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At Miller Law Group, P.C., we have a reputation for establishing strong, persuasive arguments.
This is because we know how the judges think and decide their cases. With our team of attorneys, paralegals, and professional staff, we have nearly 100 years of combined experience and hundreds of divorce cases under our belts. We have handled millions of dollars in marital estates. There isn't much we haven't seen.

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At the Miller Law Group, we represent each of our clients with compassionate, effective legal counsel. We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients are given the representation that they deserve to work through one of the most confusing, trying times of their life.

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Andy P. Miller

Miller Law Group, P.C.

What Attorney Andy Miller likes most about divorce and family law is that he gets to develop a close relationship with his clients and their families while helping them in their hour of need. "When people come to you in family law situations, they really need guidance and someone to help them through this major life change," he says. "I represent those in need of a strong and zealous advocate."

Attorney Miller has represented scores of men and women over the years in divorce, child custody and parenting plans, child support, alimony, modifications and contempt of court actions. He thrives on some of the most challenging cases, where he has earned a reputation for resolving complex family law matters and fighting to get his clients the best possible results. He also helps clients analyze all aspects of their situations, taking into account tax implications and other financial considerations that are often overlooked.

Andy is known to size up cases quickly, creatively negotiate and craft intricate settlements, and is a highly skilled litigator. His dedication to clients and easygoing manner is a throwback to the days when doctors made house calls.

He is a master when it comes to high-conflict matters, where he often is successful at "showing people that impossible situations can indeed be possible." He's also adept at handling cases with high-net-worth clients or those with high assets. "I'm good with numbers and enjoy the challenge of untying complicated financial knots and finding fair solutions." But the cases he likes best are those involving children, especially in complicated custody cases. "I'm a dad and I love children, so my soft spot is making sure that they are always protected, considered and cared for."

Attorney Miller recalls one of his favorite cases, in which he helped a father get his daughter back. The father had been awarded custody of the little girl in another state, but the mother brought the girl to Massachusetts instead. Attorney Miller proved the father had a valid court order from another state, granting him legal custody. The judge not only upheld the custody order, but also gave Attorney Miller the authority "to have any and all police departments execute the safe return of the child to her father." After the judge's ruling, he recalled, "The dad cried and hugged me and put his daughter in his car and went home with her, just like he was supposed to."

He prefers to take a conciliatory approach, seeking to build from common ground to achieve his clients' objectives through negotiation whenever possible. But if that doesn't work, he's ready to battle it out in the courtroom. "I won't pick the fight," he says. "But if the fight's brought to me, the gloves come off."

Andy Miller is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Massachusetts School of Law. He is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts. He is an avid runner and enjoys spending his free time canoeing and hiking with his wife and son.

Jenifer G. DeCristofaro

Miller Law Group, P.C.

Representing Families Who Need Help

When Attorney Jenifer DeCristofaro first became a lawyer nearly 20 years ago, she chose to concentrate on family law because she wanted to help people in a meaningful way, providing sound legal counsel and zealous advocacy for men and women dealing with intensely personal and highly emotional matters that have a profound impact on the rest of their lives.

Attorney DeCristofaro loves the personal relationship she develops with each of her clients, and she's represented hundreds of men and women of all ages and financial statuses, in a variety of divorce and family law matters over the years. Whether it's a simple or complex divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, modification of support or parenting plans, parental alienation, fathers' rights, or grandparents' rights, she has handled them all.

She also has extensive experience dealing with clients whose divorces involve immigration issues, including those with spouses are all over the world or in parts unknown. She has successfully divorced clients here with spouses in Iceland, the Congo, Rwanda, Ghana and Canada.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the Massachusetts probate and family courts, Attorney DeCristofaro knows all of the judges and clerks and the ins and outs of the system so she knows how best to make things happen, quickly and efficiently.

Her clients rave about her extensive knowledge of divorce and family law and her masterful skills in negotiations and in the courtroom. She is known as a straight shooter who takes time to get to know her clients and listens to their needs. But what they love most is her genuine care and concern for them and their families. Her clients take comfort knowing that once they've hired Jenifer she's got their back and they've got her support every step of the way.

"I'm honored that my clients trust me, literally with their lives," Attorney DeCristofaro said. "That's why I put my heart and soul into each and every case and I will make you laugh, even in your darkest hour."

She also takes time to talk to clients about life after divorce; how to move forward and manage their new financial situation, as well as encouraging them not to give up on love or marriage despite all they've been through.

"My favorite part of being a family law attorney is helping families create their 'new normal' so that divorce does not become a crushing life change," Attorney DeCristofaro says. "I love when people who originally came to me distraught and feeling trapped are able to triumph and take back their lives."

Attorney Jenifer G. DeCristofaro is a graduate of Davidson College in Davidson, NC, and the New England School of Law. She also attended University College Galway in Ireland. She is licensed to practice in Massachusetts and the U.S. District Court. She's a member of the Middlesex Bar Association and the Essex Bar Association, and she is a notary public in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. When not working with clients, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, as well as playing tennis. She also is an avid reader and writer of fiction and short stories.

Matthew P. Blouin

Miller Law Group, P.C.

Representation That Will Impact Your Family for Life

Attorney Matthew Blouin enjoys an excellent reputation in both the Central and Western Massachusetts legal communities, where he is renowned as a highly competent and ethical family law attorney.

Matthew has handled nearly 300 complex family law situations, including divorce, child custody and parenting matters, child support, and property division, as well as post-judgment modifications and complaints for contempt.

Of late, Attorney Blouin has solidified his reputation as the go-to guy for both the hard-working spouse and the spouse who left all financial matters to their husband or wife and now, with divorce pending, feels both scared and vulnerable not knowing what to do first. His combination of sophistication and heart make him one of the top family lawyers in the region.

Clients say Matthew has an instinctive feel for the needs of clients. He can be tender when needed, but also stern if that's what the situation requires. His calm, soft-spoken demeanor can be misleading, but it's also his secret weapon. By calmly listening and observing, he's able to target the most important issues as well as spotting potential bargaining chips that he uses to obtain the best possible outcomes for his clients. "I'm able to see solutions that others may not see," he explained.

A masterful negotiator, Attorney Blouin says he prefers settling cases without going to trial. "The last thing you want is to have a judge decide who your children are going to live with, or how you are going to live your life."

Matthew says the cases he relishes most are those in which he can help protect children from harmful situations, including helping grandparents seeking guardianship and visitation. One of the cases he's most proud of is helping a woman gain custody of her granddaughter after the girl's mother died of a drug overdose. A judge initially granted custody to the father, but Attorney Blouin was able to get that decision reversed and the girl is now being raised by her grandmother.

Given his experience in Central and Western Massachusetts courtrooms, Attorney Blouin has the added advantage of knowing most of the judges and courtroom personnel. This not only helps him prepare the best possible case, he said, but he can also explain to his clients what likely will happen in their case. "This helps me temper expectations, too."

Attorney Matthew Blouin is a graduate of Western New England University and Western New England University School of Law. He and his wife live in Worcester. When not helping clients, he enjoys playing music guitar and bass and joining his father at local cruise nights in their 1969 Camaro convertible. He's also a huge fan of the New England Patriots and Boston Bruins.

Marie J. Kosegarten

Miller Law Group, P.C.

Experienced Representation With an Aggressive Touch

If you're facing a tough divorce or family law matter, you need someone willing to fight on your behalf you need Attorney Marie Kosegarten. A seasoned professional with more than 25 years of experience, she's willing to do whatever it takes to get the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Clients rave that Attorney Kosegarten is both compassionate and tough as nails. They trust her because she's experienced and knowledgeable, but also because she takes the time to listen to their concerns and provide sound advice, always keeping her clients' best interests at heart. She's a masterful negotiator, seeking creative solutions to obtain the best possible deal on your behalf. But if talks break down, she's quick to rip off the gloves and aggressively battle it out in court. Opposing counsel respect and fear this about her, knowing she's willing to go the distance to protect her clients' interests and get what they deserve. "I enjoy a challenge and I like to win," she says.

Attorney Kosegarten thrives on the toughest cases, especially those involving complex financial issues, complicated custody arrangements or phony allegations of domestic abuse and violence. "While I enjoy a straightforward case, there is much greater satisfaction in winning the tough cases," she says. " I like a challenge. If someone says it can't be done, I will do my best to prove them wrong."

That said, Attorney Kosegarten's ultimate goal is to help people that's where her passion lies.

"Divorce and family law matters are highly personal and intensely emotional and can have a significant impact on your life," she notes. "As your attorney, I will be there with you providing the advice and legal advocacy you need to protect yourself and your family. I will help keep you focused on getting through this as quickly as possible, with as little financial damage as possible, so you can move on."

Koren E. Thal

Miller Law Group, P.C.

Representation That Fits Your Needs

Men and women often seek different qualities in the divorce lawyer they choose to represent them, but the one lawyer each side wants is Attorney Koren Thal. She's that rare breed sought by both men and women because she's so tough, tenacious and tireless when it comes to fighting for her clients.

Attorney Thal is well respected in legal circles because she is not afraid to take on challenging cases. In fact, she relishes the fight! She's the lawyer men call if they fear being steamrolled by overly aggressive opposing counsel. She's the one women call when they need someone willing to go toe-to-toe against a confrontational spouse or an adversarial lawyer or even the judge behind the bench.

Attorney Thal takes on all kinds of family law cases divorce and separation, child custody and support, alimony, restraining orders (fighting for and against them), modifications of support orders (up and down) and parenting plans. She also handles contempt cases, paternity and virtually any other type of family law matter.

She is especially passionate when it comes to protecting the rights of fathers, especially those who want and deserve more time with their children. She is equally committed to helping women and their families who are victims of domestic abuse. In fact, one of her most cherished accomplishments was helping a woman and her children escape the grips of domestic violence by convincing a judge to remove the father from their home.

Though tough, Attorney Thal is also incredibly compassionate. "What I find most rewarding about being an attorney is the ability to help people during one of the most emotionally difficult times of their lives. I aim to not only zealously advocate for my clients, but also to provide a shoulder to lean on."

That's one of the reasons her clients love her, and convince their friends to hire Attorney Thal as well. Her clients describe her as a hard-working and quick-thinking someone who can swiftly digest and distill the facts to get to the heart of the matter, then work with her clients to develop the legal strategy needed to obtain the best possible outcome for their particular circumstance.

Other attorneys consider Attorney Thal fair, but stern. "I will not tolerate an aggressive attorney intimidating my client, nor settlement conferences that waste my client's time or money. If either of those scenarios occur, I make it clear that I will be a pertinacious advocate for my client."

Attorney Koren E. Thal is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Suffolk University Law School. She also attended the University of Lund in Sweden and the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. She is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts. She is fluent in Hebrew and American Sign Language. She and her husband live in West Roxbury and enjoy traveling and exploring other countries. She also enjoys cooking and trying new and adventurous foods, especially if they're spicy!