Michael John Wardell, Attorney at Law

Michael John Wardell, Attorney at Law

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When facing a legal issue that may affect your freedom, finances or family's future, you need an attorney you can trust for straightforward legal advice and determined advocacy. Michael John Wardell, Attorney at Law, in Seattle, provides comprehensive legal support in the areas of criminal law, personal injury and estate planning. Whether you are defending against a criminal charge, seeking recovery for a personal injury or trying to preserve your assets for future generations, you can count on my office for caring, quality and cost-effective legal representation.

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Knowledgeable lawyer defending Seattle-area clients facing criminal prosecution

Throughout Washington, law enforcement officials make efforts to crack down on those accused of drunk driving offenses. Being convicted of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated can have serious consequences, including suspension or conditions license, higher insurance costs, heavy fines, terms of probation, jail time, and potential travel and immigration issues. Michael John Wardell, Attorney at Law has the knowledge necessary to overcome the evidence against you, and the ability to help you attain the best possible outcome.

Advocate committed to challenging drunk driving charges
We understand that good people can make mistakes. I strive to satisfy my clients' emotional, financial and legal needs by zealously representing your interests at every turn. I am knowledgeable about complex Washington DUI laws, and analyze every aspect of your case from the initial traffic stop to Breathalyzer tests to build your defense. I know what the prosecution needs to get a conviction, and I challenge the evidence against you with the skill I have developed through real-world experience. I work hard to make sure that you get the respect you deserve and the results you desire.

Representation in administrative hearings to protect your license to drive.
A DUI/DWI arrest or citation starts two separate proceedings against the driver, including one by the Department of Licensing to suspend his or her license to drive. I have experience in administrative hearings and am available to protect your interests in this process.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation and strategy session
If you have been arrested for DUI, you need a qualified defense attorney who has the knowledge and experience to help you win.

Michael Wardell

Michael John Wardell, Attorney at Law

I became a lawyer to help people with their problems, and to work for justice. It hasn't always been easy or glamorous, but there is nothing quite like convincing a jury your client is not guilty, or like collecting settlement funds or winning a judgment for a person who has been injured. So, I'd happily do it again.

I am very proud to have earned the Washington State Bar Association's commendation for "Pro Bono Publico" services for every year it has been offered. I am also very proud to have provided services to persons of all genders, races, religions, colors, and sexual orientations, and of numerous ethnicities.

I grew up in a sheltered suburban area near Chicago. But, at age 12, I watched the Chicago Police clubbing protesters outside the 1968 Democratic National Convention. I was 13 when Fred Hampton was assassinated and Mark Clark murdered. In 1983, as a college student, I interned with high profile Chicago Attorney Donald Page Moore, who twice ran for election against the corrupt incumbent prosecutor involved in the Hampton/Clark killings and cover-up. As a result, in 1972, that corrupt prosecutor lost his office, and never held elected office again. By the time the FBI's agent provocateur and informer confessed to his role in the raid and killings, I was in a law student. In January 1990 21 years later when that man ran out in front of a car and killed himself, I was nearing graduation. So, as an attorney, I have never lacked a sense of purpose.

I began my practice as a public defender appealing felony convictions. Then I opened my office. For a time I also joined the office of two other high profile attorneys in Seattle. I then became the Prosecuting Attorney at the Quinault Indian Nation and later at the Puyallup Tribe of Indians. Thereafter, I went into private practice full time. In 2016 and 2017, I returned to public defense for a portion of my practice, and by late 2018, I had returned to private practice full time.

I have worked for individuals, governments, and corporations (including non-profits). I much prefer to help individuals or non-profits. I have worked in other areas of law, but I prefer criminal defense, plaintiff's personal injury, and estate planning.

In the criminal defense field, on the trial or appellate levels, I have defended charges ranging from Murder 1, to Driving While under the Influence, to Driving While License Suspended. I have also successfully obtained vacation, correction, and deletion of criminal records and reinstatement of certain civil rights.

In the plaintiff's personal injury field, I have successfully represented victims of accidents involving cars, trucks, transit buses, motorcycles, bicycles, and wheelchairs, including wrongful death actions. I have also successfully represented victims of dental malpractice, mold exposure, food poisoning, defective products, inadequate warnings about dangerous conditions, and slip-, trip-, tip-and-fall incidents.

I also available to prepare wills, living wills/health care directives, powers of attorney and more complex estate matters.

It would be my privilege to help you.

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