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Schuetze & McGaha, P.C. - QUALITY LEGAL REPRESENTATION | AV PEER REVIEW RATED BY MARTINDALE-HUBBLE - Handling Personal Injury, Family Law, Employment Related, and Criminal Matters.

Firm Overview

At Schuetze & McGaha, in Las Vegas, Nevada, we have nearly 50 years of cumulative experience. While we limit the number of cases we accept in order to provide highly personalized legal representation, we have not priced ourselves into another stratosphere.

We believe that highly skilled, highly motivated legal representation should be available to all. To learn more about our qualifications and individual attorneys, please visit our website. The following attorneys currently work with Schuetze & McGaha:

Damon A Schuetze
William W. McGaha
Eva L.D. Johnson
Joshua M. Santeramo
Heather E. Moore

We offer a free consultation in which we can answer your questions and provide a realistic assessment of your case. To meet with our attorneys, call 702-948-7861 or email us to schedule an appointment.
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Main Office
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Auto Accident
Schuetze & McGaha specializes in personal injury, auto-accident, wrongful death, and motorcycle injury claims.
Schuetze & McGaha has extensive experience in handling personal injury matters. Unlike many other personal injury firms, Schuetze & McGaha has worked for several years in the insurance defense industry and has used this experience to the benefit of our personal injury clientele. We have significant trial experience representing insurance companies and corporations in very large personal injury cases. We understand what the crucial issues in a personal injury case are, know how the insurance companies are going to approach you and your demand for compensation, and this helps us obtain the best possible results for our clients. In other words, by hiring us, you are getting the same quality and experience as the insurance companies get from their own "front line" trial attorneys.

Schuetze & McGaha also has extensive experience in handling motorcycle accident cases. This comes from Damon Schuetze's long involvement in the motorcycle community having grown up here in Las Vegas and riding since he was a kid. This riding experience translates directly into our ability to handle the complex issues that arise in motorcycle cases.

We love riding as much as you do. We ride the track, the street and the dirt. Our passion for
riding had connected us with many other riders over the years. Unfortunately, as everyone who rides understands, sometimes riders get hurt. Because of our connection to riders and the riding world, we have had the privilege of representing many injured riders right here in Southern Nevada.

We also understand that riders, like everybody else, have their own share of other legal problems, including tickets, family matters and criminal matters. We have been there for those riders as well. In addition to representing riders, we have supported the riding community. For instance, we sponsored Fast Track Riders to assist them in continuing to provide high quality track day events so that riders here in town could continue to hone their skills in a safe environment on the race track as opposed to the street. We also participate in local bikes nights and display our own bikes. We participate in most of the track days here in Las Vegas and out at Pahrump as well. We also sponsor select local racers and events. Other firms say they handle motorcycle cases, but they do not have the same ties to the motorcycling community that we do, period!

Based on our trial experience in motorcycle cases, we understand the prejudices the general
motoring public has against bikes, and how that prejudice translates into claim denials and trial strategies for the insurance companies. The image of a reckless rider is raised in every
motorcycle case we have ever taken to court, even if it was not true. Because of this perception of the rider as rude and dangerous, the jury's benefit of the doubt almost always goes to the person driving the car in motorcycle accident cases. This is why motorcycle accident cases are particularly difficult. We have learned how to deal with these issues, but it is never an easy fight.

We have extensive experience and have become very skilled at dealing with defense accident reconstruction experts and have successfully defeated their opinions in every case we have taken to trial so far. We have also learned how to effectively deal with the science behind why it is drivers do not see motorcycles and turn that into successful outcomes for our clients.

If you have any questions about your motorcycle related case, we would like to talk to you and answer your questions and show you how our experience can translate into a good result in your case.
The attorneys at Schuetze & McGaha are prepared to handle your DUI, DWI, and other misdemeanor criminal charges.
The legal team of Schuetze & McGaha in Las Vegas, Nevada, understands that facing criminal charges can be frightening and confusing, not only for those who are charged, but for their families as well. That is why we adhere to a strict policy of limiting the number of cases we take at one time in order to provide hands-on, fully personalized legal counsel. Our attorneys take the time to hear your story, investigate all reports thoroughly and conduct our own investigation before mapping out a strategy for your defense.

Because the legal process is complex, we always make sure you are fully informed of the next steps in your case. The best defendants are engaged in their case. We want you to be an active participant in the decisions that get made along the way.

We represent individuals in the full spectrum of criminal defense cases, including:

Drug crimes
Weapons charges
Domestic battery
Restraining orders
Pool party and nightclub arrests
Unlicensed contractors

We use our negotiation skills to bring many of our cases to an efficient and successful resolution without going to trial. But we also possess the litigation experience and knowledge to take any case to trial if necessary.

If you have questions for our experienced, aggressive Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers, we offer a free consultation. We will review the facts of your case and give you our recommendation for what steps to take next. Call 702-948-7861 or email us to schedule an appointment.
The attorneys at Schuetze & McGaha handle a variety of family-law related matters.
At Schuetze & McGaha , we possess a wealth of family law experience. Our legal team understands the sensitive issues you may be facing due to your divorce or custody related issues. The practice of family law can be complicated and all-encompassing. We use our extensive experience to analyze your situation and develop solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our skills in untangling legal and financial intricacies help protect our clients while we advocate assertively in their best interest. Each attorney in this firm is articulate, business savvy, a writer and a litigator, and this combination makes a formidable force of divorce attorneys. Therefore, when settlement is no longer an option, unlike most other law firms, we are trial attorneys with proven results.

We understand the intricacies of family law. We have the talent to negotiate the results you deserve and the ability to obtain those results through legal advocacy when necessary. We take pride in being more than just a business; we are in this profession because it allows us to help people, children and families. We are passionate about the field of family law. Where children are involved, Schuetze & McGaha also pledges to view your children with the utmost importance, regardless of which parent brings the case to court, and to practice the law with your children's best interests in mind at all times. Your case is more than simply a matter of dividing assets or calculating child support - it is a critical decision with a tremendous impact on your life, as well as those around you. Our goal is to help you and your family heal. With over 20 years of experience, Schuetze & McGaha possesses a sophisticated understanding of Nevada laws while also empathizing and respecting your situation.

Family Law Practice Areas

Legal Separation
Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)
Property & Debt Division
Child Support
Modification/Enforcement of Divorce Decrees, Child Custody & Child Support Orders
Relocation of Children Issues
Temporary Orders
Protection Orders
Domestic Violence
Non-Parent Custody
Pre/Postmarital Agreements
Grandparents' Rights
Termination of Parental Rights
Schuetze & McGaha handles wrongful termination, harassment/discrimination cases, unemployment appeals, and other employment related matters.
Have you been harassed in the workplace? Have you complained and your employer does nothing? If an employer engages in work place misconduct based on your gender, race, age, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or ethnicity, the experienced attorneys at Schuetze & McGaha, in Las Vegas, Nevada, may be able to help you.

Employees have the right to report this misconduct without fear of punishment or retaliation. Misconduct in the employment setting may occur in a variety of forms:

Sexual Harassment - Your employer has engaged in unwanted sexual conduct or language towards you, harassed you based upon sexual orientation, or sexually assaulted and/or intimidated you in the workplace, or failed to protect you from a hostile work environment after it has been reported.

Gender Discrimination - Your opportunities for advancement, hours, and/or wages have been limited on account of your gender.

Age Discrimination - An employer used your age to justify laying you off, pushing you to retire, or promoting less qualified workers over you.

Racial Harassment - You have been subject to derogatory racial slurs, and/or limited in advancement opportunities, pay, and hours based upon your race. Evidence of racial
discrimination include witness statements, emails, letters, and performance evaluations.

Religious Discrimination - Often, individuals have special religious holidays that must be observed, and employees should have a right to select those days off. An employers failure to make exceptions for religious observance, or other negative comments or adverse affects on your employment opportunities could lead to a hostile work environment.

If you have concerns related to workplace harassment and discrimination, contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

At the law offices of Schuetze & McGaha, in Las Vegas, Nevada, we understand what is at stake for each of our clients. It is the reason we prepare meticulously for every case and explore every option available to us.

When you select Schuetze & McGaha to represent you, our experienced, aggressive attorneys work directly with you from the initial consultation until your case is resolved. We bring the same commitment to every client in several areas of law, including:

Criminal defense
Insurance defense
Family law
Personal injury
Employment Law

Although we have handled thousands of cases, we understand that each one is unique. We take the time to assess each case on its own merits rather than apply a cookie-cutter strategy.

Whether you have been charged with crime or you are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, the legal world can get confusing quickly. That is why we make an extra effort to fully explain each step of the process. We feel strongly that an informed client is more engaged in his or her case, which goes a long way toward strengthening the case overall.

If you have questions for our Las Vegas criminal law attorneys, call 702-948-7861 or email us to schedule a free consultation.

Joshua M. Santeramo

Joshua Santeramo is an Associate Attorney with the firm of Schuetze & McGaha and has practiced in Nevada since 2010. Originally from San Francisco, California, Mr. Santeramo attended the University of California Davis as an undergraduate before obtaining his Juris Doctorate from the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Mr. Santeramo started as a law clerk for Schuetze & McGaha as a first year law student, has interned with Travelers Insurance, and is experienced in employment law, personal injury, and criminal law.
  • Bar Number: 12086
    Nevada , 2010
  • Bar Number: 281220
    California , 2011
  • William S. Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada
    Juris Doctorate , 2010
  • University of California Davis
    Sociology and Political Science , 2007

Damon A. Schuetze

Damon is one of the partners in the firm. Damon grew up in Las Vegas. He graduated from Clark High School in 1983 and graduated from University of Nevada in 1987. He graduated law school at University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in 1990 and immediately returned home to Las Vegas to begin practicing. Damon is very active in the motorcycle community and rides in the dirt, on the street and on the racetrack. Damon's profile picture features him, on the white motorcycle, while passing another rider on the race track. His firm sponsors select riders and events and supports the motorcycle community through a variety of clubs and events. This long time involvement with motorcycles has led to a very good understanding of the difficult issues involved with motorcycle related accident cases. Damon is also very experienced in handling all types of personal injury cases, family matters and employment matters from the claims stage through trial. Damon has great experience on both sides of the "fence" and is well grounded in litigation because he has so much experience representing both individuals who have been injured and who are pursuing personal injury claims as well as corporate and insurance clients who are defending against such claims. Very few attorneys have the depth of expereince working for both sides and this experience is one of the things that sets Damon apart from most other personal injury attorneys. Having done so much insurance defense work, and trying cases for insurance companies, has taught Damon the tricks, strategies and mindset of the insurance industry in handling personal injury cases. This knowledge serves Damon's personal injury clients well. Damon received the prestigious "AV" preeminent rating from Martindale Hubbell as a sign of his level of skill and acheivement in the Court room.
  • Bar Number: 4047
    Nevada , 1990
  • University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law
    Juris Doctorate (law degree) , 1990

William McGaha

Eva Johnson

Heather Moore

Heather Moore began working for Schuetze & McGaha, P.C. as a law clerk in February 2010 and became an Associate Attorney for the firm in May 2012.

Following her graduation from California State University, Stanislaus with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 2002, Ms. Moore spent several years working a variety of fiscal-related jobs before earning her Juris Doctorate from the William S. Boyd School of Law at University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2011.

Ms. Moore was one of the first junior staff members for the UNLV Gaming Law Journal during her second year of law school and was selected to act as Managing Editor of the journal during her third year.

In addition to assisting the firm's other attorneys on a variety of cases, Ms. Moore currently handles traffic citations for the firm's clients.
  • Bar Number: 12452
    Nevada , 2011
  • William S. Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    Juris Doctorate , 2011
    Managing Editor, UNLV Gaming Law Journal, 2010-2011
  • California State University, Stanislaus
    Bachelor of Arts in English , 2002
    Staff Member, Penumbra (school literary magazine), Spring 2002

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