as she competed on the Onondaga County mock trial team and placed second in the entire nation. She was also her school's mock trial team captain and a peer judge for the Onondaga County Youth Court project. Her path towards law was solidified when she attended the National Student Leadership Conference on Law and Advocacy in Washington, D.C. and won the mock trial competition.

Jherna attended college at the American University in Washington, D.C. While in college, she was a member of the Delta Gamma Sorority, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, the Golden Key Honor Society, and the South Asian Student Alliance. In 2002, during her junior year of college, Jherna interned for a congressman on Capitol Hill. Jherna also spent a semester studying abroad in Madrid, Spain at Alcala De Henares. After college, Jherna worked at the Department of Juvenile Justice Services where she garnered great insight into the family and juvenile court systems in Las Vegas.

For law school, Jherna moved to New Orleans, Louisiana where she attended Loyola University College of Law. Within two weeks of moving to New Orleans, the beautiful city was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. While many other students postponed their enrollment or quit entirely, the hurricane did not stop Jherna. She continued her education and graduated in 2008. While in law school, Jherna studied abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica; Budapest, Hungary; and, Vienna, Austria. Jherna was also a member of the Womens' Law Student Association and the Entertainment Law Society. Jherna's specific passion for the constitution and criminal law started to develop in law school where she interned in the homicide division of the District Attorney's office in Orleans Parish. Through this position, Jherna learned that she loved criminal law but was not fulfilled as a prosecutor.

After law school, Jherna moved to Florida where she started practicing law in 2009. As a young attorney, she quickly learned civil procedure and courtroom etiquette. After just one year of practice at a multistate major creditor defense firm with hundreds of attorneys, she was promoted to manage the appellate division of the entire Florida operation. In this position, she drafted all the firm's appellate and supreme court briefs originating out of Florida. Here, Jherna honed her trial advocacy skills by conducting dozens of bench trials as well as her civil litigation skills by taking hundreds of depositions and handling oral arguments.

A few years later, Jherna advanced her career and started practicing as round table counsel for Bank of America, N.A. Through this position, she handled highly contentious and litigious matters for her client and its servicers. She continued to advance her skills through trial, depositions, motion practice, as well as oral advocacy.

Recently, Jherna moved to Vegas to be closer to family. While in Las Vegas, Jherna worked at a well-known boutique law firm that primarily handled criminal defense cases. It was in this position that she finally found her calling. This is where Jherna learned that every single detail matters because one of those details can be the foundation of a unique, persuasive defense. After working in this position for some time, Jherna decided to open her own law firm so that she could offer more affordable representation as well as provide each case the time it deserved.

Jherna is admitted to: United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit; United States District Court, Northern District of Florida; United States District Court, Southern District of Florida; Florida State Bar; Nevada State Bar, United States District Court, District of Nevada.
  • Bar Number: 14421
    Nevada , 2017
  • Bar Number: 81994
    Florida , 2009

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