Law Firm of Diaz and Associates P.A.

Law Firm of Diaz and Associates P.A.

The Law Firm of Diaz & Associates is dedicated to helping individuals abroad by providing a variety of services designed to alleviate certain issues primarily Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Loan Modification & Immigration. Our lines and doors are open..

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Our Firm has been dedicated to assisting homeowners alike since 2001. We specialize in Loan Modifications & Foreclosure Defense in the state of Florida as well as in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Georgia, Maryland & Pennsylvania. Our services guarantee you the best chance at saving your home from FORECLOSURE with a dedicated staff of processors & underwriters who know how to structure and format your Loan Modification packet to appeal to the lender and increase your chances of approval. We also provide a sharp & tenacious Foreclosure Defense using premier attorneys with in-depth knowledge and understanding of our local state laws. In addition, we also assist with BANKRUPTCY as well as IMMIGRATION cases and offer FREE phone consultations.

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Here at the Law Firm of Diaz & Associates we pride ourselves on our integrity and always seek out the best possible option for our respective clients. We provide FREE CONSULTATIONS to help identify the individual needs of our fellow Floridians...

There are several chapters under which you can file for bankruptcy in a United States Bankruptcy Court. The two most common are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Last year in the Florida Middle District of the United States Bankruptcy Courts approximately 75% were Chapter 7, and 24% were Chapter 13 filings. Chapter 11 used by businesses and individuals whose debts are very large, and Chapter 12 for family farmers amounted to 1%.

The intent of this page is to explain some of the issues involved in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. A Miami Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer can help you make the decision to file and if so whether it should be for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Because the Bankruptcy Code combines both federal and state laws, it can be complicated. The items listed below will provide the reader an overview of the major components of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case. It is advisable that you contact a Miami Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers who will more fully explain and elaborate on any bankruptcy issues.

Contact us so that we may evaluate the particulars of your case and help you decide how you should proceed.


The goal of our defense is to either stall or stop the foreclosure in its entirety. Fighting against mortgage giants (lenders) and their foreclosure machine might seem daunting, but do not give up hope; there are ways we can fight back. Call and ask.

Florida law requires that foreclosures occur within the supervision of the Circuit Court. The burden to prove that they have the right to foreclose falls upon your lender. This gives your Miami Foreclosure Defense Attorney the right and opportunity to carefully examine all aspects of your loan and the circumstances it was given. It allows your Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney the right to question any of their employees regarding your loan and examine their files.

Can your lender prove and document that they indeed own the mortgage and that they have the legal standing to file for foreclosure? If your loan was bundled and sold or transferred in any way, can they produce evidence that the transfer was done properly and according to the law? There have been many loans in which mortgage companies utilize employees who did not review loan applications but rather "rubber stamped" them. Some "reviewers" processed hundreds and sometimes thousands of applications each and every day. Foreclosure defense strategies often are focused around the shoddy record-keeping and sometimes unlawful actions by lenders.

Your lender doesn't necessarily have had the to make an error for you to take advantage of the defense strategies that a Miami Foreclosure Defense Attorney can offer. Through the courts, he can stretch out the foreclosure process. Such delays might give you the time needed to develop a more permanent solution to your financial dilemma.

Given the widespread errors that lenders committed, it may be prudent to contact Diaz & Associates, your Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney.

Christian S. Diaz

Law Firm of Diaz and Associates P.A.

Christian S. Diaz

Law Firm of Diaz and Associates P.A.

Christian S. Diaz

Law Firm of Diaz and Associates P.A.

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