Saros Law APC

Saros Law APC

Saros Law’s proven success record for all criminal defense cases shows that we are relentless in defending clients in DUI, Theft, Drug Crimes, Alcohol & Mental Health-Related Crime, Sex Crimes, Education Law*, and Domestic Violence cases.

Firm Overview

Attorney Alison Saros is an experienced, fierce, and successful Criminal Defense Lawyer with 25 years of legal experience.

As a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles County for over 16 years, she tried dozens of cases to verdict, handled hundreds of preliminary hearings, and evaluated thousands of cases for filing determination. As a law professor, she taught constitutional criminal procedure to law students from a practical perspective. She knows how to protect you because she knows the law and the exact strategies the opposition will use to prosecute you.

Saros Law’s proven success record for all criminal defense cases shows that the firm is relentless in representing clients in DUI, Theft, Drug Crimes, Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes, Juvenile Crimes, Assault, Vandalism, Alcohol & Mental Health-Related Crimes, and Education Law and School Discipline matters.

She’s also a fierce, protective mother of two grown kids.

Juvenile Law
Drug & Alcohol Crimes
Mental Health Diversion
Sex Crimes & Domestic Violence
School Discipline
Title IX, Academic Dishonesty
IEP & 504 Advocacy
Special Education

*Juvenile Criminal Defense Specialty
Her Master’s Degree in Education Counseling and experience as a California School Teacher, Professor, Administrator, and Counselor make Saros Law the leading expert in Juvenile Criminal Defense and Education Law and College Discipline. She’s also a fierce, protective mother of two grown kids.

We refuse to let a mistake ruin your child’s future. Not every criminal defense attorney has in-depth experience with the California School System. Alison Saros fights for and protects your child like she would for her own kid.

Saros Law specializes in Education Law and represents clients in Title IX, College Discipline (suspension, expulsion, etc), IEP, and Section 504 cases.

She’s worked with children and teenagers in schools, dealt with administrators and school resource officers (SROs), and understands the psychological and behavioral reasons why kids can make bad decisions.

Many criminal defense lawyers are out there looking to make a quick buck. They do not want to do the work to win your case and instead make you believe that a plea deal is the best you’re going to get. At Saros Law, we look for creative and alternative ways to win your case.

We promise to start working on your case with the urgency it deserves from the moment you contact us. Oftentimes we are to prevent criminal charges from even being filed.

Once we take on your case, we will NEVER give up. We operate proactively and frequently communicate regardless of the stage of your case. We promise to fight tooth and nail to solve your case. We fight aggressively to defend you or your child’s rights in all cases.

After we’ve solved your criminal case, we get your life back on track by supporting you with comprehensive resources and holistic help.

We aim to be your go-to criminal defense firm for any criminal problems that arise in life. To error is human and there will be many bumps in the journey of life.

Running into criminal trouble can feel scary and daunting. You do not have to go through the complicated criminal justice system alone. There is no firm fiercer or more capable of fighting to keep you and your family safe than Saros Law. No matter the criminal charges, we’re going to help you overcome them. Call Alison to get help now: (310) 341-3466.

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