Robert A. Loeb

Robert A. Loeb

An Experienced Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney

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For over 20 years, Robert Loeb has provided aggressive criminal defense in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Through a combination of hard work and advanced trial skills, he diligently fights for the rights of his clients in both state and federal courts. He is highly regarded among Chicago criminal law attorneys.

When you are facing criminal charges, the thought of conviction, imprisonment, or even a criminal record can be emotionally overwhelming. Confusion about how the legal process works, what to expect and how your case will turn out are foremost on your mind. Hiring a criminal defense attorney who has years of experience is vital for your case. Robert A. Loeb understands your right to counsel, the Chicago criminal appeals process, and the sentencing guidelines in Chicago.

As a white-collar crime attorney in Chicago, Mr. Loeb is ready to give you the attention you deserve. In addition to handling white-collar crime cases, he has substantial experience representing clients charged with federal matters. Furthermore, he is prepared to sit down with you and go over each and every aspect of your case.

Chicago criminal defense lawyer Robert A. Loeb has experience on both sides of the courtroom as a former Assistant State's Attorney acting as prosecutor and as a criminal defense attorney for over 20 years. Insight from trying both sides of a case is invaluable when preparing an effective defense. The Law Office of Robert Loeb provides knowledge from an inside prospective of various strategies and effective approaches. As a leader among criminal attorneys in Chicago in the Illinois State Bar Association and as a professor who teaches criminal trial advocacy to law students and lawyers, Chicago criminal defense attorney Robert Loeb provides effective representation in all types of criminal cases.

In addition to being an outstanding trial lawyer and Chicago criminal defense attorney, Robert Loeb also provides clients with the personal attention they deserve. Our Chicago criminal defense attorneys understand the stress experienced when waiting to hear about your case. We do not like to leave our clients hanging, not knowing where you stand or what comes next. Our Chicago criminal defense law firm strives to keep clients informed. When needed, Robert Loeb makes himself accessible evenings and weekends. Additionally, attorney Rachel Boyle will associate with Mr. Loeb on occasions when an additional attorney is needed.

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Criminal Defense

Chicago Criminal Defense

The Chicago criminal defense law firm of Robert Loeb provides aggressive criminal defense to clients throughout Illinois and, in particular, the Chicago area. Our firm is proud to provide affordable, compassionate, and aggressive Chicago criminal defense on the state and federal level.

The firm's criminal defense attorneys are experienced in all aspects of Chicago criminal law and are skilled at advocating for the rights of their clients. If you are seeking criminal defense in Chicago, put yourself in the steady hands of Robert A. Loeb. The firm is known for being as diligent in their pursuit of justice as they are considerate of client needs.

If you are charged with violation of Chicago criminal laws, or if you are facing investigation or indictment, Robert A. Loeb can help.

Our practice focuses primarily on:
-State/Federal Criminal Defense
-Theft, Fraud, Forgery, Retail Theft and Shoplifting, and Deceptive Practices
-Traffic Violations
-Drugs and Narcotics Crimes
-White Collar Crime
-Fraud including mail, wire, bank, insurance mortgage, and bankruptcy fraud
-Clearing Your Record (expungements)
-Death Penalty Law
-Gambling Law (representing advantage players)

Robert Loeb

Robert A. Loeb

Born: Chicago, Illinois, 1951

Education: Bowdoin College, B.A., government, 1973, DePaul University, J.D., 1976

Practice Areas: Criminal Law; Federal Criminal Law

Membership: Chicago, Illinois State (Chairman, Committee on Death Penalty Reform) and American Bar Associations; Chicago Council of Lawyers; National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers; Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (Member, Board of Directors).

Admissions: 1976, Illinois; U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth and Seventh Circuits; U.S Supreme Court

Miscellaneous Information: Former Assistant State's Attorney, Cook County, Illinois. Chairman, Criminal Justice Section Council and Chairman, Individual Rights and Responsibilities Section Council. Former Associate Newsletter Editor, ISBA Criminal Justice Section. Author of numerous articles dealing with criminal law, including two in the Illinois State Bar Journal, one dealing with developments in the insanity defense and the other involving Illinois' unique provisions governing eavesdropping. Instructor, criminal law and trial law. Adjunct Professor, DePaul University College of Law for Trial Advocacy, Advanced Trial Advocacy, and Pre-trial Litigation: Criminal Law. Faculty Member, National Institute of Trial Advocacy, and is a frequent lecturer in criminal law courses offered by the various bar associations in Illinois. Co-author with I. Nelson Rose of Blackjack and the Law, a book which deals with the rights of players and casinos, taxes, searches, barrings, and privacy in the gambling arena.


Robert A. Loeb practices criminal law at both the state and federal levels. Some areas in which he focuses his practice include misdemeanors (including theft, shoplifting, battery, and other charges) and felonies, DUI, fraud, drug crimes, murder, white collar crime, traffic violations, forfeiture and gambling law.

As a former Assistant State's Attorney, in Cook County, Illinois, Mr. Loeb gained insight into how the prosecution handles cases, which has become invaluable in preparing an effective defense. He serves as Chairman of the Criminal Justice Section and the Individual Rights and Responsibilities Section Councils. Mr. Loeb also was Chairman of the Illinois State Bar Association Committee on Death Penalty Reforms, and has served for many years on the ISBA Legislation Committee.

Mr. Loeb is a Former Associate Newsletter Editor of the ISBA Criminal Justice Section. He has authored numerous articles dealing with criminal law, with two articles appearing in the Illinois State Bar Journal: one article addressing developments in the insanity defense and the other article discussing Illinois' unique provisions governing eaves-dropping.

Mr. Loeb teaches classes in Criminal Law as an Adjunct Professor at DePaul University College of Law for Trial Advocacy, Advanced Trial Advocacy and Pre-trial Litigation. He is a faculty member of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy. He is also a frequent lecturer in criminal law courses offered by the various bar associations in Illinois. He and I. Nelson Rose co-authored the book Blackjack and the Law, which deals with the rights of players and casinos, taxes, searches, barrings, and privacy in the gambling arena.
He has also written numerous articles on the practice of criminal law.

Courthouses: Criminal defense attorney serving clients who are charged in federal cases (U.S. District Court) and with state criminal cases in Chicago (all courts), and outlying courthouses including Skokie, Rolling Meadows, Maybrook, Bridgeview, Markham, Waukegan, Joliet, and Wheaton.


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