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Firm Overview

Rasmussen Law is a boutique firm focusing on issues arising in the Elder Law context. Our goal is to take the stress of the unknown out and allow our Clients to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Ideally, we partner with a client and their family to navigate the labyrinth of regulations and taxes so that the family knows everything is being done to protect their loved one and the family. We also engage clients in crisis situations where either elder abuse has occurred or a Medicaid placement is needed in the short-term. Our range of services include: estate planning (wills and trusts), guardianship applications, Medicaid applications, probate administration, and probate litigation.

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Main Office
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Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Guardianship Applications, Medicaid Plans, Medicaid Applications, Probate Administration

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$225-$350 per hour

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Estate Planning

We help families honor their loved ones. Planning allows families to focus on helping each other rather than arguing about what you wanted. Additionally, we can work together to save your family thousands by engaging in tax planning.

Our client-centered approach to legal services means that we offer services that many firms won't.

For example, many of our clients find it difficult to come to an attorney's office. No problem. We offer in-home consultations and signings so that our elderly clients don't need to worry about traffic, parking, or arranging transportation.

Additionally, our long term estate plans include support services as part of the package price so that you or your family can call with questions months later without fear of being charged.

We also have pioneered allowing our clients to leave electronic video or audio recordings to their loved ones and actively work with our clients to accommodate any special request that they might have.


Whether it is a guardianship application, estate administration, or estate litigation, we work intensively with our clients to protect the family.

Estate administrations can be tricky. Are taxes due? Have I opened the estate properly? What do you do with all of the creditors? We will completely administer the estate so that there is transparency for the family and everyone can have the peace of mind knowing that things are happening efficiently and correctly.

Estate litigations are unfortunate. Someone has stolen something from the family or someone is not honoring a loved ones last wishes. Either way, we come in and quickly determine exactly what has happened so that the client knows who has done what. From there, we ensure that the family gets back whatever was taken and that the loved one's wishes are honored.

Guardianships are another area entirely. Either the family has come together to appoint someone as the decision maker for another or they are arguing who is most qualified. If the issue is contested, we will make sure no one has taken money from the incapacitated and will ensure the most appropriate person is appointed. We will also sit down with the family and talk about the likely Medicaid implications so that the family understands the financial position they are in and can plan accordingly.


Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

My family was personally affected by poor planning. Unfortunately, because of the lack of planning, the family fought over assets instead of being present for one another during difficult times. The result: a big win for lawyers, but a big loss for the family.

It is my mission to make sure that families are prepared. Sometimes that means planning for the family business, sometimes that means planning for nursing home care, and sometimes that means something entirely different. Every family is unique and we work with you to make sure that everything is cared for.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

I personally went through the experience of a family tearing itself apart. I know the true cost of generational strife isn't just measured in dollars. It's measured in lost relationships as well.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

The firm offers unique perks such as at-home consultations and weekend appointments to address our client's particular needs. We strive to give particular attention to every client and truly understand their unique problems so that the offered solution is tailored made for their family situation.

Matthew Rasmussen

Rasmussen Law

I am pretty frequently asked why I got involved in this type of law. Well, as it happens it has a lot to do with my family's history.

Growing up, I was an only child until ten years old. I grew up in a relatively small town--South Plainfield, NJ--around my cousins. We were practically inseparable. I wouldn't be surprised if my parents had to supplement my aunts and uncles for room and board based on the amount of time I spent over their house as opposed to my own. Not that it mattered much because we all lived a few houses apart from one another.

Unfortunately, this was not meant to be. The family erupted in legal battle after legal battle. Everyone was arguing over who was entitled to what. What would happen with my grandfather's estate. So on and so forth. Eventually, my family moved away from town and we stopped talking to everyone else. I became estranged from my cousins who had practically been like siblings to me.

Over decade later my grandmother passed away. I was actually told through a friend of the family, rather than by any of my relations. Anyone who has been in that position knows the sting of embarrassment when a third-party is surprised that you honestly don't know that your relative has passed away and that you don't know the time the funeral is. In any event, I found out just in time for me to be able to attend.

When I got to the wake, it was a surreal experience. Walking into a room filled with family that might as well be strangers. You could cut the awkwardness with a knife. I managed to struggle through re-introducing myself to several of my own family members and even answering a few "And how did you know Kay (my grandmother?" conversations. Eventually, it was all too much and I sat down next to a woman about my age.Now, I won't say that I didn't recognize her completely. But even though I knew it was my cousin--who I would have considered as close as a sister a decade earlier--we could have been complete strangers. It became apparent very quickly when we were discussing our lives that I knew nothing about her, she knew nothing about me. We had a very pleasant conversation and were soon laughing about "old times."

While we were talking, it hit me. There was really no reason that our family had been fighting for over ten years. There was no reason why I had to lose all those years of relationships. It could all have been avoided with proper planning. That's when I knew what I needed to do.

From that day forward, I've made it my mission to spread my story and get more families to engage in family planning. Some of the photos on this page is me speaking at various events about the value of wills, trusts, and estate planning.

Can these simple tools solve every problem and keep every family together? No, probably not. But I have seen that they do help and have saved teetering families from self-destruction. I can't tell you the happiness that it brings me to do my part to save those families from the torture that mine went through.


Bar Number: 039012012
New Jersey,


Washington and Lee School of Law
Juris Doctorate,

Seton Hall University
Bachelor of the Arts,

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