Roy K. Burns, Attorney at Law

Roy K. Burns, Attorney at Law

In Covington, family attorney representation from the Law Office of Roy K. Burns Jr. LLC can help you with a variety of legal issues and disputes.

Firm Overview

When legal issues complicate your life, we work to provide the guidance, support, and advocacy you and your family need. Our firm has represented many within St. Tammany, Washington and Tangipahoa Parishes. Now, let us represent you.

Our office can handle all of life's legal problems and issues. For family law, we can help you protect your rights and interests in a marriage, divorce, or child custody dispute. When you need help with a real estate issue, we can be your advocates to ensure your best interests are protected. We can also help you plan for the future. As your estate law advisor, we can draft wills, trusts, and power of attorney to protect your property, assets, and personal wishes for end of life arrangements. If you are ever accused of committing a crime, we can defend your rights and work towards a favorable resolution. If you have been injured, our legal team will pursue due compensation for your injuries and emotional trauma.

Dealing with complex legal issues and disputes on your own can be difficult, stressful, and overwhelming. As a knowledgeable lawyer, Mr. Burns has over 30 years of experience and an extensive record of success so you feel confident in your ability to deal with legal issues effectively. Our office also maintains reasonable rates for representation so that you can afford a private legal advocate. You don't have to go it alone. We can provide the legal support you need to resolve issues in your favor.

With a Covington family attorney from the Law Office of Roy K. Burns Jr. LLC by your side, you can feel more confident that your rights and best interests are being protected. Schedule your appointment with our offices today. We have convenient office hours with evening and weekend availability. If necessary, we can schedule a flexible appointment so that you can make time to meet with us despite a busy schedule.
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If you're currently going through a family law matter such as a divorce or a child custody battle, you already know how difficult it can be to keep your emotions in check.
You may be having a hard time making decisions or reaching resolutions with your spouse, partner, or family member.

Let Us Help You
At Law Office of Roy K. Burns Jr. LLC, our family attorney understands what you're going through and we want to reassure you that having such complex feelings during your legal matter is completely normal. After all, the decisions you make now will change your life for many years to come. For this reason, our goal is to offer you compassion during this tough time as well as legal services that help you reach peaceful resolutions. Law Office of Roy K. Burns Jr. LLC is equipped to handle family matters such as:

-Legal separation
-Domestic partnerships
-Protective orders
-Child custody/visitation
-Child support
-Domestic violence
-Property distribution

Getting a family law attorney involved in your situation doesn't mean that you want to start or continue a conflict; it simply means that you're ready to work toward a resolution so that you can move forward. If you're ready to put conflict behind you in favor of a fresh start, contact Law Office of Roy K. Burns Jr. LLC to see how our family law attorneys can help.

Roy K. Burns