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I am attorney Christopher T. Patterson, and I can work with you to develop a solution to your FAMILY LAW or DWI challenge.

Firm Overview

If you are considering divorce, in the midst of a custody fight or paternity dispute, or if you received a DWI or other Traffic Citation, call me. My staff at Patterson Law Office LLC and I strive to always provide personal attention and keep clients closely informed of their cases. From my office in Kansas City, Missouri, I serve clients across the Northland communities.

I am a respected figure in the legal community, and I am available to offer you straightforward guidance about the best manner to meet your legal needs. If you retain me to represent you, I pledge to work hard to always:

Understand your goals: I can listen closely and pay attention to what you say instead of telling you what you should be doing. This is your case, and I want to reach your goals.
Offer straightforward advice: I can ensure you understand all of your options and the potential outcomes to your case.

Protect you: I am a collaborative and solution-oriented attorney, but occasionally, no matter how hard we try, the other side simply won't be reasonable. Sometimes it is in your best interest to take your case to trial. I am a strong, experienced litigator. I will work hard to get the best result for you, whether it be in negotiations or in court.
Kansas City Divorce Mediation

I am also a trained mediator. A good lawyer should be not just an effective litigator, but also a strong negotiator. I can guide clients through reaching negotiated settlements and collaboratively agreeing upon solutions to their divorce challenges. This spares both sides from additional time and expense, and can reduce stress on children. As a Christian, I understand marital discord can present complex challenges for your faith. I also counsel clients as to divorce alternatives.

In addition to handling family law challenges, I also offer AFFORDABLE TRAFFIC AND DWI DEFENSE, effective criminal defense strategies, and personal injury and estate planning services. I develop lasting relationships with my clients. I can be the go-to legal representation for you and your family.
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Main Office
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Divorce may be one of the most trying emotional and legal challenges you face throughout your life. There are a number of critical decisions you need to make during this transition.
I am Kansas City divorce lawyer Christopher T. Patterson. I guide clients through the divorce process across the Northland region of Missouri. If you are considering divorce or need legal support, I can provide the answers and clear guidance you need to end your marriage and address all divorce issues, including:

-Navigating child custody issues and developing a parenting plan
-Arranging child support payments
-Dividing marital property and debt
-Arranging spousal support or alimony

I consider myself to be a very collaborative family law attorney. I derive satisfaction from helping clients reach their goals and move forward with their lives. My decades of experience have shown me that negotiating agreements and working with the other side is most often the best way to achieve this end. Going to trial means a judge, who you have never met and does not know you, is going to hand down a decision that will impact your life for many years to come. Instead, collaboration or mediation allows you and the other side to agree on a long-term solution.

Strong Negotiator And Experienced Litigator
My goal as an attorney is to help you rather than to crush the other side. However, if the other side is out to crush you, I will fight back for you, protect your rights and advocate on behalf of your interests. I am a strong litigator with a respected reputation.
Criminal & Traffic Law/Juvenile Defense
A simple traffic ticket can impact your automobile insurance or your driving privileges. More serious charges, such as driving while intoxicated (DWI), driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI) or driving while suspended (DWS) can cause you to lose your license for an extended period of time; they can also cause you to spend time in jail and affect your livelihood. Some cases require an aggressive approach to defend you from such charges. Other cases require an attorney to "minimize the damage" to you and your driving record. I am prepared to help you in a cost effective manner.

Criminal Defense
I can also protect your rights and offer you reasonable and affordable assistance in defense against municipal ordinance charges, misdemeanor crimes and certain felony charges. This includes representation for assault, domestic violence, drug possession, theft and property crimes, and other crimes against persons.

Juvenile Defense
I often represent young clients - both juveniles charged with crimes in the juvenile court system and young people charged in the adult court system. I find that both these clients and their parents appreciate my willingness to fight to give them a "second chance."

I practice criminal and traffic law in municipal and state courts in Platte, Clay and Jackson Counties. I limit my juvenile court defense work to Platte and Clay Counties, and am frequently appointed to represent juvenile clients in Platte County.

I offer free consultations on all traffic and criminal matters, as well as matters involving crime by juveniles. Regardless of the charge you face, I can work hard to ensure you understand your options, at a reasonable and affordable cost.

Christopher Patterson

Since 1980, I have been helping clients find solutions to their family law challenges and legal issues in Missouri. I am very familiar with the Platte, Clay and Jackson County courts. I am a respected lawyer, an active member of my church, an engaged member of the community.

-I have been considered for multiple judicial panels
-I am a 2012 recipient of the Young Life National Volunteer Leader Award of Excellence
-I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Platte County Education Foundation

I have worked hard to earn and maintain my reputation as an honest and effective attorney. To learn more about my legal experience, please review my attorney profile.

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I encourage you to schedule a time to speak with me about your legal challenge. You can contact me online or by calling Patterson Law Office LLC at 816-471-7722. From my office in Kansas City, I serve clients across the Northland communities of Missouri.