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Kubik Legal is an Illinois divorce & child custody law firm. Get your family law case resolved by an experienced law firm that simultaneously has one eye focused on minimizing the costs to you and the other eye focused on getting you results!

Firm Overview

Kubik Legal is an Illinois divorce and child custody law firm that is unlike any other. Sara Kubik, the owner of Kubik Legal, went through her own child custody matter when she was a professor. So she went to law school and now is an attorney.

Because of her skills and experiences, Kubik Legal operates differently than many traditional law firms. First, we practice in a way that minimizes the costs to our clients. We know the cost of litigation is high and know the ways to practice that make things less expensive for our clients.

Second, we try to resolve your legal matter in a way that is efficient and effective. Very few people want a lawsuit to drag on and on. It's financially and emotionally draining for the parties, AND their families/friends/support system. We can help you get through your legal matter and get you to a place where you want to be sooner, rather than later.

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Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

Yes! We believe that clients who take the initiative to find documents on their own can be more invested in their case.

It's similar to when you are sick... what do we do before we call the doctor? We Google it. Sometimes Google gives us good information, sometimes not.

So if a client finds a legal form or document online, we will review it and provide our insight about it.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Kubik Legal addresses the cost of litigation from the start. Most law firms will not tell you what they will charge you; we put it on our website and discuss costs openly.

Why? Because divorce and child custody lawsuits can be REALLY expensive! The price to file for divorce in Cook County, alone, is close to $400 (and that is with or without an attorney).

So at Kubik Legal, we try to streamline our process of working on your case. We try to make it less expensive than the other guy.

Plus, Sara Kubik, owner of Kubik Legal, was a legal client in her own child custody case. She understands how expensive "traditional" lawyer representation can be.

She started Kubik Legal after working as a family law attorney in small firms. She knows both sides of legal costs; the cost the clients see and feel, and the ways most lawyers bill for their services.

One way Kubik Legal is different is that we don't have a law office. Family law attorneys don't need law offices in order to represent you! But most law firms insist that you drive to their office. That you meet with them face-to-face.

Now if you want to meet with a Kubik Legal attorney in person, we can arrange a place to meet that is closer to you. But if you want to get your case resolved, we can do most everything over the phone and by email (except going to court... for now).

We believe communicating with our clients over the phone and by email is less expensive for the clients, is more flexible for the clients, and moves their cases along more quickly.

Kubik Legal is different than other law firms in other ways too. If you don't believe us, contact other law firms and compare. Ask about their fees. Ask about their needing you to drive into their office. Ask why this is necessary.

And then contact us afterwards!

Is your firm willing to help a client with one discrete part of a case, without taking on the whole case?

Yes! Kubik Legal can work with a client in many different ways.

1. Full representation of the case. We can represent you from start to finish.

2. Limited scope representation of the case. We can represent you for one part of your case. For example, if you only need a parenting plan drafted and entered with the court, we can help with that.

3. Ghost Authoring of documents. If you want us to draft a document that you use in your case, we can do that. We won't file an appearance; you still are representing yourself pro se (without an attorney). But in some cases, and with some clients, they prefer to represent themselves without counsel yet need a document written by an attorney.

4. Coaching. If you want to represent yourself completely throughout your case, we can work with you on a coaching basis. We would not make an appearance nor would we draft any documents for you. But in some cases, clients can use pre-drafted forms to resolve their disputes. We can tell you how to go through your lawsuit and what forms to use.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

The answer to this question starts off with a question, "Do you use Google?" Most clients we know have Googled legal issues and we think that's great! There's so much online and a lot of it may be helpful to your case.

Other clients tell us their friends/family/co-workers/other human beings they know have gone through a divorce or child custody dispute. And they've heard from them that.... [fill in the blank].

Given that Sara Kubik, the owner of Kubik Legal, has a love of formal education, Kubik Legal embraces the philosophy of self-education. It is our job to take what clients know and bring to the case, and to distill that information down in a way that works with the courts and legal process where their case is being litigated.

We live in the Information Age! And many people know other people who have been through divorce or custody lawsuits. Listen to what they say. Find information online (we have some helpful information on our site as well)!

Law firms can't cover every aspect of your litigation and personal experiences while going through a suit. There will be information you learn from others that can help you too.

Sara Kubik

Kubik Legal

I am an attorney and owner of Kubik Legal. I didn't plan to become an attorney though; I was a professor who went through my own child custody dispute. It lasted for 7 years and was incredibly expensive. So I went to law school during this now and now I'm an Illinois licensed attorney.

I know my experiences of going through the courts as a legal client helped me become a better attorney. I can empathize as well as sympathize with my clients. Plus, I am all too aware of how much it costs to litigate a family law dispute!

So I created Kubik Legal to address the cost of litigation up front. But to also utilize my skills in technology, marketing and design.

I have a PhD in Technology, an MBA in Marketing, and a BA in Graphic Design in addition to my JD in law.

What this all means is that I'm a "traditional" lawyer in that I know family law areas of divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, etc.

But because of my diverse education and my own legal experiences, I can operate a law firm differently than the "traditional" lawyers. I can operate in a way that is more efficient and more effective.

One way that is more efficient is that I don't have a law office. You know who pays for law offices? Clients! Plus, you don't need a law office to successfully represent clients. We are a service profession. If you want to meet me in person, we can meet at a place that is closer to you. I live in NW Indiana (taxes are cheaper here!) and can buzz over to meet you.

But the best way to work with me, in a way that is cheaper for YOU, is to call me or email me. And although I have a PhD in Technology, you don't need too also! So much can be done over the phone and by email. Sometimes, I first meet my clients in person when they are in front of the judge getting the divorce finalized. How we communicate is up to you. But I've learned that law firms who require you to meet with the attorneys in person will probably cost you more money.

And like I said, I very much understand how money gouging it can be to go through a divorce or a custody dispute. Let me work for you to get your goals accomplished and to do so in an efficient way.


Bar Number: 6328542


Purdue University
PhD in Technology,

Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School

University of Miami
MBA in Marketing and Management,

University of Notre Dame
BA in Graphic Design,

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