Moradi Saslaw LLP

Moradi Saslaw LLP

We are a full-service family law firm with experience litigating and negotiating complex divorces and domestic partnership dissolutions in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Firm Overview

Our team of talented attorneys handles the whole range of family law matters, including:
- Divorce
- Domestic Partnership Dissolution
- Property division and separate property tracings
- Spousal Support
- Child Support
- Custody
- Move-away Disputes
- Premarital (prenup) and Postmarital (postnup) Agreements
- Domestic Violence

Our firm is comprised of premier divorce lawyers with a strong record of courtroom success and negotiated settlements. Our clients come from varied backgrounds, including private equity and venture capital partners, elite doctors and lawyers, top-performing CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, and dedicated homemakers.

Moradi Saslaw has been supporting clients through their most difficult family law issues since 2009. Our attorneys are highly experienced and have all practiced law extensively before joining our team. Every single person at Moradi Saslaw is dedicated to helping our clients find the most advantageous resolutions for them and their families.

Whether your needs are simple asset division or a basic custody agreement, or more intricate matters such as an analysis of dividing stock options, limited partnership interests, or a contested custody dispute, we develop creative strategies to meet your goals. Our organized and thorough approach achieves results.

Moradi Saslaw serves clients in San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, and Marin counties. We have offices in the Financial District of San Francisco, San Mateo, and Downtown Oakland.

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What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Moradi Saslaw is a team of family law attorneys dedicated to solving the complicated issues in high-stakes divorce and custody matters in San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, and Marin counties.

We understand more than family law. In addition to being skilled family law attorneys, we understand the sophisticated high-asset world of the San Francisco Bay Area. From startups to real estate, private equity firms to venture capitalists, we have the level of knowledge and experience our clients need. Whether were doing an analysis of dividing stock options and restricted stock, untangling limited partnership interests, or working with a forensic accountant, we know the best way to effectively support our clients.

We are well-versed in custody matters. We know that your children are top priority, which is why our strategies are all about your children's best interests, including helping you and your partner become successful co-parents when possible. We represent clients in a wide variety of contested custody matters, including move-away disputes.

We are highly educated and experienced. Our founding partners are elite educated. Jennifer Saslaw graduated from Stanford Law School, and Kiana Moradi graduated from Cornell Law School. Nearly all of our attorneys have at least a decade of family law experience. We have been recognized as the Top Women Attorneys in Northern California, Super Lawyers, and Rising Stars from Super Lawyers Magazine.

When we say team, we mean it. We have weekly round table strategy sessions to review our client cases. Every one of our attorneys brings their unique education and experience to the table. Being able to talk through strategy options with the entire team helps us think creatively, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible solutions for their complex situations.

We protect our clients interests on all fronts. In addition to being prepared in the legal field, we do our best to protect our clients privacy at all times. We are dedicated to using encryption services for sensitive documents.

We stand up for you. Were real people. We understand and empathize with our clients because we know how difficult this process is. Were here for our clients when things get hard, standing up for them when they struggle to stand up for themselves. The attorneys at Moradi Saslaw are here for you, supporting you on your journey through the divorce process to the next chapter.

Were green. Moradi Saslaw has been certified by the city of San Francisco as an SF Green Business.

Kiana Moradi

Moradi Saslaw LLP

Known for her expert representation of the Bay Area's senior executives and their spouses, Kiana protects her clients in high asset divorces and contested custody cases so that they can transition to a more hopeful chapter in their lives.

In her eighteen years of legal practice, Kiana has negotiated and litigated the full spectrum of disputes that occur in financially sophisticated divorces. She represents start-up founders, venture capitalists, private equity partners, real estate developers, business owners of privately held companies, and others. She has achieved successful outcomes for clients in issues involving business valuations, real estate, private equity and limited partnership income, carried interest, restricted stock, and founders' stock

With each case, she creates effective strategies in dividing marital assets and spousal and child support. She focuses on each client's particular needs with big picture astuteness. She educates her clients about the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches, enabling her clients to make the best decisions for their new post-divorce lives. She also counsels clients on the most advantageous forum for their particular situations, whether it is negotiations between lawyers, consulting as counsel in mediation, before private judges and pursuing litigation in court. When appropriate, she strategizes with her tailored network of outside consultants including forensic accountants, wealth managers, estate planners, corporate counsel, custody experts, therapists, and others. Kiana aims to not only not help her clients achieve favorable results in their divorce, but she is committed to setting them up for their happier lives post-divorce.

Kiana also specializes in contested custody disputes. In custody and visitation matters, She advises on parenting plans best suited for the client and the client's family, often working with psychologists that specialize in divorcing couples. She is particularly proud of providing many clients the tools and education to become better co-parents post-divorce. She has also obtained several successful results for her clients in move-away/relocation disputes. Lastly, she also has a niche practice in domestic violence cases.

When she is not helping her clients, you can find her out in nature biking, hiking, or simply spending time with her family and friends. As a lifelong learner, Kiana is always taking some sort of adult class and in the middle of a good book.


Bar Number: 221160
California, 2002


Harvard Law School
Advanced Negotiation Workshop, 2017

University of California, Berkeley
Bachelor of Arts with Distinction, Psychology, 1999

Cornell Law School
Juris Doctorate, Concentration in Business Law and Regulation, 2002

Jennifer Saslaw

Moradi Saslaw LLP

Jennifer Saslaw's practice focuses on complex family law litigation and as a consulting attorney to clients in mediation. As a graduate of Stanford Law School and a former corporate attorney at Orrick, Herrington, & Sutcliffe, Jennifer's background enables her to understand complex business issues and find creative solutions to the problems that often arise in dividing marital assets. She has expertise in working with employees and entrepreneurs from early-stage start-ups through late-stage and post-IPO, as well as clients who work in professional practices and limited partnerships. Jennifer also understands investors in technology and has worked extensively with partners in venture capital and private equity firms. Jennifer has experience working with assets of all types and has worked with clients who have founder's shares, restricted stock, stock options, carried interest, and general and limited and partnership interests to find creative solutions to dividing these complex assets.

Jennifer also works with clients who need help litigating and resolving complex custody issues, including move-aways.

She has worked extensively with same-sex couples in both divorce and domestic partnership dissolution.

In addition to providing counsel through litigation, Jennifer also serves as an adviser to clients who are in mediation to settle their divorce, custody, and support matters. She works with her clients to determine the key issues in their dissolution, including division of their marital estate, and custody and timeshare of their children. Jennifer's goal is to help her mediation clients find solutions that meet their needs and the needs of their children, without costly litigation.

She also provides pre-marriage advice and counsel to clients who want a better understanding of how to protect their assets prior to marriage.

Jennifer completed service as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer where she worked in the Economic Development sector in rural Honduras.


Bar Number: 234682
California, 2004


University of Virginia
Bachelor of Science with Distinction, Commerce and Spanish, 1998

Stanford Law School
Doctor of Jurisprudence, 2004

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