Orange County Criminal Defense Attorneys

Orange County Criminal Defense Attorneys

OC Criminal Defense Law Firm is an exclusive law firm that focuses solely on Criminal Defense and DUI.

Firm Overview

OC Criminal Defense Attorneys is dedicated to providing the highest quality of criminal defense representation. If you are under investigation, have been arrested, or face criminal charges, let us help you! We offer competitive flat fee rates; you'll never have to wonder if we are padding our hourly! Transparent and reasonable fees is what we guarantee. We also offer interest-free payment plans in select cases. All of our clients have our personal cellphone numbers; we are available for them 24-7. Don't just hire an attorney for court; hire an attorney to help you before, during, and after court! Speak with us and let us show you the difference. DO NOT try to handle your case on your own! The criminal justice system is simply too complicated, and the stakes are too high, to take the risk. Don't commit "life malpractice," and let us help you!

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Free Consultation

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All DUI and Criminal Cases are billed using a flat fee. We also offer payment plans on approved cases with 0% interest O.A.C. We are proud to bring our experience and extremely competitive fees to helping people facing criminal or DUI charges.

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OC Criminal Defense Law Firm exclusively handles Criminal and DUI with an emphasis on DUI defense and over 29 years of combined experience and thousands of cases.

OC Criminal Attorneys is a law firm that practices solely criminal defense litigation. We have a strong focus in DUI cases. Cases range from simple first time offenses, high BAC cases, cases with one prior, cases with multiple priors, cases involving collision, cases involving injury, cases involving death, etc. We handle not only the court case, but also the DMV administrative hearings. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of alcohol, drugs, and other substances that can cause one to be "under the influence." We won't just accept what the prosecutor or police says, we will do our own investigation and fight to control the faces. We are NOT a mill; we are a boutique law firm that truly cares about every single client. We take the time to know our clients; we require an in-person interview before taking on a client. Once we know our clients' individual needs, we craft a defense strategy to address those needs. From there, we have the skill, experience, and zeal to execute our strategy. DO NOT commit "life malpractice" by handling your own case, let us help you and show you the difference a great lawyer can make.

Criminal Defense

OC Criminal Defense Law Firm exclusively handles Criminal and DUI with an emphasis on Criminal defense with over 29 years of experience and thousands of cases.

OC Criminal Attorneys focus our practice strictly on criminal defense cases. Common cases include: DUI, domestic violence, theft, sex offenses, narcotics offenses, etc. Criminal cases often have extremely severe consequences, such as: probation, custody in jail and/or prison, loss of immigration status, loss of educational opportunities, loss of occupational opportunities, loss of voting privileges, loss of driving privileges, etc. We will appear in court to defend your right, your record, and get you the quality of justice you deserve. We've all heard of the infamous "affluenza" case, or similar tales in which people who can afford a top-notch defense is treated differently. Our goal is to provide that same level of top-notch defense at an affordable fee. Don't become a "victim" to the system; let us defend you against the system, and ensure that you received the highest quality of justice. DO NOT try to handle your own case, DO NOT take a chance. Imagine what your boss will say if they find out you are convicted of a crime. Imagine what your family will say. Imagine the difficulties you'll face by simply having an arrest on your record. Criminal cases are extremely serious and sensitive, you'll need a dedicated attorney who is on your side at all times. Let us show you the difference a 24-7 defense attorney can make. Call us now!

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Our lawyers come from a diverse background. With this diversity comes perspective. Everyday in court, a long list of defendants are in court facing charges. To the court and the prosecutor, all these defendants are merely case numbers. They are simply "the thirteenth DUI on calendar today." We disagree with that notion. We believe all of our clients to be human beings, with individual stories and needs. Our objective is to always humanize our clients, and to help the court and the prosecutor to view them as such. In short, we choose criminal defense because we understand that the criminal justice system is imperfect, and we strive to give our clients as close as we can get to true justice. Accidents happen, mistakes are made, but none of us should ever be defined by our worst moment. Our goal and our passion- is to ensure that our clients are viewed as individuals who made a mistake, and not "just another DUI on calendar."

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

All of our lawyers practice exclusively criminal defense, meaning this is not just one of our many practice fields! We have a wealth of experience handling all types of cases; state cases, federal cases, juvenile cases, adult cases, misdemeanors, felonies, etc. If you are facing an illness that can have life-shattering consequences, you would NEVER trust a doctor who practices general medicine. The same goes for a lawyer. Don't trust just any attorney; let our attorneys, all of whom focus solely on criminal defense, help defend your case. You'll see the difference that experience and tenacity makes when you put our law firm to work for you.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

For starters, we are not a mill, or a volume law firm. While some firms take on cases via the phone or the web, we REQUIRE an in-person interview with our clients before taking on a case. We truly care about our clients, and we refuse to treat clients as merely case numbers. We don't just pay lip service to the above; we show clients our genuine concern about them. All of our clients have our personal cellphone numbers; we are available 24-7 to answer questions. If you are ever in trouble, or need assistance in anyway, we are there for you. To us, the client always comes first. We also try our hardest to put our clients on a path for success. While some firms are only concerned with the court date, we help our clients before, during, and after the court date. We guide our clients before the court date to be prepared, we represent our clients in court, and we thoroughly explain the outcome of every court date with our clients after court. This way, clients not only get the best outcome, but also knows exactly how to maintain and maximize that outcome.

David Ruyle

Orange County Criminal Defense Attorneys

Mr. Ruyle was lead to the area of criminal defense when he was working in his other areas of practice which were Estate Planning, Business Planning and Bankruptcy. The families often had family members that got into trouble and needed a familiar face to help them out.

Other than practicing law his other passion is working with students advance in their intended careers as a lawyer or in within the criminal justice field. After becoming an attorney he began working with law students in preparation for the California Bar Exam. Each student must memorize more than a dozen subjects and apply that law in a 2 day written exam. He is the founder of BarPerfect that helps students apply a analytical writing methodology.. He has also worked as a professor in the criminal justice departments for Westwood College and the University of Phoenix were he conducts his classrooms with real world applicability.

He is often asked why he would want to become a police officer after being an attorney. His common answer is he wanted to understand the dynamics of a law enforcement institution and their limitations as well as what a patrol officer experienced on a daily basis. In the end he believed that officers are people too that have feelings and makes mistakes. The officer's that he worked with all had good intentions and really cared about the community they served.

When not working he has an appreciation for the dynamic topography of San Diego County from the ocean to the mountains. He often enjoys camping with his family and friends. He has found that there is no greater sense of community when people pack up their families for a weekend, turn off the devices and have more personal time.

His volunteer work has been recently more focused as a Master Mason and active member of Unity Lodge #632 in Normal Heights.


Trinity Law School
Juris Doctorate, 2004

Joshua Baskin

Orange County Criminal Defense Attorneys

Attorney Joshua M. Baskin is the Supervising Attorney here at Orange County Criminal Defense Attorneys. Mr. Baskin earned his Juris Doctorate from Whittier Law School with a Certificate in International and Comparative law. While pursuing his legal degree Mr. Baskin was a valuable extern with two top judges obtaining an instrumental exposure to the justice system. It was during this time and his exposure to the criminal matters that his passion for criminal law defense took shape.

Upon graduating, Mr. Baskin launched his legal career in the Inland Empire focusing on criminal and family law matters. Mr. Baskin expanded his reach into Orange and Los Angeles Counties covering a multitude of matters utilizing his extensive background in addressing the intricacies of DUI, Drug and all types of criminal cases.

Mr. Baskin, being born and raised in Southern California, understands the needs of the community in which he so vigorously serves. After attending the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, Mr. Baskin began working in the Import/Export industry. After a couple years Mr. Baskin returned to Orange County and began a career in marketing for consumer products working directly with top executives from a multitude of Fortune 100 and 500 companies. These relationships have created in Mr. Baskin an understanding of meeting and exceeding client expectations. Mr. Baskin is diligent and provides a high-quality and vigorous representation to each client he represents.

Mr. Baskin's experience has given him invaluable insight into the criminal justice system and created relationships that provide an incredible asset in any criminal defense case. Mr. Baskin takes advantage of these connections throughout his practice in advocating for the best resolutions and results for his clients. In addition, to his extensive criminal defense cases, Mr. Baskin also provides full representation in family law matters and was a passionate advocate providing legal services to the California Teacher's Association in the Inland Empire. Mr. Baskin believes in the value of focused teamwork to solve client problems, and provides dedication, commitment and service to all matters and clients he serves.


Bar Number: 277922
California, 2011


Whittier Law School
Juris Doctorate, 2011

University of the Pacific
Bachelor of Science - Business Management, 1996

Michael Holmes

Orange County Criminal Defense Attorneys

Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Holmes proudly served in the United States Army, an Armor Crewman on a Main Battle Tank. After serving in the United States and overseas, Mr. Holmes returned to California and subsequently entered law school.

While in law school, Mr. Holmes not only served as Editor-in-Chief of the school's Law Review, he also served as an orator on numerous National Moot Court Competitions, focusing primary on criminal and Constitutional Law.

Immediately after law school, Mr. Holmes passed the California State Bar Examination and accepted a position as a Deputy District Attorney in Southern California, prosecuting criminal law cases.

While serving as a Prosecutor, Mr. Holmes handled countless misdemeanor and felony criminal cases, as well as criminal appeals. He successfully conducted an extensive number jury trials; handled felony preliminary hearings; conducted hearings/motions relating to criminal law legal issues; and developed a strong understanding of how to be successful in the area of criminal law.

In large part, Mr. Holmes believes it was his experience as a prosecutor that really allowed him to develop his ability to be successful in the Court room.

After serving as a Deputy District Attorney, Mr. Holmes left the office of the District Attorney, and used his skills to become a highly respected and successful criminal defense attorney.

As a private defense attorney, Mr. Holmes' practice primarily focuses on representing individuals accused of criminal activity such as driving under the influence, robbery, murder, and other serious criminal charges.

For over 15 years, Mr. Holmes has successfully handled well over 50 jury trials, obtaining not-guilty verdicts and dismissals on cases involving charges alleging theft of over $30,000.00; felony driving under the influence; possession of nearly 150 pounds of drugs; First Degree Murder; and others.

Mr. Holmes is also a Certified Veterans' Affairs Attorney, with extensive experience representing Veterans of the Armed Forces facing misdemeanor and felony criminal charges in various Veteran's Courts.

In one recent case involving a Veteran, one of Mr. Holmes' clients was accused of selling large quantities of "ecstasy pills." Despite the fact that the prosecutor was adamant about wanting my client to go to prison, Mr. Holmes was able to demonstrate that the sales of the drugs was not for profit, but instead was motivated out of a need to feed his need to self-medicate after suffering various service-connected disabilities.

In the end, Mr. Holmes was able to get his client into Veterans Court, receiving treatment for his disability, and NO PRISON OR JAIL for his case.

It is Mr. Holmes' knowledge of the law, combined with his understanding of jurors and his devotion to his clients, that makes him a top criminal defense attorney.


Trinity Law School
Juris Doctorate,

Thomas Filicia

Orange County Criminal Defense Attorneys

Thomas Filicia serves as the Attorney of Counsel for the Orange County DUI Attorney Law Firm. Mr. Filicia's responsibilities as the Attorney of Counsel include thoroughly assessing each case, and consulting with the rest of the defense team to decide how every client's needs will be addressed. Mr. Filicia's attention to detail, team mentality, and communication skills has made him an invaluable member of our team.

Mr. Filicia was born and raised in San Diego and has been a resident of Southern California most of his life. He graduated from Syracuse University's College of Law, where he was a member of the school's American Bar Association Negotiation Team. During his time at Syracuse, Thomas developed a passion for criminal defense law, and clerked for a law firm that predominantly focused on criminal appeals. His clerkship required him to draft appellate briefs in various areas of criminal law, such as parole violations, domestic violence, rape, and murder. After graduating from law school, Thomas worked for one of San Diego's preeminent Construction Defect and HOA law firms. He is a member of the St. Thomas Moore society for Catholic Attorneys.

Before attending law school, Thomas studied communications at Loyola Marymount University, where he was a part of the varsity baseball team. He later earned his bachelor's degree in Philosophy from St. John's University. During his time at St. John's, Mr. Filicia was a member of the University's Ethics Debate Team that competed in national competitions annually. Thomas is a passionate sports fan, who enjoys staying active, and rooting for the Padres, Lakers, and Cowboys.


Bar Number: 317442
California, 2017


Syracuse University School of Law
Juris Doctorate, 2015

* Nolo has confirmed that every member attorney has a valid license and is in good standing with the state agency that licenses lawyers. Any past disbarments and suspensions (with possible exceptions for minor violations or nonpayment of dues, in our discretion) will be indicated accordingly in the badge. Member attorneys are required to notify Nolo immediately if they become the subject of any disciplinary action by any state licensing agency.