North City Law

North City Law

Knowledgeable Washington Lawyer Assists Businesses and Individuals

Firm Overview

Whether you are looking to build a business, prepare a will, or resolve a real estate issue, we will provide personalized attention that is consistent with the principles that the firm was founded on:

- Our vision: North City Law helps our clients grow, protect, and pass ideas, property, and wealth.

- Our mission: North City Law is committed to helping our clients comply with the law, protect assets, and plan for the future.

- Our approach: Viewing our clients holistically, as people trying to do right by their families and businesses, and offering a transparent fee schedule that clearly shows our value proposition at work.

We are dedicated to your success and demonstrate that by maintaining affordable rates and offering a free initial consultation.Our firm represents clients throughout the Seattle area in several legal practice areas, including:

- Business Law and Business Litigation We work with fledgling entrepreneurs and established companies to provide the comprehensive business law support they need to thrive in a competitive marketplace, as well as help with business litigation to settle disputes.

- Estate planning Our firm advises individuals and families on a full range of estate planning issues so you can preserve your assets and distribute them according to your wishes.

- Probate After the death of a loved one, we can help you open and administer a probate from start to finish.

- Real Estate Transactions and Litigation Whether you are looking to change legal title on a home in a private real estate transaction or are embroiled in a property line dispute in real estate litigation, we can help you achieve quiet enjoyment of your property.

- Trust and Estate Disputes (TEDRA) When an estate or trust is poorly or improperly administered, we can use TEDRA to hold the responsible people accountable and take further action to quickly settle the dispute.

Regardless of your specific legal challenge, our convenient location makes us easily accessible. In every case, we will provide a value-driven, transparent experience that aims to keep you on the right path.

Main Office

Main Office
17713 15th Avenue NE, Suite 101
Shoreline , WA 98155



Paul Barrera, Founding Attorney

North City Law

Paul offers advice and representation in business, real property law, probate, and Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act (TEDRA) matters, as well as legal assistance preparing wills and trusts.

During client intake and interviews, Paul listens for key gaps in a story to root out hidden issues. In disputes and litigation, Paul helps clients re-frame the situation to conform to the applicable legal theory. When clients trust Paul with their business, Paul ensures money is spent wisely on result-oriented choices.

To contact Mr. Barrera call 206-259-7949 today.

Clare E. Bogdanowicz, Attorney

North City Law

Clare has a pragmatic and focused approach to legal representation. She listens closely to her clients and finds ways to creatively address their needs and concerns. During litigation, Clare uses her trial advocacy skills and adept writing ability in order to achieve results.

To contact Ms. Bogdanowicz call 206-460-1045 today.