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Philip S. Haney Associates

Assisting Nonprofit and Tax Exempt Organizations Nationwide

Firm Overview

Philip S. Haney Associates was founded to help philanthropic and charitable Americans navigate compliance minefields and find lasting success in the nonprofit sector. Defining and achieving mission is essential to an organization's success, and sustaining mission requires effective management, and an understanding of the unusual challenges that apply to tax exempt organizations.

Our representation encompasses the entire life span of an organization - planning, formation, operation, and, when appropriate, dissolution - and includes advice on state and federal compliance requirements for each of these stages. Although compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations is key to success, we also advise on best practices in governance, strategies for engaging in activities that generate revenue, development of diversified funding strategies, and helping officers, directors and trustees, as well as committee members, to understand their duties so they can provide meaningful oversight to their organization.
Philip Haney is a decisive, responsive, and innovative lawyer; his specialized practice serves clients with a broad range of legal skill and experience. He advises clients that have charitable goals or concerns regarding governance or tax issues. Philip Haney can provide the answers.

Our clients include:
-Private foundations
-Publicly supported charities
-Private donors and philanthropists
-Support organizations
-Educational institutions
-Churches and religious organizations
-Political organizations
-Donor advised funds
-Civic groups
-Social welfare organizations
-Professional societies
-Social clubs
-Trade associations
-Title holding corporations

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Philip S. Haney Associates was founded to help charitable Americans avoid pitfalls and find lasting success in the non-profit field.

Areas of Practice:
-Charitable Giving-Whether you are on the giving or receiving end of contributions, you'll want to get all the benefits of federal, state and local tax law, while avoiding any improprieties which could result in legal penalties.

-Churches - Churches often have a multitude of missions under one roof. Each of these missions, such as feeding or clothing the homeless, is governed by different laws from those which allow the church to be used as a gathering place for worship. To avoid a legal conflict with one mission, which can threaten the standing of the entire church, contact Philip Haney Associates today.

-Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations - NPOs come in a variety of forms, from individual enterprises to corporations, unincorporated associations, partnerships, foundations and even condominiums. Deciding on the proper legal construct of your non-profit venture is an important first step towards in your charitable mission.

-Public Charities - Charities face just as much competition for charitable dollars as vendors in the marketplace do for sales. But charities must also comply with laws regulating fundraising campaigns. Failure to adhere strictly with all applicable federal, state and local laws may result in legal penalties and also turn into a public relations nightmare, threatening future fundraising, which is the lifeblood of any charity. Before your next fundraising campaign, consult with Philip Haney Associates.

-Tax Exempt - These organizations do not only comply with federal law to receive federal tax-exempt status, it must also comply with state and local law for their tax benefits. Philip Haney Associates is thoroughly versed on tax regulations throughout the 50 states.

Philip S. Haney

Philip S. Haney Associates

A Preeminent Attorney for Charitable Organizations.


Practice Areas:
-Tax exempt law
-Private foundations
-Public charities
-Churches and religious organization
-Charitable giving
-Business formation

Oklahoma, 1971

-New York University, LL.M., Taxation, 1975
-University of Oklahoma, J.D., 1971
-University of Oklahoma, A.B., 1968

-Tulsa County Bar Association
-Oklahoma Bar Association
-American Bar Association

Professional Recognition:
-Tulsa Power Attorney (2013)

-"Publicly Traded Partnerships After the Revenue Act of 1987", Taxes -- The Tax Magazine, Prentice Hall, May 1988
-"Gas Balancing Refunds and Deficiencies: Taxpayers Playing 'Hide or Seek'", Oil & Gas Tax Quarterly, Matthew Bender, March 1990
-"Church Tax Benefits and First Amendment Tensions", Tax Exempt Organizations, Maxwell Macmillian, May 1991
-"Religion and the Constitution: When Is A 'Church' Really a Church?," The Oklahoma Bar Journal, October 1991


University of Oklahoma
Juris Doctorate, 1971

New York University
LL.M. Taxation,