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Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC

A father-sons firm fighting for your rights and recovery

Firm Overview

In 1959, Franklin B. Olmsted founded the Law Offices of Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC, beginning his advocacy for the legal needs of individuals, families and businesses and helping them through life's tougher transitions. Later, his two sons - William (Bill) F. Olmsted and Edward (Ted) W. Olmsted - joined him in practice and now are equally dedicated to serving you.

Working together in our father-sons firm, we are committed to building lasting relationships with clients by utilizing an honest, personal, results-oriented and cost-effective approach. We help each other come up with the best strategy for your case. Three heads are better than one when you are accused of a crime, injured in a car accident, forming a business, settling a contract dispute, facing a divorce or writing a will.

Getting you past your legal troubles:
No matter how complex your case, our father-sons team at Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC pays attention to every detail of your case from initial consultation until the resolution of your legal matter. We are with you every step of the way, helping you navigate through the legal process.

Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC safeguards the interests and rights of individuals, families and businesses in the following legal areas:
-Personal injury
-Criminal defense
-Family law
-Estate planning and probate
-DWI/DUI and traffic violations
-Business law

Successfully serving clients in Southern Maryland:
At Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC we represent individuals, families and businesses, focusing on the cities of La Plata, Waldorf, Leonardtown, Fort Washington, Prince Frederick, Indian Head, Mechanicsville and Bryans Road and the counties of Prince George, St. Mary's, Charles and Calvert in Southern Maryland.
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Main Office
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Child Custody
Child custody law governs who gets to have legal and practical rights over a child or children under the age of 18.
Child custody law governs who gets to have legal and practical rights over a child or children under the age of 18. We negotiate parenting agreements involving shared physical custody, schedules and visitation to reduce future modifications.
Criminal Defense
Our criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC are ready to defend your rights and freedom when arrested.
We provide you with the defense you deserve.
A conviction of a crime may result in consequences, including:
-Jail time
-Large fines
-Consequences at work
-Immigration status change

Unwavering dedication to defending our Maryland clients:
Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC approaches each case with unwavering dedication to our clients and we do the following:

-Conduct our own investigation on the evidence against you
-Investigate the procedures performed that led up to your arrest
-Aggressively defend you

We tenaciously fight for your rights when you face serious charges in local, state and federal courts, including:
-Domestic violence
-Child abuse
-Juvenile crimes
-Drug crimes
-Bad checks
-Malicious destruction
-Violation of protective orders
-Violation of probation
-Negligent homicide
When two people end a marriage, they need to make decisions regarding their children, property and future.
Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC is dedicated to helping you achieve positive results that are beneficial for you and your family. We listen to your story, analyze your unique situation and then provide goal-oriented solutions.

Our divorce attorneys guide you through the family law process, whether it is settlement or trial. We want you to move forward in the way that is right for your family.
Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC handles all aspects of complex divorce, including:

-Contested and uncontested divorce
-Military divorce
-Equitable property division
-Alimony or spousal support
-Child custody and visitation
-Child support
-Paternity actions

Safeguarding your rights in La Plata, Maryland:
For trusted legal advice when you are facing a divorce, contact the Law Offices of Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC today to arrange a consultation.

Contested and uncontested divorce:
In uncontested divorces, the parties agree to the terms of divorce. Contested cases involve issues between parties that cannot be settled amicably, such as equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, parenting plans, time-sharing, child support and alimony. Whether your case is uncontested or contested, we can advise you on your legal options.

Military divorce:
Some unique requirements apply to divorce cases involving one or both spouses who are in the military, including:
-Residency requirements
-Subject-matter jurisdiction
-Equitable distribution of military retirement
-Certain legal protections for active duty military personnel
We can assist with your military divorce.

Equitable property division:
A variety of personal and financial factors are taken into consideration before marital property is distributed between divorcing spouses. Property owned and acquired during the marriage, including all assets and debts, is termed marital property, and is subject to equitable distribution. Separate property is not. We fight to protect your interests in property division.

Alimony or spousal support:
Alimony is a periodic payment for a fixed or unfixed time period. Whether you are the spouse who requires alimony or the spouse who faces the possibility of providing it, our attorneys have the experience to address your support issues.

Child custody and visitation:
Child custody law governs who gets to have legal and practical rights over a child or children under the age of 18. We negotiate parenting agreements involving shared physical custody, schedules and visitation to reduce future modifications.

Child support:
When marriages involving children dissolve, one parent often pays the other to support their children. We can help ensure that you receive or provide the appropriate amount of support for your child.

Paternity actions:
These are actions filed to help a parent protect important visitation, custody and support rights.
If you or a family member has been arrested for driving while impaired (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI), you need the experienced DUI/DWI defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC to represent you.
In Maryland, DUI/DWI offenses are most often tried in District Court:

-DUI is the more serious charge, with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or higher

-DWI is the lesser but still serious charge, with a BAC of .07%

We counsel you on your legal options and represent you in motor vehicle administration (MVA) hearings. We thoroughly prepare a defense for your charge and fight to keep a DUI or DWI charge off your driving record while navigating you through the DUI/DWI process.

Even if you have a clean driving record you can face:
-Mandatory fines
-License revocation
-Community service
-Interlock devices
-Mandatory jail time

Other Maryland traffic violations:
In addition to DUI/DWI charges, Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC handles all traffic matters, including:
-Speeding tickets
-Reckless driving
-Negligent Driving
-Driving with a suspended or revoked license
-Road rage
Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC provide compassionate representation on your family law matters.
We know that each family situation is different and we focus on the particular needs of your case. Our family lawyers offer sound advice and practical ways to settle your family law disputes. We help you choose the appropriate strategy, whether settlement or trial.

Our attorneys know that divorce and other legal issues can have an emotional, financial, and legal impact on you and your family. We advocate for your interests on the following:
-Legal separation agreements
-Enforcement actions
-Pre-nuptial agreements
-Post-nuptial agreements
-Domestic violence injunctions
-Modification actions

When your Maryland family needs an advocate:
When you need an advocate for your divorce and family law matters, contact the Law Offices of Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC to arrange a consultation.

Clients seeking private, international, or interstate adoptions require the aid of experienced Maryland family lawyers to ensure the process moves smoothly and efficiently. We can help.

Guardianships involve complex legal issues. We have extensive experience in guardianships of people and their property, conservatorship of their assets, and protection of the rights of legal guardians.

Legal separation agreements:
We help clients protect their rights with quality separation agreements addressing alimony, property division, responsibility for debts, child support and custody matters.

Enforcement actions:
When a spouse who has been ordered to pay child support does not provide it as required contempt and enforcement remedies are available. We handle child support enforcement actions.

Pre-nuptial agreements:
This is a written contract between two people who are about to be married that delineates their financial relationship. We can negotiate and draft these agreements for you.

Post-nuptial agreements:
Instead of a prenuptial agreement, spouses can have this agreement created after they are married. We can draft this for you.

Domestic violence injunctions:
Domestic violence injunctions are civil protection orders for family members. These orders restrain the potential abuser from having contact with another party where domestic violence occurs or when one party has reasonable cause to fear they are in imminent danger from domestic violence. If you are a victim, we help you get a domestic violence injunction. If you are wrongly accused, we defend you against damaging accusations.

Modification actions:
If financial or personal circumstances have changed since your divorce, you can seek a modification of your parenting plan or level of child support or maintenance, custody or visitation. We can represent you.
Guiding you through the probate process
Probate is the legal process that transfers the title of property from the estate of the person who has died and resolves any outstanding debts. Probate administration enables the goals and wishes of the deceased person to be achieved while satisfying the requirements of the state government and probate court. The size of the estate may dictate the complexity of the probate process that Olmsted & Olmsted, LLC handles for you.

When difficulties arise in dividing assets according to your loved one's wishes, our experienced attorneys are skilled litigators and provide aggressive representation on legal matters involving:
-Will contests
-Trust interpretation disputes
-Property distribution
-Surcharge claims involving executors, trustees, and guardians
-Determining outstanding debt
-Proving a valid will exists
-Locating assets

Franklin B. Olmsted - Founder and Partner

Areas of practice:
-Criminal law
-Domestic relations
-DUI/DWI and traffic violations
-Personal injury

Admitted to practice:
Maryland, 1957

AV Preeminent Peer Review RatedSM by Martindale-Hubbell

-University of Virginia, LL.B., 1957
-Williams College, B.A., 1952

Fluent in French and Spanish
  • University of Virginia
    LL.B. , 1957

William F. Olmsted - Partner

Areas of practice:
-Criminal law
-Domestic relations
-DUI/DWI and traffic violations
-Personal injury

Admitted to practice:
Maryland, 1991

-University of Richmond, J.D., 1991
-University of Virginia, B.A., 1986
  • University of Richmond
    Juris Doctorate , 1991

Edward W. Olmsted - Partner

Areas of practice:
-Family law
-Criminal law
-Business law
-DUI/DWI and traffic violations
-Personal injury
-Estates, planning and probate

Admitted to practice:
Maryland, 1996

-University of Baltimore, J.D., 1996
-University of Maryland, B.A., 1993
  • University of Baltimore
    Juris Doctorate , 1996