Nichols & Churchill, P.A.

Nichols & Churchill, P.A.

Nichols, Webb & Loranger, established in July of 1999, defends citizens accused in Maine of engaging in criminal activities and OUI offenses. We believe, as did the authors of the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Maine.

Firm Overview

The law firm of Nichols & Webb also represents plaintiffs in civil litigation cases, such as

Personal injury
Sexual Harassment in the workplace
Workplace discrimination
Victims of product liability
OUI/DUI/DWI charges
Medical malpractice

We are committed to providing zealous and thorough representation for the citizens in Maine and to protecting your legal rights. Our experience speaks for itself and can be seen through our various sample cases on this site. We use the full extent of the law in order to make sure your rights are maintained and justice is served the way it is supposed to be.

Our office will work hard to make sure you receive the best resolutions possible for your case. Matthew Nichols, John Webb and Guy Loranger have all seen some of the toughest legal battles in the State of Maine and will provide the highest level of expertise for your specific situation. By using the integrity of the law, the team at Nichols, Webb & Loranger is able to help you through your case and get the most desirable results possible.

Defending You
Each case requires detailed attention so that your specific situation is fully understood. We create a strategy that will reflect the fundamental rights of each citizen and the laws set forth by the State and the United States

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With over 20 years of law experience, Matt Nichols is one of the most successful OUI attorneys in Maine. He has been able to help countless victims have their criminal charges dropped or greatly reduced as they relate to alcohol related arrests.

Maine Drunk Driving arrests are complicated and expensive. They can be highly embarrassing and can follow you for the rest of your life through revoked driver's licensed and permanent record implications. Nichols, Webb & Loranger specialize in Maine OUI and DUI cases and can help avoid much of the pain and headache that comes with a drunk driving arrest.

If you have been arrested in Maine for drunk driving, our team of lawyers can help.

Attorney Matthew B. Nichols
With over 20 years of law experience, Matt Nichols is one of the most successful OUI attorneys in Maine. He has been able to help countless victims have their criminal charges dropped or greatly reduced as they relate to alcohol related arrests. Mr. Nichols has also devoted himself to appearing at various seminars and and gatherings to give talks on his defense of OUI and DUI charges in Maine. He is one of the most versed in the subject and has a success rate to prove it.

Attorney John Scott Webb
Mr. Webb'™s involvement in the field of drunk driving defense spans to a national level where he has received accolades for his work in the field of OUI. He stays actively involved on a local, State, and National level in order to be at the forefront of all drunk driving laws and defense strategies so that he may better serve the people of Maine. In his 10+ years of private practice, Mr. Webb has risen to be one of the top OUI lawyers in the entire State of Maine.

Maine OUI Laws
Maine Drunk Driving Law often falls within the OUI (operating under the influence) bucket which can be interchanged with DUI and DWI. There are many specific laws for Maine that go into a drunk driving charge, such as legal limits of BAC (blood alcohol content), sobriety tests and their refusal, and the use of Intoxylizers (also known as Breathalizers). Understanding the full scope of the Maine law system can make a difference for your long term success with a drunk driving charge.

Do you know how many drinks you can have before you are legally "drunk"?

Do you have to take a sobriety test?

What are the police allowed to do and what are they not allowed to do?

Contact Drunk Driving Help Free Consultation
If you can't answer these questions and have been charged with an OUI, you need to contact a drunk driving lawyer immediately. Penalties for an OUI charge can be up to a year in jail and $5,000 fine. If you hire a lawyer, the chances of those happening decrease exponentially.

Nichols, Webb & Loranger is one of the top Maine Law Firms for OUI and drunk driving cases. If you have been involved in a drunk driving case, call them today for a free case evaluation.

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Matthew B. Nichols

Nichols & Churchill, P.A.

Attorney Matthew B. Nichols

Mr. Nichols has appeared on a variety of television and radio programs to discuss high-profile cases that he has defended. The Maine Sunday Telegram recently described him as a


University of Maine Law School
Juris Doctor, 1986

John Webb

Nichols & Churchill, P.A.

Attorney John Scott Webb

Mr. Webb practices Maine law predominantly in the field of drunk driving defense and criminal defense generally. He regularly attends national seminars in these subjects and has received his Certificate of Achievement from the National College for DUI Defense after successfully completing an intensive curriculum on the defense of citizens accused of drunk driving. Mr. Webb also maintains an extensive Criminal Defense practice in the Federal Court system.

Quick Facts
Trial Attorney.
Born: Sanford, Maine, 1961.
Residence: Sanford, Maine.
Married in 1998.
Mechanical Engineer, Department of the Navy, including project engineer for the Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers from 1983


Vermont Law School
Juris Doctor, 1992

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