Millar Law A Professional Corporation

Millar Law A Professional Corporation

INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC TAX TAX DISPUTES TAX PLANNING We represent businesses and individuals in tax disputes and transactional matters.

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Our client base is entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals and non-governmental organizations. We help to build business and preserve assets through careful planning and through aggressive dispute representation. We help NGO's plan for international operations

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We are all about helping our clients, and service comes first. Experience counts! We serve as expert witnesses for other law firms in business disputes because of our reputation. We teach taxation to graduate students at leading universities and in continuing education programs. We have even testified in legislative hearings in the California State Senate. If you have a tax problem let us help you find the right solution.

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We recognize that many of our clients have business interests offshore or do business internationally. We have helped eCommerce companies, including Internet gaming companies establish and maintain tax efficient business operations.

If you are a dual national we can help you with inbound and outbound investments and to do the proper reporting to avoid penalties.

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We know and understand Internet business and how to navigate multi-national tax rules and business practices.We have represented clients in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

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Tax disputes, including California and federal tax audits including income tax, payroll, and sales and use tax; tax appeals and collections. Cancellation of debt including short sales and forecloures; FBAR penalties; leins and levys; bankruptcy tax planning; offers in compromise. Tax planning for business and individuals, including business structure, operation and succession planning; buy-sell planning; mergers and acquisitions. Limited liability companies; partnerships and closely held business

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Your IRS tax problems may begin with a letter sent to you in the mail, the IRS sends over 500,000 of these letters to taxpayers every year

When you get something in the mail from the IRS or state tax authorities , does your heart rate go up, well you aren't alone. With the exception of a check from the IRS or the state tax agencies, any tax communication is nerve racking. Even a simple request from for substantiation of income or expenses, can cause sleepless nights. No one wants to open a letter from the IRS or state taxing agencies, but ignoring it could jeopardize your property and bank account.

IRS or State Tax ProblemsWhen the IRS or a state tax agency asks you for more information on your taxes, you have the choice: you can comply, refuse, ignore it. But if you refuse or ignore the IRS, they have methods to compel compliance including summons enforcement through court order. Now if you still do not cooperate, you could face sanctions for criminal or civil contempt.

A summons to hand over books and records , records or other data carries the threat of court enforcement. The mere fact that the IRS issues a summons is a stern message. A summons ups the ante, showing the IRS is playing tough and is willing to go to court.

What grounds can anyone cite for not complying? Common grounds are work product protection or attorney-client privilege, but the bar is high. You should be aware, the IRS uses its summons power frequently today, and court fights are becoming very common. In fact summons cases have become one of the hottest types of tax litigation. You should also be aware that the Required Records Doctrine allows the IRS to obtain otherwise incriminating documents and records from you or your accountant.

Whenever you encounter an IRS letter or summons, consider seeking out the best legal advice available to you. Things can escalate very quickly with the IRS and you want someone on your team with the experience and expertise to guide you through the process.

Sanford I. Millar

Millar Law A Professional Corporation

Sanford I. Millar is a Certified Specialist in Taxation Law and is admitted to practice before all courts in the State of California.

Mr. Millar is rated AV PreeminentTM 5.0 out of 5 by Martindale-Hubbell, and named a Southern California Super Lawyer 20062013 (Los Angeles Magazine/Law & Politics Magazine).

Based in Los Angeles, where he has practiced for since 1974, Mr. Millar has represented clients in diverse businesses in domestic and complex cross-border transactions. He is skilled at international tax planning and international tax controversy and compliance matters for entrepreneurial companies, high net worth and dual national individuals. His experience includes helping clients: (a) structure the sale of a partnership interest in an international cellular phone company,(b) structuring international internet game companies, (c) restructure failed asset protection plans, (d) foreign bank and financial account compliance problems,(e) voluntary disclosures and (f) other financial asset problems . He has a sub-specialty in taxation of eCommerce including Internet gaming. He is frequently consulted as an expert on business and taxation law matters in the gaming and non-gaming sectors.

-Mr. Millar is a Commissioner on the Taxation Law Advisory Commission of the State Bar of California.
-He is chair of the Tax Policy, Practice and Legislation Committee of the State Bar of California.
-He is a member of the International Law Committee of the State Bar of California.
-He is chair of the International Law Section of the Beverly Hills Bar Association
-He is a past instructor at UCLA Extension where he taught partnership taxation law.
-He has also served as an instructor at the University of Southern California, Graduate School of Business Leventhal School of Accounting, where he taught advanced corporate taxation and tax procedure and at California State University Northridge in the Masters in Science in Taxation program where he taught partnership taxation.
-He has lectured for the Practising Law Institute and California Continuing Education of the Bar on taxation law and closely held business issues.
-He has testified before the State Senate of California and has lectured to members of many professional associations and industry groups.
Mr. Millar obtained an A.B degree in 1971 from the University of Southern California in International Relations, a Juris Doctor from Southwestern University School of Law in 1974 and a Masters in Business Taxation from the University of Southern California, Graduate School of Business in 1982. He also attended post-graduate classes at the RAND Graduate School.


Southwestern University School of Law