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Grayson Law Firm

Serving as a trustworthy, smart, and aggressive attorney for Montanans for over 25 years. We provide free case evaluations, with a fair fee structure. Injured in an accident case? No recovery, no fee!

Firm Overview

We have narrowed the focus of our firm to those cases which we are best at handling. We specialize in personal injury cases, including serious injury or death cases. We also have considerable expertise in criminal defense, probate, estate planning, real estate, zoning, and land use cases. By focusing on only these practice areas, we can more easily keep up our expertise, and better serve our clients.

I have run my own law firm since 2006. The firm was formerly the Dayton Law Firm, and was purchased from Ray Dayton after he was elected to serve as the District Judge for the Third Judicial District Court in Montana. Before that, I was a partner in the Dayton Law Firm, a principle in Grayson & Petrovich Staedler, and served as both the local prosecutor and a public defender at various times in my legal career. Example cases 1. Woman in car accident. Several weeks in hospital. Insurance company offered to pay only $17k prior to us taking case. After working case up fully, we obtained an $85k settlement for our client.

2. Man accused of DUI. We took case and were able to show numerous flaws in the DUI procedures followed by officer. Charges were reduced by prosecutor.

3. Property owner wanted to sell his land without a realtor, but needed help preparing Buy-Sell agreement and other real estate documents. We provided help at a reasonable rate.

Main Office

112 East Commercial Ave. P.O. Box 907

Anaconda MT 59711


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Free Initial Consultation?

We offer free initial consultations of up to one hour on almost all types of cases that we handle. We will conduct these consultations either in person in our office, or over the telephone if the client prefers.

Services Offered For Fixed Fees?

We handle most personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis: there is no fee if we don't obtain a settlement or verdict for you. We will set flat fees for many other types of cases, such as minor criminal matters and DUIs. The exact fees depend on the complexity and estimated time to be spent on each case.

Hourly Rates

See above.

Office Information

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Office Manager

Shaunna Ogolin

Emergency After Hours


Auto Accident

We are second to none in handling your accident or personal injury case. We travel throughout Montana handling accident cases, both large and small.

Personal Injury Legal Assistance Every injury claim, regardless of its basis, whether intentional, negligence, or strict liability, has three basic issues-liability, causation, and damages. Was the defendant liable (legally responsible) for the damages you sustained? Did their negligence cause your injury? And, if so, what is the nature and extent (the financial value) of your damages? If we can prove liability, causation and damages, our system of justice will award you compensation for your loss. Liability Law Experience Mike's extensive experience gives him detailed knowledge concerning auto accidents, civil liability, and negligence cases. Mike has successfully handled many serious accident cases, including cases where the offender was convicted of negligent homicide, and where wrongful death claims were proven. Insurance companies thrive on dealing with people who don't hire an attorney; have a free consultation with Mike to discuss your claim BEFORE it's too late. Choosing a Liability or Accident Lawyer You should have an attorney with the years of experience necessary to accurately assess the value of your case. We thoroughly evaluate each of our cases on an individual basis to determine what it is worth. We commonly see clients who don't realize all of the areas for which they may be entitled to damages. In other cases, we have found other insurance sources to obtain funds to pay for our client's damages.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

My primary areas of practice are the areas where I can bring my experience and skills to bear most effectively to help my clients. I can see the case from both my client's perspective, and still be aware of what issues the other side is looking at. I enjoy focusing my practice on these areas because it gives me great satisfaction to be able to successfully help my clients achieve their goals for the case.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

I always appreciate clients who take the time to educate themselves on their legal issues. I find this makes it easier to get clients a good result, since they have a better understanding of what is happening in their case. They can also more fully appreciate the results I obtain for them.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

In general, I am willing to review some documents for clients. However, this depends on the overall circumstances, and whether I truly have the detailed knowledge and facts of the client's case to be able to ethically advise him or her.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

In certain limited circumstances, I have coached clients to help them resolve their legal issue without my direct involvement. This is very much a case by case decision, since there are certainly cases where clients simply must bite the bullet and actually hire a lawyer to represent them. However, I am fairly well-known to honestly help people evaluate the efficacy of hiring a lawyer in their case. I freely tell people if I feel their particular situation does not merit spending the money to hire an attorney. In those cases, I explain to them how to handle the matter themselves.

Michael B. Grayson

Grayson Law Firm

The Grayson Law Firm has been providing valuable legal guidance to our clients for over ten years at our current location.

Mike Grayson now has been practicing law for over thirty years. After being admitted to practice law in Montana in 1986, Mike initially worked in business management for a couple of years. In 1989, Mike was chosen to serve as the Deputy County Attorney in Deer Lodge County. After almost four years, Mike went into private practice with Sherry Staedler in 1993, and also served as a part-time public defender for four years. In 1996, Mike was elected to serve as the County Attorney for Anaconda-Deer Lodge County consolidated government. He was re-elected in 2000, and spear-headed the passage of a bond levy and the construction of a new jail facility to replace Anaconda's 100 year-old jail.

In 2005, Mike returned to private practice, this time with Ray Dayton. After two years, Ray was elected District Judge, and Mike purchased the law firm.Mike has a broad range of experience in life. Mike worked his way through college, doing various food service jobs. Later, Mike managed a business with over 100 employees. In the early 1990s, Mike served as a public defender. He has worked with people in the legal system for over twenty five years, and has extensive trial experience.

Mike now runs his own law firm and strives to serve his clients with expertise, integrity, and hard work.Mike's strengths include listening to his clients to find out what their goals are for their case. Then he does his best to help them achieve their goals, while also honestly keeping the client informed of the case's progress as it progresses. Mike wants his clients to be fully informed, and to understand the exact steps that their case will go through.
Personal interests:
Mike is active with in a local Boy Scout troop. Mike and his family enjoy the outdoors, hiking, and camping. Mike is an avid baseball fan, and also reads extensively to keep up with current legal issues and news.


Bar Number: 2745
Montana, 1986


George Washington University Law School
Juris Doctor, 1986

Bowling Green State University
Bachelor of Arts, 1982

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