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Patterson Dahlberg, Personal Injury Lawyers

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Personal Injury

The personal injury attorneys of Patterson Dahlberg, Injury Lawyers represent injured people and their families.

The attorneys at Patterson Dahlberg, Injury Lawyers focus their practice strictly on representing injured people. Personal injury and worker's compensation claims is all we do.

Vehicle Accidents -
Every year tens of thousands of Minnesotans suffer personal injury or wrongful death on Minnesota highways and roads. Negligence and improper driving cause countless accidents and crashes each year resulting in injuries, death, medical expense and lost time from work.

Worker's Compensation -
Insurers often miscalculate an Employee's average weekly wage. Even a slight miscalculation of an Employee's average weekly wage can result in a significant underpayment of benefits. There are often special considerations the Insurer ignores such as seasonal effects on an Employee's earnings, construction work, or overtime earnings.

Wrongful Death -
Wrongful death refers to a type of legal claim arising out of a negligent act resulting in a premature death of a family member. When a family loses a loved one in an accident the impact is devastating. Whether it is the loss of a child, a sibling, a spouse or a parent; each loss is unique and powerful. The insurance issues and claims for damages are often the farthest thing from the minds of the family. These claims can be very complex and require the skilled guidance of an experienced accidental death lawyer.

Serious Injury -
Serious injuries can change the lives of the injured and their families forever. Medical costs now and in the future can be staggering. Disability and physical impairment can cause lost income and require life-altering vocational change. By working with the medical and vocational experts early in the case an experienced personal injury lawyer can make the most of insurance claims and protect your family's financial future. The legal claims which arise when you are seriously injured will be complex and how these claims are handed will have a profound impact on you and your family's loss.

Truck and Bus Crashes -
Vehicle accidents that involve commercial vehicles (semis) or that involve commercial buses or motor coaches cause significant damage and injury each year in Minnesota. These cases require special attention, including acting quickly to preserve evidence at the scene of the accident and serving spoliation notices on the trucking companies. Spoliation notices are formal letters giving notice of the claims and directing the companies to preserve vital evidence for later evidentiary use in court. Lawyers who are experienced in truck and bus litigation will be able to move quickly to preserve this critical evidence. Commercial truckers and buses are required to comply with many federal regulations that involve the number of hours that they can drive, how they keep their log books, the condition of their vehicles, and the selection and retention of their drivers.

Motorcycle Accidents -
Motorcycle accidents cause serious injuries and death to thousands of motorcyclists a year. Minnesota law gives motorcyclists all the rights to the roadway of any other vehicle. Unfortunately, motorcycles are very commonly involved in "look but don't see" accidents. Insurance companies often try to mislead motorcycle accident victims into believing they were at fault for the accident or that their claims are not valid if the injured person was not wearing a helmet. Minnesota law does not allow whether a motorcyclist was wearing a helmet to affect a jury's determination of damages

Dog Attacks and Dog Bites
Each year thousands of innocent people are the victims of attacks by aggressive dogs. These attacks can cause serious scarring, pain and medical bills and other complications such as infection. It is the obligation of everyone who owns or cares for a dog to control the animal and keep it from harming others. Under Minnesota Statute 347.22, it states, "if a dog, without provocation, attacks or injures any person who is acting peaceably in any place where the person may lawfully be, the owner of the dog is liable in damages to the person so attacked or injured to the full amount of the injury sustained." Unless the person who was bitten by the dog was provoking the dog, the owner of the animal will be liable for the injuries that were caused by the attack. Minnesota law protects people even in circumstances where they are not actually bitten, but where they are harmed by a dog jumping or chasing them. If a child is injured as a result of a dog bite, the parent or guardian may seek damages against the defendant on the child's behalf. Any money that is recovered on behalf of the child is held in trust under the court's supervision and earns interest until age 18.

Auto Accident

Trucking Accident

Wrongful Death

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

We believe all those who are victims of accidents and work injuries deserve fair compensation.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

The attorneys at Patterson Dahlberg injury lawyers have been recognized by Super Lawyers, are members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and received the highest peer rating of "AV Preeminent" by Martindale Hubbell. More importantly to us, however, is the recognition our satisfied former clients give by referring their friends and family members to us when they are in need.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

The injury attorneys at Patterson Dahlberg, Injury Lawyers focus their practice solely on personal injury claims and represent only the injured plaintiffs, never the insurance companies. Representing injured people in Worker's Compensation and personal injury cases is all we do, and all we have ever done. You never pay anything for an initial consultation, and there is never any fee unless you collect. We are always available to meet you at your home or in the hospital if necessary.

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