Miles & Gurney, LLC

Miles & Gurney, LLC

Miles & Gurney, LLC offers estate planning services, including the formation of wills and trusts as well as representation in matters of probate. We've also served as the real estate attorney on thousands of residential deals in the Chicago area.

Firm Overview

Whether a new client is seeking legal counsel for matters dealing with estate planning, real estate or the formation of a new business, one thing is always certain to us at Miles & Gurney, LLC, it's never just a transaction. It's about helping write a new chapter for the recently married couple about to become first-time homeowners. It means cementing a family's or business owner's legacy through a will and trust. It's about moving a promising business from a concept on a napkin to a real partnership and operating agreement. It's the reward of helping one struggling family keep their home while being a steady presence for a grieving family to lean on as they carry out the last wishes of a departed loved one. And it's the excitement on a real estate investor's face when she realizes her aspirations of buying or selling a property have now become a reality. In addition to visiting our website at, we encourage prospective clients and referral partners to check out what our recent clients have said about the superb communication and smooth process of Miles & Gurney in their reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and other media. During these highly emotional transitions in life, it's invaluable to be aligned with a team like ours. So let the attorneys of Miles & Gurney lift a tremendous burden by taking on your problems and proactively resolving them as our very own. Call 312.929.0974 today.

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Estate Planning

While nobody likes to think of potential death or disability, the estate planning attorneys of Miles & Gurney, LLC can help clients plan ahead to ensure their wishes are carried out. Our services focus on wills, trusts, powers of attorney and probate

We consider the estate planning process with Miles & Gurney, LLC to be highly interactive for good reason: There can be so much more to the "big picture" beyond drafting legal documentation such a will or trust. Instead, our attorneys see the great opportunity and responsibility to cement a family's or business owner's legacy through the service we're about to provide. As a result, while estate planning is frequently portrayed as preparing for the worst, at Miles & Gurney, we see it as planning for the future with a purpose a purpose that can involve: - Naming a legal guardian for children - Designating an executor to act as the caretaker of assets - Determining which family members receive certain possessions - Addressing concerns regarding out-of-state real estate and large estates - Planning in the event of incapacitation and solidifying rules for affairs in the way of what can and can't be done - Making medical and financial decisions on the injured's behalf We also help with complexities such as a person passing away with a substantial amount of debt, owning real estate or having heirs that are difficult to find. While this may sound like a certain road to probate, our fact-based analysis can reveal whether or not probate needs to happen at all. No matter what direction we ultimately navigate toward together, a conversation with Miles & Gurney's team of estate planning attorneys today is an outstanding way to hopefully avoid many of the headaches that accompany long and expensive court proceedings in the long haul.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Within the practice area of estate planning, our team of attorneys at Miles & Gurney, LLC have always found it very fulfilling to help individuals solve complex problems so that life can continue to move on for them as it should. We have helped clients who have suddenly found themselves responsible for a loved one's estate, parents who have wanted to ensure their kids will be taken care of should the worst come to pass, grandparents who have taken in grandchildren whose parents weren't there to take care of them and people in failed marriages who simply wanted to move forward with a clean slate. We don't seek to work with individuals who have the agenda of squeezing money out of someone else. However, if an individual has a problem in the courts or a question that our legal guidance can clarify and solve, we invite that person to get in touch with Miles & Gurney. We'll provide an honest answer about what we can do, any limitations we may face and what our options in working together from here may entail.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

If there is a common thread within the comments we frequently hear from clients who have worked with Miles & Gurney, LLC, it's that our attorneys are highly accessible throughout the legal process, no matter how long that process should take. The connection between our clients and attorneys is something we continue to pride ourselves upon. We assume a lead role in every matter to streamline communication, keep parties informed, reduce confusion and prepare documents efficiently. The transparency of our communication extends to how we treat clients through billing. While it's quite common for firms in the legal field to use the billable hour, we feel that approach can lead to more uncertainty and give rise to additional concerns they may have regarding their expenses. That's why Miles & Gurney strives to bill most matters on a flat-fee basis instead. Doing so gives our clients the ability to more accurately predict legal expenses and feel more comfortable with our process. They don't have to worry that every question they have or every meeting or phone call that runs a bit longer than expected will equate to expensive surprises later on. We measure our success by the quality and value we bring to the table for clients not by the number of hours we bill. Whether a client is engaging us for a real estate transaction, estate planning or business formation, our attorneys understand that there are many other items in the course of the client's day-to-day life that need to be attended to and the rest of the world won't pause. We alleviate that enormous stress by seeing to it that the process involved is moving along as smoothly as possible. To that end, our firm doesn't sit back and hope everything falls into place. Our clients have too much financially and emotionally invested to wonder where things stand. At Miles & Gurney, it's what drives our attorneys to deliver a level of proactive service that is "above and beyond" the client's expectations. Every time. So instead of being afraid of what comes with the next chapter of their lives, they can embrace it with confidence and excitement. Which, in our view, is exactly the way it should be.

Adam Gurney

Miles & Gurney, LLC

Adam Gurney is a Chicago attorney who focuses primarily on real estate and business law. In real estate, Mr. Gurney has experience representing buyers and sellers, lessors and lessees, in all phases of real estate transactions. He also handles disputes arising under landlord-tenant law, condominium law, foreclosures, and disputes involving the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act. In business, Mr. Gurney provides counsel to start-up businesses in formation and transactions such as the formation of LLCs, LLPs, and S-Corporations, and the structuring of partnership agreements, employment agreements, and business contracts of all sorts. Mr. Gurney remains directly involved in every case that he handles, and his clients know that they can reach him directly - day or night - whenever they need to.

Joe Busnengo

Miles & Gurney, LLC

Joe Busnengo is a Chicago attorney practicing in the areas of probate, family law, and estate planning. While a student at Northwestern University School of Law, he gained experience with family law as an extern at Chicago Volunteer Legal Services and with probate and estate planning as a clerk at Prather Ebner LLP. Since graduating and being admitted to the bar in 2013, he has represented clients in adoption, divorce, and estate planning matters through Chicago Volunteer Legal Services and Wills for Heroes. He is currently a member of the Chicago and Illinois State Bar Associations and serves as co-chair of the CBA YLS Public Outreach - Wills for Heroes subcommittee.

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