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Satisfied Clients Are the Best Indicator of Success

At The Orlow Firm, our lawyers work hard to obtain the highest-possible compensation for every client. When we obtain five-, six- and seven-figure awards for our injured clients, we know we are delivering the legal service that our clients deserve. But perhaps our greatest satisfaction comes when we receive letters from previous clients thanking us for our diligent representation.

In fact, when Steve Orlow was elected to the presidency of the Queens County Bar Association we received almost 75 letters of congratulations from former and current clients. Many referenced their legal cases. Comments included:

"After my taxi accident case You told me to go to court and we won the case and I was so happy. It was a hard case.

"Congratulations You have instilled great qualities in your firm professionalism and compassion."

"Congratulations and my best regards. I appreciated all you did for me when I needed it the most"

"Thank you for being so caring and for being a great lawyer."

A Firm with a Philosophy of Service to Our Clients

The philosophy of our firm is the same now as it was when attorney Steve Orlow founded our firm on almost 30 years ago. In every case, and with every client, we strive to provide quality, caring and honest service following our three R's.

Respect for our clients

Responding to our clients

Representing our clients vigorously and consistent with the highest professional standards of the legal profession

Through this philosophy, we have built a firm that has grown into a successful and personally meaningful law practice.

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